How To Plan Finances For Your Kid?

How To Plan Finances For Your Kid?

The moment your doctor says that you are expecting – is one of the best yearned and cherished moments of our life. You start planning for scores of things, like baby names, nursery themes, shopping for toys, clothes and the list goes on and...



  1. How to open a minor account for a child
  2. Piggy bank – how to teach your child the habit of saving early
  3. How to shop smart for kids

When it comes to planning Finances for your child, the first and foremost thing is to open a Minor account with a trusted bank. So, how to open a bank account for a child? If you are also planning to open bank accounts for minors we here are going to explain the procedure of doing so. Also be well informed about the documents needed for the same and also the rules to be followed while you begin the process.  Kids from an early age should understand the value for money & budget planning. All the habits a child develop starts from the early age. The best age to introduce the “Concept of Saving Money” to be known is the age 7-10. If you want to make your children responsible, you would have to start early! This blog is about Piggy Bank For Kids – How To Form Saving Habits Early In Children. We are here to share with you some basic tips and ideas which will go a long way in helping you inculcate the habit of saving early in your child. While in an ideal world, shopping for us & our family should be a relaxing & exciting, the reality is that shopping for clothes, shoes & accessories that fit & flatter us well, and set-back our everyday wear and tear–can be a dilemma when you are tight on budget. We are all aware that  Children grow like weeds – quick & all-around, in height & weight. So we need to be careful and smart while shopping for kids. Here in this blog post How to Shop smart for kids? we aim to share with you a few things to remember when you start shopping for your kid.

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