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Body Care

  1. Periods and Menstruation cycle
  2. Normal vs C-section delivery
  3. How to identify false labor
  4. Best Speciality Hospitals in India

During Pregnancy, Body Care is very critical for the overall well being of the mother and the baby. From the day her pregnancy is confirmed till the date of delivery, she is loaded with suggestions and advice from all sources possible to keep her well prepared for the D-day. But, also there are some misconceptions about Pregnancy and Normal delivery which are listed out in our blog titled Pregnancy and Normal Delivery. Also learn what facilitates Normal Delivery and other situations which do not favor a Normal Delivery, but a C-section delivery. “Period”: The state of endless headaches, body ache, nausea, head rushes, awkward postures, laziness, cramps, and a fake smile on your face to shield the inhibition & discomfort a woman experiences recurrently every month. However, some sympathetic men of the male-chauvinistic society have started accepting the difficulties of menstruation. Elating all the female employees, Culture Machine & GoZoop are two Indian organizations who have grabbed eyeballs by granting a paid leave on the first day of your period to all the female employees. Learn more about it in our blog post Some People are getting rewarded for Bleeding – “Period” . Guess, who and why? Most pregnant mothers experience what are called the notorious ‘Braxton Hicks’ contractions during their 30th week of pregnancy. Although they cause you discomfort, these contractions are your body’s way of warming up for the main event. Not all women experience false contractions during pregnancy; some undergo true labor pain directly on their big day with nothing to prepare them for it. Learn how to identify them in our blog post How to identify false labor after the 30th week of pregnancy. If you are looking out for Speciality Hospitals in the field of Gynecology, then we are prepared with our list, which we have prepared after our bit of research. Best Speciality Hospitals in India.