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  1. Lower Back pain during Pregnancy
  2. Getting pregnant in your 20s, 30s & 40s
  3. Smoking around kids? How does it affect their health

Leg Pain and Lower Back pain during Pregnancy are a common phenomenon. The degree of severity could vary from person to person; but combating it could be quite a task for every pregnant mom. It becomes essential to understand what are the underlying causes of this discomfort, how do you handle them and some simple, easy techniques which help you get relief from the lower back pain and leg pain. Also mentioned are some important signs which tell you when a doctor’s visit becomes essential. Combating Leg Pain & Lower Back pain during Pregnancy tells you all about it. The “Modern Mommy” considers the 30’s as the perfect time to step into “motherhood”. You are settled with a good job and are mentally more matured to embark into parenthood – as tedious a task it can get. The point of concern is that your body’s child-bearing ability (fertility) in comparison to your 20’s has significant difference. Let us understand the dangers/risks attached to Getting Pregnant in different age brackets – between 20 – 25 years, 26 – 30 years, 31 – 34 years, 35 – 39 years. Also we are sharing some useful tips for women who are wanting to get pregnant in their late 30’s in Getting Pregnant in your 20’s, 30’s & 40’s. How Safe Is It To Smoke Around Kids? Absolutely not, without any second thoughts. Seldom do people even give a thought to it, as the momentary pleasure they derive by using them always overpowers their thinking capacity. They might be so concerned about their child’s other health aspects; but neglect this reality of Smoking. Learn some shocking facts about Smoking, How does it Harm our body, How does it affect Pregnant women. Learn how do we create a smoke free environment in our blog name “How safe is it to smoke around kids?