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  1. Is it safe to cross legs during Pregnancy?
  2. Gestational Diabetes during Pregnancy & how  to deal with it
  3. Natural ways to fight fatigue during Pregnancy
  4. How to treat Thyroid during Pregnancy

Whether it’s your 1st week or 32nd week of pregnancy, it’s important to practice a good posture while sitting to avoid straining your back. Some of us feel extremely comfortable in cross legs position; but is it safe to cross legs during Pregnancy? What could be the possible repercussions, if any, while sitting in this position? And also learn about the best positions to sit/stand for pregnant women in our blog titled “Is it safe to cross legs during Pregnancy?” Pregnancy for some moms-to-be can be a cakewalk. But many pregnant women face certain health issues. One of the common occurrences is gestational diabetes. The type 1 and type 2 can cause the blood sugar levels to rise extremely. Early diagnosis of both during gestational diabetes is very important. Understand the science behind the causes of gestational diabetes, the risks of developing gestational diabetes, symptoms of gestational diabetes and also Natural Foods that help in fighting it. There are certain foods that should be totally avoided; learn all about it in Gestational Diabetes during Pregnancy and how to deal with it. One of the most common situations that a pregnant woman has to deal with is Fatigue. The tendency to always crawl into the bed, or feeling tired all the time is not a cause of great concern – as it is normal. Learn more about fatigue – the reasons, the other symptoms which accompany fatigue, and also how to deal with fatigue during Pregnancy. Also mentioned are the Natural remedies to deal with fatigue in 6 Natural ways to fight Fatigue during Pregnancy.  Thyroid during pregnancy affect baby growth, but the effect can be distinct with the regular checkups and use of proper medication prescribed by the doctor. So, “How To Treat Thyroid During Pregnancy”? Learn everything you need to know about Thyroid – right from it’s side effects, how to control thyroid during pregnancy, diet to be followed as well as the foods that should be strictly avoided during Pregnancy.