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  1. A list of Top 20 Foods that help in healthy baby gain weight
  2. Best Ragi Recipes for kids in India
  3. The impact of breakfast on the performance of your child at school
  4. Wholewheat recipe for kids

The weight of a newborn or toddler is always a big concern for new mothers and even for an experienced mom. The weight of the baby also depends on the genetic makeup and the food intake as well. The key to success is patience. We have also chalked out a chart for Ideal Baby weight according to age alongwith the Top 20 Superfoods that help in Healthy baby gain weight in our blog “20 Best Foods to help your baby gain weight”. Ragi is undeniably & unarguably one of the best “first food for weaning babies”. It is considered as one of the superfoods, that is a power house of Calcium, Iron & Protein that Indian mothers blindly trust. Quinoa & Ragi are the most preferred weaning foods for babies. Let us learn about the Best Ragi recipes for kids in India in our blog post titled the same. Regular breakfast consumption can work magic for child!  A cup of milk/juice or coffee does not meet the breakfast requirements of nutrients for a child. we as parents should set a role model for our kids by starting the day with breakfast ourselves. We have to keep in mind a few important things while we chart out our breakfast plan. Learn more about it and also the common breakfast options followed in India in our blog post titled “Did you know…Children who perform regularly perform better at school?” Ask a child his favorite, the answer would in all probability be Pizza. While we all know that it has zero nutritional value, but its taste n attraction is beyond description. Now you too can indulge in your whole wheat pizza without any guilt by following our recipes in Whole wheat base pizza recipe – making junk food healthy.