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  1. Tips to help your kids deal with stress
  2. Why is Exercise an inevitable part of your child’s health?
  3. Best Yoga poses for kids
  4. How to deal with Early Puberty in girls?

Every parent wants his child to excel in studies. It is a fiercely competitive world – a mad-rat race. With an aim to deliver the best & out-perform the peers, it is inevitable that children are subjected to enormous stress these days. In times of tension pause, reflect & choose a trail that will help you overcome the deadlock & not let the tension-waves to engulf you and your child. So, how can you help your child face the exam stress? Our blog titled  Top 10 tips to help your kids deal with exam stress. helps you in this regard. Just like how exercising every day is important for adults, it is equally important for our kids too. Your baby needs atleast 60 minutes of self exercise everyday. You can also make it a fun activity by holding their hands & legs and moving them criss-cross while giving your baby a gentle massage in the morning. Read further to know why in our blog titled Why is Exercise an inevitable part of your child’s health?  The ancient art and practice of Yoga have received acceptance & popularity across the globe. Experts suggest that it is in the best interest of every child to create awareness in him/her at a very young age itself.  Yoga experts have derived several poses & postures which can be extremely useful to kids for enhanced health benefits. We have listed the Best Yoga Poses for Kids below in our blog post Best Yoga poses for kids. On an average, Puberty starts for girls at the age of 8 – 13 years, and for boys 10-14 years. Any signs of puberty prior to this age is considered as early puberty or scientifically termed as “precocious puberty”. Also learn the long-term effects of puberty and also the contributing factors to the early onset of puberty and most importantly, How to keep Early Onset of Puberty at Bay? Can you stop Early Puberty? By following some simple and effective home remedies it is definitely possible to control early period. Learn about it in How to delay early puberty in girls?