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Breast Feeding

  1. Best Breast Pumps in India
  2. Top 15 Foods that help you increase breast milk production
  3. Benefits of Breast Feeding
  4. Can breast feeding mothers take medicines?

As we are all aware that exclusive breastfeeding should be practiced for atleast 6 months, it is important for us to be well informed and equipped in this regard. One such equipment to help the new moms is a Breast Pump. Here are the Best Breast Pumps In India 2018. Breast Pumps are of two types – Manual & Electric. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of the two types; also we have enlisted the Best Brands in both the types which help you make the right choice to suit your baby’s needs. Best Breast Pumps in India. One of the main benefits of breast feeding is that it gives you immense time to bond well with your baby. A bonding that is unexplained & irreplaceable. Make the most of this time. Go ahead & read the Top 15 foods that increase breast milk production. Also learn the foods which deter the breast milk production. This blog will help you understand the benefits of breast feeding better & help you make the right choice for your baby. The following benefits will convince one that mother’s milk is a lifetime treasure that only a mother can give to her darling child. This can be continued until about 2 years along with gradual introduction of foods in the palate. Even the mother benefits while she breast feeds her baby. Learn how in our blog Benefits of Breast Feeding. It’s true that drugs present in your blood will get into your breast milk. However, the quantity that gets transferred defers from one medication to another. In most cases, medications have low levels of transfer; but like all things, there are some exceptions. These exceptions get concentrated in your breast milk and may even affect your milk supply. This means you may have to consider each drug separately. We have a detailed explanation in our blog titled “Can Breast feeding mothers take medicines?”