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Kids Schools

  1. Best Alternative Schools in India
  2. Safety of kids at school. Want to know if your child is safe at school?
  3. Are we creating unnecessary pressure on our kids?

Choosing Kids schools has become an ultimate challenge for all parents; wherein we look in for the holistic development of our child. Schooling style has changed over the past two decades. Increasing competition and parental pressure make the kids stressed and prone to facing behavioural problems. In such circumstances, there are a lot of parents who have understood the importance of alternative education. Parents now want to make their children part of an educational set up where learning is not memorizing lengthy answers or cracking numbers. We introduce to you the 20 Best Alternative Schools in India. The topmost concern in every parent’s mind when they step out of the house is – their safety. School is considered to be a very safe and secure environment for kids. But, off late there are so many cases being reported where this holy citadel of learning has become tainted. So, in this situation we often ask ourselves Is my child safe at school?  In today’s world that is constantly shrinking, technology is bringing people closer. Let us introduce you to a fantastic “GPS Tracking Device” that ensures your child is safe and secure even when you are not around. Meet MySpottr, the brainchild of Sapan, Pallavi & Birendra who help you be with your most beloved one even when you are physically not with them. Learn more about this technological advancement in our blog post How safe are our children in India?  Are we creating unnecessary pressure on our kids? But, there is always a hidden desire, basically for most of the Indian parents, that their child excels in academics/profession primarily. The rest of the sports/talents are ranked secondary, maybe as their favorite hobby. In this process, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to achieving this goal/intention. Is it fair on our part in being ambitious, or rather over-ambitious? Learn more about it in our blog post Are we creating unnecessary pressure on our kids?