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Category: Formula Feeding

Formula Feeding

  1. Best Formula Foods for kids in India
  2. Saathu Maavu Ingredients
  3. How to feed picky toddlers
  4. Healthy breakfast & lunch recipes for kids

We all know that exclusive Breast-feeding is the best for your child atleast upto 6 months – it is the best nourishment, convenient, inexpensive, prevents diseases in the infant & helps create a great bond with the child. Unfortunately, in some cases either due to insufficient milk supply or because of work, mothers are unable to breast-feed their child, then milk powder or formula feed, as we call it, is the next best option as nourishment for accelerating brain development. This blog entails The Best Formula Foods for Kids in India.  Until you are breast-feeding your child (mother’s milk is the only source of nutrition), you don’t have to worry much. But gradually as your infant progresses to the next stage of feeding, the stress of feeding the right food in the right quantity propagates to another level. Here is the recipe of making Sathu Maavu IngredientsHomeMade Health Mix For Babies. An ever challenging task at hand for any mom is feeding time – more so if your baby is a fussy eater or a poor eater. We spend hours and hours on trying to finish the meal; but in vain. Here we are with some simple, yet proven and effective techniques/tips which will help you deal with your picky eater with ease.  How to feed your “picky” baby without bribing, blazing and begging? Once you start introducing solid foods for babies, we always look out for the best healthy options for breakfast and lunch.  Ragi is undeniably & unarguably one of the best “first food for weaning babies”. It is considered as one of the superfoods, that is a power house of Calcium, Iron & Protein that Indian mothers blindly trust. There are a few Ragi recipes for babies which are easy to make and plus loaded with the health factor too. read more about it in Best Ragi Recipes for Kids.