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Best Baby Feeding Bottles In India 2020

Published on: 16 November , 2020 | Ekta

When a mom breast-feeds her child, the bond created between the mother & the child is extremely special. We have heard about the benefits of breast feeding your child. However, after 6 months of exclusive breast feeding, you lactation consultant will suggest you to complement your feed along with formula feed & semi solids. We bring to you the Best Baby Feeding Bottles In India 2020.

Best Baby Feeding Bottles In India 2020

The transition from exclusive breast feeding & bottle feeding is not smooth because it creates “Nipple confusion”. This may sound funny to you as an adult, but can be a daunting task for your infant. However, choosing the right bottle with the right nipple can provide some relief to your sleepless nights when your baby is possibly crying out of hunger.

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Key benefits of using a Baby Bottle Feeder:

  1. Convenience: Feed your baby anytime, anywhere with a bottle. It doesn’t hamper your privacy. So travelling with becomes a lot easier.
  2. Mother’s care in mother’s absence: If you are a working mom or you need to step out for house chores or you need that well-deserved break from your routine, you can express your milk & store for few hours. Alternatively, formula feeding your baby is also a safe option.
  3. Smooth transition: Bottle feeding helps in smooth transition from mother’s milk to introducing purees or semi-solid food.

It is recommended that you should buy 3-5 bottles & replace them every 6 months to eradicate possibilities of infection or stomach disorder.

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When should you introduce bottle feeding to your baby?

Ideally you should introduce bottle feed only after 6 months of exclusive breast feeding. If you're breastfeeding, it's recommended by lactation consultants that you wait two or three weeks to introduce a bottle. Earlier than which could potentially interfere with the successful establishment of breastfeeding, because your breasts may not be stimulated enough to pump up supply to your baby. On the contrary, if you wait much longer, your baby may reject the unfamiliar feeding bottle since it’s gotten used to it since birth.

When should you introduce bottle feed

What are the signs that your baby is hungry

You as a parent are the best judge of your child’s needs. Do not wait for tears. When your baby may be uncomfortably hungry, he/she will display one or more of the following traits:

  • Drawing itself towards your breasts
  • Sucking its hands / fingers furiously
  • When her/his cheek is stroked, the child tends to turn with mouth open called the “Rooting Reflex”.
  • Trying to suck your arm or cheek when close to your body.
  • Crying - from low-pitched to loud wailing.

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Here are the best feeding bottle for baby in India 2020. 

What qualifies for the best baby feeding bottles?

  • Ease of use. Easy to carry making travelling with babies comfortable.
  • No leakage. Ergonomically designed.
  • Anti-colic. Prevention of gas, vacuum or burping.
  • Ease of cleaning & sterilization.

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Philips Avent - Best Feeding Bottle For Baby 2020

Philips Avent Feeding Bottle

Philips Avent is one of the best baby feeding bottles in India 2020 as the nipple mirrors the shape of the mother’s breast. The nipples are soft and comfortable. It enables your infant to drink milk without collapsing the nipples.

  • Ergonomic design – Easy to hold by the parent or the baby itself.
  • Anti-colic valve technology – the air released going into your child’s stomach is minimized to reduce colic.
  • BPA Free. Made up of propylene, hence easy to sterilize.
  • Additionally, it is completely safe to use because it is BPA free and is made up of polypropylene i.e., convenient to wash and sterilize. Finally, it is perfect for the baby of 3 months.

It is slightly more expensive than other brands in the market but a crowd favourite.

Price: Rs.575 for 330ml.

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niñio Baby - India's First EA-Free Feeding Bottle

Niñio Baby Feeding Bottle

Proudly, a "Made-in-India" product that is India's first ever EA-Free Feeding Bottle.

  • 100% EA (Estrogenic and Androgenic Activity) Free – Free from toxic materials which can leach into the food and mimic the function of the hormone estrogen in the body.
  • Wide neck – The wide neck of the bottle and the teat help ease the transition from breast to bottle.
  • High Temperature Sterilization – Can withstand temperatures up to 102 ° – easy sterilization.
  • Glass-like Transparency – It is completely transparent allowing you to see exactly what you are giving your baby. Any contamination will never go unnoticed and bottles retain transparency even after prolonged usage and multiple rounds of sterilization, making it the perfect newborn feeding bottle.
  • Unbreakable – Our EA free feeding bottle is sturdy enough to withstand countless drops without breakage.

Price: Rs.275 for 125ml, buy here.

LuvLap - Best Feeding Bottles For Babies

LuvLap Feeding Bottle

LuvLap is one of the Best Feeding Bottle For Baby 2020 as it is easy on the pocket and light weight.

  • BPA Free silicone material
  • Slow flow teat – ideal for new born
  • Ergonomically designed – versatile and practical tool for feeding
  • Anti-colic nipple to avoid gas, vacuum or burping
  • Made from high quality food grade plastic.
  • The light weight bottle is best suited for travelling. 
  • Soft nipple.

LuvLap has both slim neck and wide neck range of bottles. Their slim neck bottle is priced at Rs.155 for 250 ml, buy here.

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Dr.Browns Baby Feeding Bottle

Dr.Browns Feeding Bottle

Dr.Browns is one of the Best Feeding Bottles For Babies 2020 as it creates a positive pressure that enables the flow of milk.

  • BPA Free
  • Anti-colic technology –preventing problems like gas, burping and colic.
  • Ease of sterilization, cleaning and microwave safe.
  • Con: Make sure you do not exert too much pressure & close the bottle with very hot milk. This may lead to leakage due to too much pressure.
  • Price: Rs.799 for 250 ml.

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Chicco Natural Feeding Bottle

Chicco Feeding Bottle

Chicco has an amazing array of products in the baby care space & baby feeding bottles is one of them. They have different kinds of feeding bottles – fast flow, medium flow or slow flow pace depending on your baby’s age.

It comes in different sizes – 150ml, 250ml & 330ml.

  • BPA Free
  • Elongated teat to encourage child’s tongue wave movement & swallowing.
  • Anti-colic valve
  • Extra soft teats suitable for new borns as well

Price: 599 for 330ml.

Nuk Gerber Anti Colic Feeding Bottle

Nuk Gerber Feeding Bottle

Made of very high quality food grade plastic, Nuk is one of the best feeding bottles you can buy online. It has 9 holes – 3 holes for slow flow of milk & the rest for medium flow. That’s not common among most bottles available in the market.

  • High quality silicone
  • Soft, comfortable nipple that depicts a mothers’ nipple making transition to bottle feeding comfortable.
  • Avoid putting very hot boiling milk as it’s not very highly heat resistant.

Price: Rs. 999 for 260ml

Medela Feeding Bottle

Medela Breast Milk Bottle

Medela is known for it’s range of breast pump. It has also introduced feeding bottles that allow you to store milk for a long time.

It’s compatibility with Medela breast pumps makes it a perfect choice for moms who have bought a Medela Breast Pump.

  • Can be sterilized in a bottle sterilizer / dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Enables storage of breast milk for a longer time

It is premium priced.

Price: Rs.998 for 250

Is there anything you can use to stop that breast/bottle confusion from developing? Let’s find out

Note: Make sure you always sterilize the feeding bottle before & after every wash. Nipples of the feeding bottle easily get infected with microorganisms that are harmful to the baby. This leads to diarrhoea, malnourishment or other viral infections.

How do you wash & sterilize a feeding bottle?Wash & Care Instructions:
* Fit the cap well & check for tightness.
* Do not fill till rim. This avoids leakage.
* Sterilize it before & after every use.
* Replace the nipple periodically with new one if you notice a bite mark or there is a distortion in the shape of the nipple.
* Use a soft bottle brush & a gentle liquid cleanser to clean bottle.

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