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Pre-schools & Play Schools

  1. Best Pre-schools/Play Schools in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai & Pune
  2. How to apply for Aadhar card
  3. Educcation Landscape in India

When it comes to Pre-schools and Play schools, there are scores of institutions which could be considered before you pin down on the best suitable one for you and your kids. Education is one of the vital aspects in the life of a child and as your child grows up you have to start looking for the right school for him or her. The school is one place where a child spends a majority of his or her time throughout the developing years and so the environment of the school has tremendous impact on the upbringing of the child.  –, if you are based in Kolkata, we are listing out the best schools in Kolkata in this article, under various segments, to help you choose the finest school for your child – Best Schools in Kolkata. Many preschools in Chennai also provide day care and after school care for the convenience of working couples. Finding the best Pre-school is made easier with our list of Best Pre-Schools in Chennai. Bangalore is one of the major hubs for quality learning and updated teaching methodologies. Here is a curated list of some of the Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore, in no particular order.Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore. To help you choose the Best Pre-Schools in Bombay (the city of dreams), below listed are the Top Play Schools in Mumbai in no particular order. We have also enlisted The Best Pre-schools/Play schools in Hyderabad. There are many leading Preschool brands which have their branches located in Pune. Best Pre-schools/Play Schools in Pune. Aadhar is a secured document which conceals all the important information related to an individual. Learn all information about the Regulations to be followed for applying Aadhar card, Process for enrolling Aadhar card, and the documents needed to apply for the same in our blog post How to apply for Aadhar card for kids and children. We can all agree that the education landscape in India is constantly evolving. Times are changing and the way children are being taught is new and unique compared to even a few years ago when the teaching methods were traditional and text book based; some would even call them outdated. Education Landscape in India – what works for your child best?