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Mindgrove – The Best PlaySchool in Colaba

Published on: 8 April , 2017 | Ekta

Mumbai – “The City Of Dreams” is a sobriquet given to this most populous city in India where millions of people come from all over the country & neighbouring countries to fulfil their dreams. It is an abode of ‘opportunities’ for those who want to make their big dreams a reality. And while, thousands of Mumbai To-Be-Mommies who weave dreams of ‘Motherhood there are many more who are desperately looking to revive their career after a career-break or maternity leave.   With your child becoming your highest priority and dynamic setup of nuclear families with no support from immediate family to take care of your little one in your absence, many mothers are forced to quit working to nurture their child atleast until their child starts going to play-school. However, in this fast-paced city, it is uncommon these days to see women take a career break beyond 1 year. Thus, with the rising demand in day cares, crèches, play schools & mother-toddler programs, there are several Playschools that are mushrooming all over the city.   We know that a pre-school should be focused on providing a loving and enriching atmosphere to help children achieve their maximum potential. But, how do we decide which is the best one for our little one? We have read earlier on HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT PLAYSCHOOL FOR YOUR CHILD and THE BEST PLAYSCHOOLS IN BANGALORE. But, many parents wrote back to us to know which are the Best Play Schools In Mumbai. While, amenities & distance should be critical factors in determining the best preschool or crèche, we bring to you the BEST DAYCARE & PLAYSCHOOL IN COLABA. The best preschool is chosen keeping in mind the overall physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological, social skill development of the child. Meet Anita Bayas, the Founder of Mindgrove who says, “At Mindgrove children get the core start of accelerated education combined with compassion and togetherness. It has been born out of the passion to celebrate the uniqueness of children as individuals and to help them realize their potential, be curious and to develop well-rounded personalities”.   Why is Mindgrove – The Best PlaySchool in Colaba? Children have the ability to be cultured thinkers and gifted communicators. They are ardent to adapt to their immediate surroundings and grasp innumerable languages, thoughts and emotions. Hence it is important to develop an educational system to bring out the best to children. The preschool should lay an excellent academic foundation in a clean, secure and stimulating environment.   Mindgrove provides facilities like -
  • A Jungle Gym – Exercise is an important aspect of your child’s physical & overall development. Children play here under supervision. We know children love exploring & can be experimental, the entire play area is child-proof & safe. After a slide children come straight into a colourful ball pool; also the flooring is such that it gives children a bounce on landing and protects them from hurting themselves.
  • A massive open area & podium – A large outdoor area which can be converted into an amphitheatre or a yoga room. All children love dance, drama, music & action; & these hone creative, social & physical skills. Children have infinite energy. A hyper-active child has imprudent vivacity to bask every bit of the activity that is laid on the plate. Yoga should be taught to young children to channelize their zeal & to avoid hyperactivity.
  • Arts And Crafts Room – Let the creative juices flow! The play-based curriculum ensures that children are engaged actively and age appropriately.
  • Scribble Wall – You may wonder why would one highlight a humble scribble wall? We've seen that certain children get aggressive in class and are upset of reasons unknown like fear of someone or something, being away from home or being shouted at. They are taken to the scribble wall so children can remove all their aggression there. A child can convey much more through his sketches.
The extensive suite of services include:
  • Mother Toddler Program (MTP)
To cement the beautiful bond between mother and child, MTP is for the toddlers between 8 months to 18 months. This three months program has a specialised curriculum, which allows the toddler to explore and discover a variety of topics within the security of his mother.
  • Prep & Playgroup
The Prep caters to children between 18 months to 3 years. Mindgrove follows an integrated curriculum that imbibes the Play-way, Montessori, Reggio-Emilia, Waldorf and Multiple Intelligence pedagogies, for optimum empowerment of our children. These methodologies are designed to offer pristine value to the holistic physical as well as psychological development. 
  • Nursery
Starting at 3years, children can be enrolled into Nursery. Weaved with ‘Inquiry Based Learning & Creative Expression’, the preschool syllabus is a blend of individual and group activities. 
  • Daycare
A specially designed daycare for children of working parents who age between 1-8 years. Mindgrove offers a structured curriculum for children who are enrolled in the daycare program. Keeping in mind that learning is an ongoing process, there are a variety of custom made programs, which take care of every parent’s need.   WHAT WE LOVE ABOUT MINDGROVE:
  1. Aesthetically designed, considering the safety of kids, all the edges are rounded and sharp surfaces are foam padded and doors have child-locks.
  2. A play area for fostering gross motor skills with ethos that stimulates the senses & creativity in children. Playing in large outdoors allows natural progression and inculcates a sense of discovery and curiosity.
  3. After school activities for older children to engage in. So, working parents can enrol their children in fun & learning activities to keep the young minds engaged.
  4. Child teacher ratio of 7:1 with a maximum of 15 children to a class. This assures personalized attention to your child.
  5. They have an in-house waiting area for parents and visitors while they waiting to pick their child.
  6. With CCTVs all around, they ensure 100% security and safety in the premises which the parents can request at any time if they wish to.
We all know how much kids love vacations! Ironically, it’s never a vacation for mommies. So, if you are looking to enrol your child in a summer camp, look no further. Mindgrove is also conducting a Summer Camp for kids from May 2nd to May 31st from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm for children between 2-4 years & 4.5-6.5 years. From Dance, Music, Rhymes, Sand Play, Water Day, Bake Day, Photo Day to Parachute day, it is packed with all things fun & fabulous! If you’d like to know more, visit  https://www.facebook.com/events/503630833357925/.   We have read time & again that about 90% of the child’s brain develops by the age of 6. So, it is crucial to choose the best preschool for your kid. So, if you are looking to choose the Best DayCare or PlaySchool for your kid in Mumbai, you should visit www.mindgrove.org.in.
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