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R for Rabbit Road Runner – Best Scooters For Kids In India 2022

Published on: 6 September , 2022 | Ekta

R for Rabbit is popularly known for it’s innovative and kids-friendly surprises. One such in their lineage is the recently launched R for Rabbit Road Runner. This amazingly designed Road Runner is nothing less than a rocket for your kids. Taken inspiration from the classic favourite of yester years, the original Road Runner, this one is surely going to give your child the same thrills. But with an added feature- safety. The PU Wheels assure the utmost safety without leaving any marks on your floor or carpet. So watch your child swoosh around in style and enjoy his giggles and laughter as he embarks upon a fun ride with his favourtie R for Rabbit Road Runner.

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What makes R for Rabbit Road Runner a complete Stunner?

4-Level Height adjustment – The T Bar can be adjusted to 4 different heights. Which grows as your child grows.

Easy to carry- The Road Runner comes with a smart fold design making it a perfect choice for travelling and storing.

PU LED Wheels- High quality PU LED Wheels leave no scratches on the floor making it a safe option to ride on marble flooring as well as on carpets too. There are no sharp edges which might pose a danger to your flooring. The LED lights are an added attraction. They light up even more brighter when the Road Runner is in motion.

Brake system: The provision of ABED 7 brakes in the rear side make it easy to manoeuvre the Road Runner. It gives your child an ultra smooth experience while riding.

 Weight Capacity- The Weight capacity is huge- around 75 kgs. Which means you and me could also borrow the Road Runner from our child, once in a while.

Feather light – The Road Runner weighs as light as 4 kgs. So it is that easy for your baby to handle it on her own.

Superior Model- A streamlined body featuring a wide deck to stand and maintain balance.

Are these good enough reasons to opt for R for Rabbit Road Runner? Or are we missing out on something? Maybe, the design options. Yes. Here we go:

R for Rabbit Road Runner Racer Black - Best Scooters For Kids In India 2022

Product Features:

Package Dimensions: 62.5cms * 18.5cms * 31.5cms

Package Weight: 4.2 kgs

Product Dimensions: 64cms * 30cms * 84cms

Product Weight: 3.8 kgs

Material: PP Material

Colours available: Red blue/ Yellow blue/ Purple pink

Age: 3+ years

Weight capacity: 75 kgs max

Price: Rs. 3,799/-

R for Rabbit Mario Scooter - Sturdy & Durable Scooter For Kids

Product Features:

Package Dimensions: 61cms * 19cms* 33cms

Package Weight: 4 kgs

Product Dimensions: 62cms * 30cms * 82cms

Product Weight: 3.6 kgs

Material: PP

Colours Available: Red blue/ Yellow blue/ Purple Pink

Age: 3 years +

Maximum Capacity: 75kgs

Price: Rs. 3,899/-

R for Rabbit Road Runner Max - Best Child Friendly Scooters In India

R For Rabbit Max Scooter For Kids

Package Dimensions: 61cms * 19cms * 30.5cms

Package Weight: 4 kgs

Product Dimensions: 61cms * 30cms * 82cms

Product Weight: 3.5 kgs

Material: PP

Colours Available: Red blue/ Bottle Green

Age: 3 years +

Maximum Capacity: 75 kgs

Price: Rs. 3,899/- With absolutely no requirement for training or supervision from you, your toddler can simply hop on the Road Runner and start scooting. Just by merely practicing the art of physical balance, your child can have a fun ride. And added to this is the LED lights which brighten up the smiles of your little ones a little more.

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