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Top 10 Tips To Help Your Kids Deal With Exam Stress

Published on: 8 March , 2017 | Ekta

Every parent wants his child to excel in studies. It is a fiercely competitive world - a mad-rat race. With an aim to deliver the best & out-perform the peers, it is inevitable that children are subjected to enormous stress these days. Ironically, there is only one 1st rank. Exam times are testing times for the entire family as a whole. Do not allow this pressure overwhelm you. In times of tension pause, reflect & choose a trail that will help you overcome the deadlock & not let the tension-waves to engulf you and your child. So, how can you help your child face the exam stress? These are Top 10 tips to help your kids deal with exam stress.

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  1. To help your kid deal with exam stress, first try to understand that they are already stressed out. So don’t stress them out more by scolding them for any trivial issues. It is important that the environment at home is positive & cordial.
  2. If you find your children checking or writing their notes the day before exams, don’t tell them I told you so or give any advice that makes them feel bad. A calm and peaceful mind is necessary for both you & your child.
  3. Ask your children if they need help in writing or organizing any last-minute notes. Give them the support without saying them, “I told you to do this before”. That is the last thing they need to hear. Help them with anything that can save them sometime which can be invested in a good night’s sleep. It is an indispensable part to assimilate information in it’s long-term memory & retention.
  4. During the exam time, your child may be lost in thoughts that they may forget to switch off the room lights while leaving. Do not mock or ridicule them. These small things count to maintain a calm & composed mind.
  5. Your child is bombarded with unsolicited advice from lost relatives and friends on how to perform well in their exams. Avoid repeating something that you have already told them a hundred times before. It is essential that you guide your child to plan his schedule & track the progress periodically. This motivates him & increases the productivity.
  6. If your son or daughter feels they need to relax and would like to watch television, let them watch for a while. Don’t abandon their entertainment quotient. A 30-minutes break does more good than bad. They can listen to some good music to elevate their mood & create a positive environment.
  7. A good fibre-rich diet helps in keeping constipation & frequent hunger pangs at bay. A balanced energy-rich diet with almonds & walnuts helps in boosting memory. Avoid outside food & cold-drinks that may cause cold or cough. Take a quick walk or a jog before you commence to prepare for your next exam. It is proved that exercise is a great stress-buster & helps boost memory & brain power. Be generous & reward your child with a daily doze of dark chocolate. It has been proved that 70% cocoa dark chocolate releases endorphins that act as stress-busters.
  8. Ask your child to pray before starting for the exam. A prayer is a positive affirmation to the mind. It increases confidence and minimizes stress. Meditation improves mental & physical health.
  9. Most importantly, check for essentials like hall tickets, pens, pencils, erasers, etc. to avoid last-minute surprises. A gentle reminder will help his anxious mind in organizing & being well-equipped for the exam. You do not want your child to beg or borrow & waste his precious time when you are pressed with time.
  10. Once they come back from school/college don’t ask them how they wrote it. As parents we are anxious, but it is crucial to give them some time for themselves. If they have written well they be delighted & tell you. If they have not written well, let them brood in silence for few minutes. Give them some time to cope up. If their life in the slug lane is longer than expected, encourage them to buck up and gear up for the next one. Speak to your child about the bigger picture & empower you to rise above your exams.

If you have more Tips To Help Kids Deal With Exam Stress, share with us in the comments.

Wishing you & your children great luck with the examinations!

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