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  1. How to plan finances early for kids and the need to save money
  2. Dear Parents, allow us to discipline them
  3. Best places to visit with kids in Delhi, Kolkata

Our child’s safety and security is always our topmost criteria; in this scenario it is important to make suitable and solid financial plans to secure both their present and future. Let us learn in detail about the common myths about financial planning, the various options available in the market for investment – and the advantages and disadvantages of every option. The quantum of investment and also the risks involved; learn all of it in How to plan finances early for kids?  most of what kids learn today come from their parents, be it to value money or practice saving.  Overload of pampering due to lack of dedicated time has made things so easy for the kids to get their wishes fulfilled. Expecting children to value money would be far fetched if they get what they need/want/wish with such ease. So, parents do not hesitate in using those two letter words”NO” when it comes to rational spending by kids. Need to save money vs You live only once.   in those days, school teachers had not much interaction with parents; now the style of teaching is evolving. Parents are more and more involved in their child’s development. this blog post is presented to you from the viewpoint of a teacher addressing to the parents; let us see what they have to say “Dear Parents, we care for your children, so please allow us to discipline them. The city of Kolkata has multiple charms and can be explored from various perspectives. These places can be centres of learning as well as entertainment for the kids ensuring that they have a great time. We bring to you a list of the Top 20 Best Places To Visit In Kolkata With Kids. The city of Delhi has multiple attractions of a wide range for visitors of every age. For children, the city offers a great choice of entertainment and knowledge enhancing places that are ideal for spending the better part of a day. In our blog post we bring to you the Top 20 Places to visit with kids in Delhi.