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  1. Best Places to visit in Chennai with kids
  2. Best Places to visit with kids in Pune
  3. Best Car seats in India
  4. Teenage perils of social media

When it comes to Games for kids – the options are huge, we really do not want to give priority to gadgets are our first choice. In that case it becomes a big challenge for parents to choose new and interesting options for outing with kids. Chennai is a city known for its peace, tranquility, not-so-busy lifestyle and self-contented people. It is also famous for it’s heat (no doubt), which has in turn become a boon to us. As more and more indoor gaming centers and fun activity corners for the benefit of kids have opened up. Here we are with a curated list of the Best Places to visit in Chennai with kids; each one of them enjoying their uniqueness and entertainment factor. We have also prepared a list of the Best Places to visit with kids in Pune. For parents with infants/toddlers, it becomes a big challenge to ensure the safety of the baby before they start their travel. You may want to step out either to buy groceries, visit a friend or relative or just catch a breath of fresh air in the park. Hence, it is critical that you INVEST in a good, safe and durable car seat. Hence, we have curated a list of the Top 5 Convertible car seats in India. Parents of teenagers have many a situations to deal with. One of them – which is the topmost concern – is the social media / gadgets addiction. A few social networking apps, some games, some music apps, and you are on a high. This is what is happening with today’s teenagers. Learn how does a parent handle this in our blog post titled Teenage perils of social media.