Best Play Mats For Kids In India

Best Play Mats For Kids In India

We all know thatexercise is an inevitable aspect of every infant’s development. While children spend most of their time on the floor, it is obvious that they cannot be left on the carpet, which is dusty and full of germs. We can’t let them play on the bare floor either, since it is the breeding ground of all sorts of germs and we know that young children are very susceptible to infections. Moreover, your baby is too precious and delicate to be playing on a cold, hard surface. Keeping all these things in mind, we bring to you the Best Play Mats For Kids In India. These play mats have been chosen keeping the following criteria in mind:

1) Quality – An ‘activity mat’ should be thick and stain-resistant, with good cushioning to provide maximum comfort to the child. It should not contain PVC, plastic or any chemicals or dyes that may harm the child in any way.

2) Design – A play mat should be fun, colourful, practical, and functional to stimulate imagination, brain development and encourage curiosity in kids to explore and learn.

3) Functionality – Children are keen observers. You can buy a play mat after your baby turns 4 months – the ideal age when your child starts to develop hand-eye co-ordination and gross & fine motor skills. Musical mats or designs like A-B-C, numbers, farmhouse (animals) or any other similar designs can help in fostering early learning and development in your child.

4) Safety – A play mat should not tear, wear off or chip at the edges, creating potential choking hazards for children.

5) Comfort—A good play mat should provide good cushioning, and encourage development of bones, brain, spine, and vision.

Keeping all the above criteria in mind, the below list has been curated based on survey conducted with young parents and reviews by other experts.

The Top Play Mats For Children In India are –

  1. FisherPrice
  2. Dwinguler / BabyCare
  3. BabyCenter India
  4. MagicWand
  5. Kids Play Mat

When my child was 6 months old, starting to turn back & forth, I decided to pick one for my baby. And it obviously had to be the best. I stumbled upon Dwinguler’s BebeDom Mats at Peek-A-Boo Patterns when I wanted to buy Popsicle Night Dress for my little angel. And it was almost love at first sight. Let me tell you why.

Dwinguler Playmats

Best Play Mats For Kids India

While there are many low cost options available in the market starting from Rs.500, I wanted nothing but the best for my little one. And so I chose Dwinguler for my toddler. Dwinguler Playmats are lab-tested to US, European, Gulf and Australian Standards, and are synonymous with safety and eco-friendliness making it one of the Best PlayMats For Kids In India. Helping your child learn alphabets and numbers or introducing them to the magnificent jungle and all things cute, Dwinguler has fantastic designs to keep your toddler busy for hours. That’s certainly a blessing when you want to get your home chores done, right?

BeBeDom Playmmats

BebeDom Mat

This small-sized mat is a new introduction in the market. The Run-To-Town Playmat is a fantastic way to introduce your child to your neighbourhood and surrounding environs. From airplanes zooming above, the police jeep doing its rounds through the lanes of a buzzing town, the hospital, the petrol pump, the school, traffic signals and a massive football ground, this mat is definitely your child’s best friend. Teach your child about the different modes of transportation such as bike, car, ship, airplane or train. These mats are waterproof, stain-resistant, crease-proof, wallet-friendly and conveniently easy to clean. Between feeding, changing diapers and nappies, burping, and worrying about your kids playing with all things dirty, the last thing you want to worry about is putting in great effort to get rid of stains. This is the one I picked for my daughter! 🙂

Product Dimensions: Small size – 1200mm * 1200mm * 10mm

Priced at Rs. 4500 you can buy this here.

There are many other options available depending on the size (small/medium/large), thickness of the mat and designs.

Here are some play mat designs you can explore:

  • Busy Farm

Best Play Mats For Children In IndiaThis mat hosts a barn, beautiful pond, pig and sheep pen, vegetable patch and a crop field. Learning about farming and animals was never as interesting. Sing “Baa Baa Black Sheep, Have You Any Wool” or “Old McDonald Had A Farm E-I-E-I-O!” Your child will love exploring the countryside beauty any way!

Product Dimensions: Large size – 210cm * 140cm * 1.3cm Prices at Rs.9999. You can buy this here.

  • Sensory Play Mat

Sensory Play Mats Dwinguler

As if ordinary play mats were not sufficient to entice kids, Dwinguler also has the remarkable Music Parade play mat. It is an undisputed fact that children grasp and retain better when they are taught anything in an interactive and interesting manner. Your child can now learn through the senses of sight, touch, hearing and taste to make learning super fun! It’s a great way to give them a big head start before they begin schooling.

Product Dimension: Large size: 230cm * 140cm * 1.5cm priced at Rs.27999. You can buy this here.

  • Dwinguler Castle Playroom

Dwingular Castle Play Pen

Perfect for a play school or commercial establishment for kids, a playpen is your child’s empire where he or she is the king or queen in their little private space. Safe, well-protected and premium quality, the castle is made to last a lifetime.

Product Dimensions: 240cm * 150cm * 78.3cm

Priced at Rs.24500, you can buy this here.

  • Sofa for Kids

Best Kids Sofa In India

Dwinguler also has come out with premium Kids Sofa (single seater chair) made of SOFFKIN synthetic leather and filled with vegetable-based Biofoam inside. With its classic ergonomic design and high quality, it is child-friendly with its smooth, rounded edges and easy to maintain. Your child will fall in love with it instantly! Priced at Rs.11000, these are undoubtedly one of the best chairs/sofas for kids in India. You can buy this here.

What we love the most:

Quality: 10/10 – The quality is very premium and unlike most others available in the market, the mats are well-designed and thick.

Design: 10/10 – They have many play mats designed based on various themes such as Busy Farm, Dino Land,