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Best Premium Designer School Supplies & Stationery Products For Kids In India

Published on: 5 April , 2019 | Ekta

Our education sector is growing unexpectedly well and there is fair competition among the stationery market. As a kid, one of the joys of going to school was having quality stationery every year with my favourite cartoon or movie character printed over it. It was often difficult to get these demands fulfilled all the time but when they were fulfilled we aimed to receive only the best of the best. Go ahead and discover the Best Premium Designer School Supplies & Stationery Products For Kids In India.

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As smart parents, we don’t just want the nicest looking stationery to make our kids happy but also keep in mind a few other criteria while buying stationery and other back-to-school items like -

  • Quality of the Product
  • Price of the Product
  • Durability of the Product (Long Lasting)
  • Attractive and Appealing
  • Range Of Products (Wide range of categories to choose from)
  • Comfort Of Child (For instance- back support from backpacks)
  • Safety Of Child (Harmful colours/materials used can be dangerous)

If I were shopping for back-to-school supplies, I would look for a one stop shop which I did when I wanted something different for my daughter & nieces on Smily Kiddos! Smily Kiddos is the most adorable kids stationery brand offering a wide range of premium designer products in USA, Canada, India, and UAE. Their products with attractive designs, colorful and stylized appeal not only fulfill kids’ stationery requirement but also gives them a product to proudly own. Their premium products are made with utmost care, keeping your child’s safety, likes and functionality in mind. The flashy colors, peculiar graphics and kids friendly designs aim to create an inspiring environment for kids and helps in their development.

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Some range of products that I admired the most -

Best Backpacks And School Bags For Kids

A fabulous range of backpacks coming right your way! With adjustable and padded shoulder straps, zippered compartments and light in weight, these backpacks prove to be trendy and spacious for your kid to flaunt around. It has been specifically made for the purpose of hassle-free carriage of books by young children. These school bag’s superior quality and finish prevents backaches. This is what I picked for my nieces & they absolutely loved it :) Afterall, who wants the regular Barbie and Chota Bheem anyway?

Prices ranging from Rs.1,350 to Rs. 4,999. Click here.

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Designer Lunch Bags For School Kids

Lunch certainly is the best part of our day and looking at these fancy lunch bags makes it all the more exciting. These lunch bags are spacious to accommodate all essentials and easy to clean. The zips of the bag have a good smoothness that is designed for your kid’s tender little hands. What more could we ask for? Maybe, empty lunch boxes too! J

Prices ranging from Rs. 450 to Rs.1450. Click here.

Buy Best Quality Water Bottles For Kids

Ranging from glass bottles to sipper bottles, Smily Kiddos provides us with adorably designed water bottles. Glass Bottles can be used to store and carry beverages, either the hot or cold ones while on tour. The shape of these bottles ensures easy cleaning, as would be necessary for a drinking vessel. Being provided with a carry loop at the very top does ensure greater convenience as well as increased utility. They also offer a perfect sipper bottle for your little one to sip on water, juice or an energy drink and get ready for a short travel, picnic or for school. While this may seem more expensive than many variants in the market, “Water is the Elixir Of Life”. Remember? :) It’s worth every penny!

Prices ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs.800. Click here.

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Best Stationery Products For Kids In India

Who doesn’t like colourful stationery with great designs at their disposal? A heavy choice of stationery ranging from pens, crayons, erasers, notebooks & highlighters all at one place. These products are both attractive and very efficiently made for your kid’s ease. So let them bring out the artist in them this summer! The “Rockstar Eraser Set” is so unique. I had to grab one for my little one! Can you see the blissful smile? J

Prices ranging from Rs. 65 to Rs. 650. Click here.

What I absolutely love about Smily Kiddos :

Quality – A thorough research on the quality of materials used to make these products all ranging from the cloth used to make the backpacks and lunch bags to the wax used in making crayons have been selected in a very just manner.

Design - All designs are unique. Not consisting of usual cartoon characters and extending to funky graphics is a great idea of inspiring a child’s mind. Colours used in these graphics are very eye catchy for even adults to look at.

Comfort Of The Child - While making the products, especially the backpacks the comfort of the child has been kept in mind. 3D spinal protection panel is ergonomically designed to the best fit to the kid’s back and spine. Wide Range Of Products - As I said before, it’s a one stop shop for all back-to-school supplies your kid requires. They have backpacks, lunch bags, pencil cases, water bottles, stationery and accessories which is pretty much everything your kid needs for school.

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