How much is too much? Too Many Toys

How much is too much? Too Many Toys

Time & again we ask ourselves, “How much is too much?” Be it buying new clothes, binging on your favourite chaat, letting your children watch tv, grumbling to your husband, online window shopping or facebook time. So, How much is too much? Too Many Toys For Your Little Brat?

The other day, I saw my friend’s room scattered with myriad of toys from Hamleys, Fisher-Price, Hot Wheels & Chota Bheem like a musical piano, laser top, building blocks, countless soft toys, puzzles, drawing books, sketch pens, fancy cartoon bags & a lavish battery operated car. Once again I asked myself this question – “How much is too much”?

messy room with toys

MasterCard’s current marketing campaign tagline says “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else there is MasterCard”. The money spent on buying these wonderful toys brings a lot of happiness to a baby. And much more happiness to the parents. But how much happiness can it bring to a 2-year old baby? How many games or playthings does a child need to play with everyday? It maybe difficult to comprehend the answer, but, there is a bigger question. Does an avalanche of toys make your baby happy & the way you want your baby to be when he grows up?

Ask an underprivileged child the value of a burger – Priceless! Because he probably had one few months back. Your child relishes one almost every week. With so many choices & amenities, a child dispassionately dismisses the value of many things big & small like pull-over toys, sketch pens, colouring book or a barbie princess dress. When your child loses an eraser at school, you oversight the loss since it is negligible. But the child of a carpenter will keep his belongings safe since he values things much more. If you do not check this habit, will your children learn to value money? Actions become habits. Habits become nature. Nature becomes character. Do you want to teach your children the right value system? If the (obvious) answer is yes, then, no matter what your disposable income is, do not pamper them with unlimited trinket games. But why & how? These are the possible reasons we envisage.

Fighting over toys

If a child is engrossed with his toys the entire day, a robust sense of possessiveness & attachment evolves within them. They refrain from sharing it with their friends & become aggressive if anyone touches their belongings. It creates covetousness in children. On the contrary, some children don’t really care about missing toys or games. They have plentiful to play with. Hence, one or two missing from their kitty doesn’t really bother them.

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Messy room with toys

Children have the habit of scattering their toys all over the place. They just love creating “mess”. Don’t they? Fewer toys means limited wreck