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Best Alternative Schools In India

Published on: 25 July , 2018 | Ekta

Schooling style has changed a lot in the last two decades. School hours have become strenuous and kids are always hard pressed for time. Increasing competition and parental pressure make the kids stressed and prone to facing behavioural problems. In such circumstances, there are a lot of parents who have understood the importance of alternative education. Parents now want to make their children part of an educational set up where learning is not memorizing lengthy answers or cracking numbers. Thus were introduced alternative schools and here we tell you the Top 20 Best Alternative Schools In India.

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1. Anand Niketan Wardha

Mostly a Marathi medium school the Anand Niketan includes English as a subject and this makes it a bilingual school. All the classes that the kids undergo are interconnected to each other and this makes their studies more fun. Based on the Gandhian principle of alternative style of teaching the kids learn to handle all their tasks on their own.

  • Focus on learning by doing
  • Interconnected module of studies
  • Informal style of teaching

Address - Sevagram, Wardha, Maharashtra 442102

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2.Tridha, Mumbai

A pioneer in alternative schooling in India  the Tridha Mumbai lets the children explore the smaller joys of life. Starting from carpentry to gardening the kids learn all the skills however in a relaxed environment.

  • Application of Steiner curriculum
  • Focus on education through experiencing

Website- http://tridha.com/about.php

Address: Malpa Dongri No.3, Near Pump House, Opposite Satya Darshan Society, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400093

Phone: 022 2687 9209

3. Ukti, Noida - Best Alternative School In Noida

As of now existing only till class 4 Ukti’s fees lies in the range of 55000-1.6 lakhs per year. Ukti follows the teaching methodology of the Waldorf alternative education program models and inculcates academic, artistic and practical excellence in its students.

  • Inculcating a love for learning
  • Encouraging independent thinking

Website- https://www.uktiwaldorf.org

Address: WP 205, Wazidpur, Sector 130, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Phone - 099100 57515

4. Little Indigo Kids Academy - Best Early Education Online Program

Moving from a life dominated by fantasy to one that is beginning to be governed by logic and reason, Indigo Kids Academy, although not a school, helps the young minds buzz by letting children gather information about the world around through exposure to visual and interactive encyclopedic content.

  • GK & IQ
  • Confidence of knowing
  • Communication and social skills
  • Inquisitive nature

8 different knowledge areas include:

  • Junior Explorer & Astronomy
  • Earth & Kids Science
  • Human Body & Daily Life
  • Countries and Cultures & Inspiration

To enroll your child for a free Demo Online Class visit www.indigokidsacdemy.com or https://elearn.indigokidsacademy.com Contact Number - +91 9787748450 / +91 9790008990.

Address - No. 24, Ragupathy Layout 1st Street, Bharathi Park 2nd Cross, Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore – 641 011. Tamil Nadu, INDIA

5. Pallikoodam, Kottayam - Best Alternative School In Kerala

Found by Arundhati Roy’s mother the school focuses on giving a holistic learning experience to the students. With an approximate charge of 1.4 lakhs, the school works to make its students independent and capable to handle any situation and is hence considered to be one of the best alternative schools in that area.

  • Informal instruction for junior kids
  • Indian culture and habits inculcated

Website- http://pallikoodam.org/

Address: Near Chidambarampady Junction, Kalathilpady, Rubber Board Rd, Kottayam, Kerala 686010

Phone: 0481 257 8123

6. Sahyadri School, Pune

Also, a part of the alternative education system the fees is slightly on the higher side. That is because they have boarding facilities and entail interesting forms of studies like trekking, natural excursions etc.

  • Activity-based teaching
  • Arts, dance, craft, and music teaching is given due attention

Website- http://www.sahyadrischool.org/index.php

Address: Tiwai Hill, Tal: Rajgurunagar (Khed), Dist: Pune, Pin - 410513

Phone: 2135 288440

7. Rishi Valley School Andhra Pradesh - Best Alternative Schools In India

Around 140 km from Bangalore in the interiors of Andhra Pradesh is located the Rishi Valley School. With nearly 360 boarding students studying the school aims that its students would develop into self- aware people who are always learning in life.

  • Focus on a meaningful curriculum which is updated regularly
  • Inculcating a love for nature among the kids

Website- https://www.rishivalley.org/overview/

Address:  Rishi Valley, Chittoor District, Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh 517352

Phone: 085712 80044

8. Inodai, Best Alternative Schools In Mumbai

Focussing on the Waldorf educational style the school Mumbai fees can cost up to 2.2 lakhs.  The teachers focus on providing respect and true guidance to the children and help them in exploring their individuality.

  • Experientially and academically development provided

Website- http://inodai.com

Address: Shree Ram Welfare Society, Upasara Lane, Off Juhu Lane, Shree Ram Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400058

Phone: 022 6522 2711

9. Abhaya - Best Alternative School In Hyderabad

Abhaya school Hyderabad was actually found by a group of parents who were not so satisfied with the reigning education system. As the name suggests the school aims to make its students fearless and motivate them to work hard and achieve the kind of excellence they wish to aim at.

  • Inspiring children to achieve creative excellence
  • Non-competitive environment

Website- http://www.abhayaschool.com/

Address: Maisamma Gudem, Bhadurpalle, Hyderabad, Telangana 500100

Phone: 080082 22056

10.Rajghat Besant School Varanasi

On the outskirts of the holy city of Banaras is located the Rajghat Besant school one of the many schools run by J Krishnamurthy. In the school, the students along with the teachers explore the world of knowledge and that of their own behavior as well.

  • Focus on knowledge with spiritual growth
  • Overall sanctity of the relationship between teacher and student

Website- https://www.rajghatbesantschool.org/

Address: Rajghat Fort, Near Malviya Bridge, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221001

Phone: 0542 244 0336

11. Aurinko, Bangalore

A progressive and futuristic learning space in Bangalore the school reiterates its teaching under the Aurinko curriculum. The school has a kid conducive ecosystem where both the students and teachers explore various modes of learning.

  • The inclusion of different learning styles
  • Learning opportunities as per a child’s caliber

Website- http://www.aurinkoacademy.com/

Address: Camp 91 Opposite, Hosa Rd, Parappana Agrahara, Bengaluru, 560100

Phone: 098454 97901

12. Edha Education-Gurgaon

The aim of Edha education is to create a joyous environment for the students to learn while playing. Kids are taught how to explore new facets of the world and use that to expand their learning process. However, the school is a pre-primary only for the tiny tots ready to take on the world.

  • Holistic child development models
  • Focussing on interactions at local levels for better understanding

Website- http://www.edhafoundation.org/

Address: Ashok Marg, Moti Vihar, Sector 41, Gurugram, Haryana 122003

Phone: 0124 238 4620

13. Hunar Ghar Rajasthan

Slightly different from the rest the Hunar Ghar wants to tell that even in rural areas good quality education can be provided. The teachers of the school come from nearby villages and they cater to attending the individual needs of each child staying there.

  • Mixed-age group studies
  • Community-based projects and programs

Website- https://www.educateforlife.org.uk/

Address: Buja, Rajasthan 307025

Phone: 099822 63129

14.Kalpavruksha , Mumbai

Located in Vikhroli Mumbai the school focuses all its efforts on developing its students as morally and socially responsible individuals. The children are made to achieve a balance with nature and try to conquer heights on the basis of his abilities.

  • Discovering the unique capabilities of the student
  • Village like ambience
  • Organic set up to provide calmness to the students

Website- http://kalpavruksha.weebly.com/

Address: Janata Vidyalaya, No 4, Mumbai, Tagore Nagar, Vikhroli East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400083

Phone: 090040 41741

15. Yellow Train School, Best Alternative School In Coimbatore

A school inspired by the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner the Yellow train is located in an organic farm outside the boundaries of Coimbatore. The kids learn to grow amongst the orchards, fields, groves and cows and peacocks. The Yellow train school, Coimbatore aims to create free bird individuals who are skilled to handle any task at hand.

  • Freedom through education
  • Growing up in the lap of nature

Website- http://www.yellowtrainschool.com/

Address: Adinashi Road, Mudalipalayam, Arasur, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 64100

Phone: Best Schools In Coimbatore Yellow Train School Review

16. The School KFI, Chennai

Set up under the guidance of J Krishnamurthy school stays in a prominent position in the list of alternative schools in India . Located in Adyar Chennai the school is planning to relocate to Thazambur soon. With the provision of no exams till 10th, the school is one of the most successful alternative high school programs.

  • No burden of exams before 10th
  • Experimental and practical based training

Website- http://www.theschoolkfi.org

Address: Damodar Gardens, Besant Avenue, Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020. But now moving to Navalur, OMR.

Phone: 044 2491 5845

17. Prakriya Green Wisdom School

Focussing on creating a beautiful earth Prakriya teaches its students about learning about maintaining the ecological balance of mother Earth. The school wants the children to understand the implications of climate change and hence be prepared to handle it accordingly.

  • Focus on creating earth consciousness
  • Less emphasis on considering marks as the method of judging a child’s ability

Website: http://www.prakriyaschool.com/site/

Address: 70, Chikkanayakanahalli Road, Off Doddakannelli, Sarjapur Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560035

Phone: 080 2844 0925

18. Isai Ambalam School, Auroville

Located in the northern area of Auroville, the school has 115 students and 12 faculty members only. It was set up to provide a different style of education to the students of nearby villages. The school provides a lot of scope for kids to improvise and bring learning in their day to day routine.

  • Day to day learning put to use
  • Interaction with nature
  • Encouraging to do your tasks on your own

Website- https://www.auroville.org/contents/1092

Address: Auroville Main Road, Auroville, Puducherry, 605101

19. Aarambh Vasant Kunj - Best Alternative School In New Delhi

Based on the Waldorf style of education the Aarambh treats each of its students as a unique being. The school respects each child and works hard to help them grow into sensible and creative individuals with a strong bent of mind.

  • Considering each child as a unique being
  • Inculcating an independence of working in the students

Website- http://www.aarambhwaldorf.wordpress.com/

Address: Church / Mall Rd, Shanti Kunj Main, Sector D, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, Delhi 110070

Phone: 095600 60441

20. Be Me Bangalore - Best Alternative School In Bangalore

BeMe school Bangalore, one of the Best Alternative Schools In India, is a unique concept where the students are taught how to speak for themselves, judge, evaluate and then take decisions. With activity corner, electives, expression circle and skill workshops the kids explore those vistas which they never would otherwise.

  • Granting children, a forum to have an express opinion
  • Activity-based teaching to make learning fun

Website- http://beme.org.in/

Address: 303/2, 7th A Cross Road, LBS Nagar, Vimanapura Post, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560017

Phone: 098803 96056

21. Sarang Alternative School, Kerala

The school which was started initially catered only to the school dropouts. However now even regular students get to gain knowledge on diverse topics like natural farming, watershed management, low-cost construction, and biodiversity conservation.

  • Cooperation over competition
  • Focus on the regeneration of natural resources and learning how to do it

Website- http://www.saranghills.in/

Address: Chittoor, Agali, Kerala 678582

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Swati Aggarwal 2019-04-30 17:11:27

I would like to know what is the basis of this ranking.You have mentioned top 20 schools, what factors have you taken into consideration while coming up with this ranking.

Reply >>

Swati Aggarwal 2019-04-30 17:11:27

Hi Swati, thank you for writing to us. We have considered the amenities the school provides in terms of holistic development of the child & methodology of teaching!

Reply >>

Ailsa Alice 2018-09-17 15:52:36

“Smart Minds Academy” (SMA) - A brain child of Chennai’s Educator Par Excellence - Prof. K.K.Anand, is an Alternative School ( LKG, UKG & Stds. I to XII) established in 2016, that nurtures Gifted & Talented Children to achieve Holistic Academic Excellence. Gifted Children are those with higher level of ability to grasp & learn and hence Higher Potential to perform well. Talented Children are High Achievers, capable of securing top grades in at least the regular formal school curriculum like that of CBSE – Maths & Science in our context.

Reply >>

Thank you for the comment!