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Best Music Schools For Kids In Hyderabad 2021

Published on: 4 December , 2020 | Ekta

Music has been a soothing magic element across all age groups. Music acts like a magic key which has the power to pierce even the most tightly-closed heart. Robert Fripp rightly quotes “Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence”. Music has some of the most amazing benefits which surely cannot be match with any other therapy. Music therapy helps children heal from illnesses through both listening to and playing music. And as they say Music has no boundaries; no restrictions. We have curated a list of the Best Music Schools for kids in Hyderabad 2021.

Best Music Schools For Kids In India

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Sangeet Music Academy - Best Music School In Hyderabad

Sangeet Music Academy is a music temple for the provisions it has are in abundance. Sangeet Music Academy one of the best music academy in Hyderabad with plethora of opportunities. An epitome in every sense, from comfort of spaces to quality of teaching, they tick your boxes in the most perfect ways.
They offer guitar classes, piano lessons, keyboard classes, violin classes, drums classes and singing (Carnatic and Hindustani) classes against a music fee that is very pocket friendly.

A. Distinguished Faculty –
• Experienced more than 10 yrs.
B. Best Online Classes-
• 4K HD video quality
• Multi Angle Camera for close view
• Real time learning experience with Activities.
C. Standard Affiliations –
• Affiliated to Trinity College London for Western Music and Instruments Certifications.
• Affiliated to Telugu University Hyderabad for Carnatic Music and Instruments Certifications.
• Affiliated to Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Mahavidlaya Mandal for Hindustani Music and Instruments Certifications.
• Registered with MCA Govt of India and Government of Telangana.
D. Best In-house Provisions-
• Best in class Environment with sound proof Ambience and elegant class room décor.
• Equipped with Wi-Fi, CCTV and Parking in purview of the learner’s safety & Facilities.
• Equipped space with recording studio.

To register call 9100876663

Shalom International School of Music - Best Music School In Hyderabad

Shalom’s Music Zone offers a wide variety of musical instrument’s training in various instruments. The necessary friendly environment to instigate the love for music in the kids is their utmost priority. There are several music programs designed by their expert staff members; their focus being on encouraging the kids to take up the Trinity Grade Examinations. Their various programs they offer are Guitar pogram, Keyboard Program, Contemporary Drums program, Dholak program, the All new Roland SPD – 20X Octapad Electric Drumkit, Piano courses, Violin program, Vocal Program which aims to encourage the singers to adapt to a variety of music styles and the Tabla program.

Contact No. 094408 79114

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Dolce Music Institute - Best Music Classes For Kids in Hyderabad

Dolce Music Institute is a premier western music school in Hyderabad which was established in the year 1999 by a renowned musician Alexander. Being in this field for two decades, Dolce Music Institute has become one of the leading Music schools for kids in Hyderabad. The various courses offered here are Western classical instruments training, piano, keyboard, Acoustic/electric guitar, violin, music theory. Classes are generally held on a one to one basis. The students are prepared to excel in the certification courses held by the Trinity College of London, The London College of Music and The Associate Board of Royal School of Music. The Institute also offers many add-on services to their students as well as to the society, as large. It provides a platform for the budding artists by providing a platform on their website to upload their songs, and also it updates its students as well as the visitors on the website by providing latest updates in the field of Music and other happenings in the city of Hyderabad. They offer course in the field of Guitar, Violin, Keyboard, Piano, Mandolin and mouth organ. A look at their website will give us a crystal clear detailed insight into the courses they offer with respect to each and every instrument.

Contact 098491 90170

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Philips International School of Music - Best Music Schools For Kids In Hyderabad 2020

With over 27 years of music teaching experience, Philips International School of Music aims at the acquisition of relevant music competencies that are specific for each instrument. They focus on personal training, in other words, one-to-one training. Their curriculum is based on a very structured format in terms of learning objectives, duration, content, and a reliable method of assessment. One of the esteemed Universities being the LCM- University of West London prescribes a competent curriculum which is being followed by Philips School. The School helps in the procurement of the most esteemed degrees / grades in music. They provide formal training in the field of Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drum kit, Keyboard and training in Carnatic vocal as well as Western vocal.

Contact: 07093 000 999

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Ocatves Music Centre - Western Music & Classical In Hyderabad

Octaves Music Centre is the biggest music spaces available in Hyderabad; spread over an area of around 4000 sq. ft set up in the year April 2015. It boasts of faculty members which are highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields. Like any reputed Music training academy for kids, Octaves trains and encourages its students to prepare for the Trinity College of Music certification exams. They offer Western music classes for guitar, keyboards, piano, violin, mandolin and drums. They also provide excellent training in the field of Indian Music classes for Hindustani vocal, Carnatic vocal and tabla.

Contact: 098481 03949

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Rockstudios Institute for Music and Art - Guitar & Keyboard Classes in Hyderabad

Making a mark for itself in the field of Music training, Rockstudios Institute for Music and Art has achieved recognition and trust within a short span of 8 years. What sets this Academy a class apart from the others is that it has devised different and unique techniques to enable their students to improvise and master their skills and thereby helping them become the most sought after musicians. The techniques being ear training, recording techniques, live performances and the theory of music. They offer the best training in various musical instruments, namely the drums, guitar, keyboard, piano, violin, and training in the field of Indian music classes for Hindustani vocal, Carnatic music as well.

Contact: 085010 67888

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Best Music Schools In Hyderabad

Saamaveda Music Academy - Learn Carnatic Music In Hyderabad

Saamaveda Music Academy offers both online as well as offline classes to the students. Established in the year 1998 with a bunch of enthusiastic and professional Carnatic Music instructors, they are known to have trained thousands of students till date and have produced some of the best performers in every field of Music. Students aspiring for Certificate course and Diploma examination could take intensive training in the field of vocal training by offering a complete course curriculum. They also offer online dance classes for Kuchipudi & Bharatanatyam and both online and offline classes in the fields of Carnatic vocal, Hindustani vocal, keyboard, violin, guitar, saxophone, mirudangam, tabla, flute.

Contact: 081062 27758

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7 School of Music - Learn / Buy Musical Instruments In Hyderabad

7 School of Music plays a pivotal role in shaping the music career of the students into a professional career. In this ever – increasing demand scenario of upcoming artistes, 7 School of Music & Store have the best to offer in terms of expertise, advanced technology, innovative and revolutionary methods of teaching and learning music. Under the pioneering efforts of the Director & Founder, Mr. Dharmasali, the Institute has gained recognition and has become a famous name in the Music Industry. They offer courses in Keyboard, Piano, Guitar, Violin, Tabla, Pads, Real Sounds Workshop/course to learn the nuances of Djing. Based on the Google reviews, this Centre has a host of satisfied clients which give a thumbs up for this Academy.

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