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Feeding & Nutrition

  1. Health Benefits of Makhana
  2. 15 junk foods you should avoid & why
  3. Natural Home remedies for Indigestion in kids
  4. Healthy snacks for kids in India

Makhanas is the other name given to lotus seeds.  While in India it is simply referred to as phool makhana up North due to the distinct resemblance to a flower. Read more about the Health Benefits Of Makhana – Nutrition & Side Effects. Read more about the Health Benefits of Makhana,  various aspects of Makhana, the origin of Makhana, various dishes prepared with it and also are there any side effects of Makhana in our blog titled Health Benefits of Makhanas – Nutrition & side effects. Junk foods – what is the definition of it? And how has it gained more importance and popularity over the regular foods? It is important to understand the meaning of junk foods, and which foods fall under this category. Our blog titled “14 Junk foods you should definitely avoid and why” gives you a complete gist of the foods you should avoid with a valid reason/reasons to support them too. Indigestion, referred to as “Dyspepsia”, is one of the most dreaded fears of every mom. Also known as stomach upset, it is often characterized by a burning sensation in the back of the throat, or uneasiness in the chest and the stomach, nausea, stomach bloating or burping. We need to be aware of the causes and symptoms of Indigestion in kids and learn the ways to cure it. Here is an attempt in this regard in “Natural Home Remedies for Indigestion in Kids. Children love anything colourful. Hence, try to incorporate as many colours, sizes & shapes possible while preparing snacks/meals for your kids. We bring to you healthy (OBVIOUSLY NOT FRIED) recipes that your kid will love. These easy to make recipes are especially for those who have had problems with making their kids drink milk. ”3 Healthy snacks straight from the refrigerator.