How To Make Homemade Cerelac For Babies 6months+

How To Make Homemade Cerelac For Babies 6months+


We live in times where there’s anything aplenty but time. As parents we are often struggling with time crunch. There’s so much to do on the work front, there’s a lot to be attended to at home and each day we find ourselves running from pillar to post making time! Food often takes a beating when faced with time crunch. We tend to resort to food stuff that’s store bought and often ridden with preservatives/chemicals. Packaged foods come with their own set of perils. This blog entails everything you need to know about How To Make Homemade Cerelac For Babies 6months+

What if I told you there’s a solution to this problem. When it comes to babies and toddlers there’s nothing better than home-made.

What if I told you there’s a way to make instant food in the form of Cerelac/sathu mauvu right in your home under the most hygienic conditions and with the freshest of ingredients. You will find home-made Cerelac score over store bought ones in more ways than one.

Through the article we will take you through the benefits of home-made and home cooked and also share some toddler food recipes to make at home that will come handy when you have a little baby/toddler to handle and there’s always little time too!

How To Make Homemade Cerelac For Babies 6months+


What is home-made Cerelac?

Home- made Cerelac has been around for ages. Our grandmothers were quiet the culinary genius to make almost everything at home and feed the family food that was fresh and nutritious.

Over the years the trend to make at home began to somehow slow down and its place was taken over by snacks and food stuff that was store bought, laden with preservatives that came straight out of a package. It so becomes significant to revive the golden age of food and get back to making at home.

Home-made Cerelac/sathu maavu/navadhanya(kerala)/energy mix as it is popularly known is a porridge mix that is made from several pulses, cereals, grains and dry fruits. Some of the ingredients that go into making these are also soaked and sprouted. Generally the mix is made using 9 grains or dhans. But it can be customized to suit the taste and nutritional requirements.

Home-made Cerelac can be given to babies who are 10 months and older. (Check with your pediatrician to rule out possibilities of food or skin allergies of any kind). Even the older members of the family can consume this mix that is a rich source of energy, strength and wholesome nutrition.

Home-made Cerelac vis-à-vis store boug