Natural Home Remedies For Indigestion In Kids

Natural Home Remedies For Indigestion In Kids

Indigestion, referred to as “Dyspepsia”, is one of the most dreaded fears of every mom. Also known as stomach upset, it is often characterized by a burning sensation in the back of the throat, or uneasiness in the chest and the stomach, nausea, stomach bloating or burping. In worst come worst cases, a combination of all the above mentioned symptoms. This is definitely quite disturbing and throws the kids out of track. So, what are the Natural Home Remedies For Indigestion In Kids.

Usually indigestion gets settled within some time, but at times, it prolongs for a longer time, and that is when it is extremely painful to look at them suffer. Rather than feeling helpless and desperate, we need to be aware of the causes and symptoms of Indigestion and learn of the ways to cure it. Here is an attempt by me, in this regard, to bring to light the facts relating to Indigestion.

What Causes Indigestion In Babies

Indigestion is usually caused when the acid from the stomach breaks down the protective lining of the digestive system, leading to inflammation and irritation of the upper abdomen. It is revealed that nearly 50% of babies under 4 months show symptoms of indigestion. Most of them get resolved by 12 months, excepting a small percentage which continue to have indigestion in school years.

Causes of Indigestion In Kids:

  • Weak digestive system
  • Quick or fast eating, without chewing the food properly
  • Oily or greasy food intake, or spicy food intake
  • Eating food items which are not regularly eaten
  • Distu