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Get Ready For Bonding With Baby!

Published on: 29 November , 2018 | Ekta

Baby about to arrive any time? Immediately after baby comes, both of you are going to get busy for the next 6 months, at least!  As you develop this beautiful bond with your baby through breastfeeding, we are here to make sure you are all set for it! This checklist is all you need!

Breast feeding essentials :

Breastfeeding can be awkward and hard at first, but it really is worth it to breastfeed your baby, and these things help make it the best experience it can be! And if it doesn’t work I figured out a few things that I knew I would have to have for the next time around. These breastfeeding essentials not only helped breastfeeding go better for my daughter, but they helped it go better for me, too! So there you have it, my complete list of breastfeeding essentials listed down !

1.Nursing Bra

An easy access to nipples for your baby for breastfeeding Nursing bra is designed a little differently as they have a clasp at the top of the cup that can be released to expose the breast during breastfeeding. In the mean time we recommend you wear a specifically designed nursing seamless bra. This bra is not only designed to stretch and support your changing body but will give you all day comfort with the addition of drop down cups for easy discrete feeding.

2. Nursing Gown

Special breast feeding gown having zips on both sides,thus making it convenient to nurse from any side. By the look of it you cannot make out that it is a feeding gown. It can be worn as a regular gown as well as a feeding gown. I recommend this for you my new mommies as you have to be at your best comfort level.

3.Muslin Squares Burp Clothes

These are the new parents best friend provides excellent shoulder coverage and snaps around baby for a no-drip snack experience. your hardest decision will be choosing a favorite pattern, color and design. We advise you choose fabrics that are absorbent

4. Bibs For Baby

Bibs are super important because if you have a baby who spits up when you burp them, you won’t want that getting all over your clothes. I also used Bibs while I was nursing by tucking them into my bra so that if Little baby didn’t quite get everything, it didn’t run down and get my bra wet. Bibs are really handy and I definitely wouldn’t start feeding my baby without one.

5. Nursing Pillow

I would not try breastfeeding without this one as it is so much easier because you dont have to hold your baby every time and is the best for the ones who multi task.


The few times we would travel and stay with family, I would have to nurse my baby while sitting in bed and no amount of pillows would give me backache. Even in the hospital when I tried nursing her in the chair it was difficult. So I am a strong advocate of having a comfy chair to nurse your baby in. Obviously it doesn’t have to be a recliner, a padded rocking chair is also a great idea. Having the comfy chair really is for your benefit and it helps you enjoy breastfeeding and not get backaches.

7.Washable Nursing Pads

When you breastfeed your baby, you will leak. It can be a lot or a little, but you definitely don’t want to be out in public and soak, this is when Nursing pads come in handy, they are absorbent little pads that you just stick inside your bra and they save you from embarrassing leaks. there are disposable and washable nursing pads too. Additional Accessories:

1.Nipple Cream

This stuff is a lifesaver, especially in those first few weeks when your nipples aren’t used to breastfeeding. Few things that are worse are a dry, cracked nipple, and Nipple cream really helps when nothing else will. You definitely have to get this before your baby is born.

2. Nipple Shield:

Nipple shields are protective silicone covers worn over the nipple during nursing to protect your breast ,They should be used with follow-up from a healthcare professional.

3.Nipple Puller

We moms go through a lot during pregnancy, specially inverted or flat nipples.Nipple Pullers are safe and convenient to use as it assists in drawing out the inverted nipples easily.

4.Breast Pumps

Obviously if you are weaning your baby you will have to wean yourself, but the pump really helps make it easier. Another reason why having a breast pump is it is handy because if you have to be away from baby during a time you can pump and help yourself. Really, a breast pump is for your comfort and while it can also help your baby learn to drink breast milk from a bottle, it is mostly for you. Also Read - Best Breast Pumps In India Top 15 foods That Help In Increasing Breast Milk Production Benefits Of Breast Feeding Best Formula Foods For Kids In India
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