Best Breast Pumps In India

Best Breast Pumps In India


The journey to Motherhood has just begun and the sweetness of the journey is also coupled with it’s own challenges and demands. The topmost priority being the healthy growth and weight gain of your new born. As we are all aware that exclusive breastfeeding should be practiced for atleast 6 months, it is important for us to be well informed and equipped in this regard. One such equipment to help the new moms is a Breast Pump. Here are the Best Breast Pumps In India 2018.

Breast Pumps are of two types:-

Manual Breast Pumps –

More suitable for those moms who are stay-at-home or intend to use it occasionally only during emergencies or urgent situations. Manual Breast pumps are not that easy on hands as it requires some effort to extract the milk. If milk extraction and storage is a regular affair then, Manual Breast Pumps would not be the ideal choice.

Electric Breast Pumps –

These work on electricity, thus are more hassle-free, time-saving and convenient too. Comparatively higher priced than the Electric Breast Pumps, these are a very good option for frequent users / daily users and a savior for working moms. We have Single Breast Pump as well as Double Breast Pump.

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