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20 Best Foods to Help Your Baby Gain Weight

Published on: 6 July , 2018 | Ekta

The weight of a newborn or toddler is always a big concern for new mothers and even for an experienced mom. Post-birth, the baby needs to be taken well nurtured for at least for a year and two so that the baby is healthy and the weight gain is sufficient. According to a study, almost over 80% of mothers fret over the weight of their babies. They are constantly searching for food options that would help in increasing their baby’s weight. #ConfusedParent comes to your rescue. Here are the 20 Best Foods to Help Your Baby Gain Weight. The weight of the baby also depends on the genetic makeup and the food intake as well. The key to success is patience. Try and introduce a new food every week and be patient for the best results. Till the baby is breastfed, remember that mother’s milk is the best ideal nutrition for healthy weight gain.

Ideal Baby Weight Gain According To Age

This is an indication of the ideal healthy weight gain for babies & toddlers.
  • Doubles the birth weight by 6 months.
  • From 6 months-12month weight gain is ~350 - 450 gms every month.
  • Increaes by 3X by 1 year.
  • Increases 4X 2 years.
  • Increases 5X by 3 years
  • A child gains ~1.5 to 2.2 kg every year between 3 to 7 years.
  • After 7 years the child gains ~2.5-3.2 kg every year until 11-13years (puberty stage).

Milk: Best source for weight gain in babies

We know mother's milk is the best nutrition & foods that help in lactation. Aside which, 2-3 servings of cow’s milk is appropriate for 7months old child. Rich in calcium, protein & healthy fat, cow's milk is an undisputed winner. Also used in formula foods world wide.  Read on the Best Formula Foods For Babies In India. Calories per 100ml: 42. Protein 8gms.  

Virgin Coconut Oil - Best Food to Promote Weight Gain In Kids

Coconut oil contains lauric acid & palmitic acid. It can be digested easily by babies and helps to gain weight at the same time. It does harm in any way. But make sure your baby is not allergic to it and remember to get an allergy test done before introducing any food other than mother’s milk if you see signs of food allergy. Calories per 100ml: 862  

Eggs - Best Way To Increase Weight In Toddlers

  Eggs can be fed to the babies after 8 months of age. You should first start with the yellow and then introduce the white part later, as the proteins in the white yolk have the tendency to cause allergies among children.Eggs are high in proteins and saturated fat. They can be scrambled or boiled, or as well used in different recipes to feed it to kids. Calories: 155 in boiled egg  

Potatoes - Best Vegetable To Help Gain Weight In Kids

Potatoes make an excellent choice as a first food for babies and are packed with niacin, phosphorous, manganese, Vitamin B6 & pantothenic acid. It’s soft, it can be mashed and is also the least allergicvegetable. To begin with, use small quantities as some babies may develop an upset stomach due to gas/colic. Potatoes can be fed every alternative day but make sure you do not overfeed your baby. Calories: 77

Olive Oil - How To Increase Weight Naturally

Olive oil is a much healthier option than other vegetable oils as it has  high mono-saturated fat and plysaturated fat level as compared to other vegetable & animal oils. You can prepare the baby’s food with extra virgin olive oil and it also helps in gaining weight in babies. Some researchers say it's the healthiest fat on Earth! Best to be used in salads. Avoid over cooking. Calories: 884  

Sathumaavu Health Mix or Homemade Cerelac

Homemade cerelac or cereal is an excellent weight gaining food for children and is nutritious at the same time. It combines the goodness of nuts, cereals, and pulses in order to form a wholesome healthy food. If you want a ready-made hassle free health mix, you cantry Manna Health mix - Definitely ranks high among the 20 Best Foods to Help Your Baby Gain Weight. Calories: 500  

Banana - Mother's Choice For Holistic Nutrition

Banana can be fed to babies after 6 months of age& keep the kidneys healthy. They are a good source of Vitamin B6 and C, potassium, proteinand dietary fiber. They can be mashed and fed with cereals or raw banana can also be given to toddlers. Read on the Best Banana based recipes for toddlers. Calories: 89 per 100gm

Ragi (Nachini) - Best First Food For Infants & Toddlers

Finger millet or ragi is one of the best weight gaining food for your baby and is rich in Vitamin B6, B2, and B1, protein, and dietary fiber. It can be provided to your baby in several forms such as porridge, cake, dosa, idli, laddoo, kheer, roti, and cookies. Here are the Best Ragi Recipes For Kids. Calories per 100gms: 328  

Avocado - Best Fruit To Help Gain weight In Babies

Avocado can be fed to the baby after 6 months of age and is rich in dietary fiber and low in saturated fat. It can be fed in the form of puree and after one year, in the form of light smoothies and milkshakes. Calories: 160 in 100 grams  

Oats - Healthy Way To Increase Weight In Babies

Oats for weight gain or weight loss. Confused? Oats is low in cholesterol and unsaturated fat and it is high in magnesium, thiamine, manganeseand phosphorus. It promotes weiht gain when it is consumed as Oatmeal Peanut Porridge, Granola with nuts & dry fruits, High Protein Oatmeal Cookies & Chocolate Oats Milkshake. Caloriess: 389 per 100g  

Whole Wheat - Best Carbs To Increase Weight Gain In Kids

Wheat may not be considered as an ideal weight gaining food. But several nutritionists and dieticians have proved that feeding whole wheat to babies has shown excellent weight gain results. It is an excellent source of dietary fiber along with being low in fat. It can be fed as porridge, kheer, roti and halwain other forms. Calories: 265 per 100 gm  

Dry Fruits - Best Source To Gain Weight In Babies & Adults

Dry fruits such as cashew, almond, pistachio, walnut, and others are low in fat and energy dense. They can be powdered and mixed with milk and cereals and fed to babies. They are definitely ranking high among the 20 Best Foods to Help Your Baby Gain Weight. Calories: Almonds: 576 per 100 grams.  Cashew: 553 per 100 grams. Peanut: 567 per 100 grams.        Walnut: 654 per 100 grams.

Cheese - Benefits Of Fresh Cheese

Cheese can be fed to babies after 8 months and is super rich in calcium, phosphorous, and selenium. Cheese can be fed to babies in small slices or graded over some mild fruit salad. It is an excellent food for weight gain. Avoid processed cheese & introduce only fresh cheese. Calories: 402 per 100 gm  

Ghee - Best Dairy Product Help In Weight Gain

Nothing beats our desi weight gain ingredient ghee. It can beadded in almost every food item but can be given to the baby only after 7 months. The dosage can be 1 tablespoon of ghee with every round of meal. For weight gain inbabies, homemade ghee works wonders. Calories: 112 in 1tablespoon of serving  

Plain Meat - Best Non-Vegetarian Source Of Energy

Weight gain in kids? Chicken can be fed to babies after 8 months. It is a rich source of Vitamin B12 and B6, magnesium, phosphorus, and niacin. It is high in cholesterol too and can be thus given once a week to babies. The chicken can be boiled or fed to babies in the form of stew, puree or soup. Calories: 239 in 100gms  

Sweet Potatoes - Best Weaning Food For Toddlers

These are one of the best first foods for babies and can be given after 6 months. They can be fed in the form of puree, soups and in khichdi. They are an excellent source of Vitamin C and A and dietary fiber. Calories: 86 per 100 gm  

Peas - 20 Best Foods to Help Your Baby Gain Weight

Peas can also be fed after 6 months and are one of the most nutritious vegetables that can be given to the babies as a solid food. They can be mixed in khichdi and soup and fed to the babies every alternate day. They are small, round & atrractive. Bet all children loved to pick them up and eat on their own! Calories: 81 per 100gm  


Pear can be given as one of the first solid foods of baby but after 8 months of age. It helps in weight gain and very rich in iron, copper, Vitamin C & K, antioxidants, flavonoids & dietary fiber. There are few varieties of Pears available. You can choose the soft textured Pears whicch can be mashed easily. Calories: 57 in 100gm  

Dark Chocolate - Best Way To Gain Healthy Weight

Did you just see "Chocolate"? Yes, you did! Look at you smile :) It's proven by several scientists that dark chocolate - 70% or more cocoa  is very good for your health if eaten in moderation. Dense inmagnesium & antioxidants, please consume high quality chocolate for best results. Calories: 600 per 100gm  

High Calories and Energy Dense Nutritious Food

Instead of feeding your babies with fatty food, feed them with high Calories and nutritious food. Avoid foods such as ice cream, chocolates and processed food. This will keep them healthy and also not increase bad habits in them. Calories: Salmon: 208 per 100gm.  Rice: 130 per 100gm. So, these were the 20 Best Foods to Help Your Baby Gain Weight we would recommend. Do let us know if you have any queries or if you need to know more & what you little one loved the best!    
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