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Health Kids

  1. Best Home remedies to cure cough and cold in kids
  2. How to maximize your child’s potential. Brain development by 5 years of age
  3. Top 5 prams & strollers in India
  4. Stress – the buzz word.

Certain diseases like cold and cough catch us unaware and before we know our little one has a running or blocked nose something which can be really disturbing for him/her. Even though science and allopathy have treatments for cold, it is wise to trust home remedies first as they may not provide instant relief; but certainly do not carry any side effects and heals the root cause and not just superficially. Here we bring to you Best Home Remedies For Cough And Cold for kids. Research has proved that a child’s brain grows to about 90 percent of its adult size, by the age of five. The first 6 years in a child’s life are most crucial for brain growth and development and will determine how the next 80 years will be!  A child’s mind is very receptive. The malleable mind absorbs any information that it is exposed to. How can you accelerate brain growth & development?  learn more about it in our blog posted  A child’s brain is malleable. So be a Brainsmith. An appropriate pram or stroller for the baby is of immense help, as you don’t have to carry the baby in your arms with you 24*7. Also, we don’t want clingy babies. Thus, arises the need for a Pram/stroller in our blog titled “Top 5 Baby prams & strollers in India. In today’s fast paced world, Stress –  the new buzz word is doing the rounds.  Stress, Stress and more Stress! We don’t realize that today’s generation is walking the tight rope where it takes a toll to keep the balance. On one hand, we want them to score A+ in all the subjects and on the other hand we want them to be a part of all competitions. In the process, we are getting them into the rat race much earlier than they are capable of handling it. We intend to convey this message with the help of a simple happening which is common in today’s households.