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A child’s brain is malleable. So be a Brainsmith

Published on: 11 February , 2017 | Ekta

Intelligence is a function of environment, not heredity. Research has proved that a child’s brain grows to about 90 percent of its adult size, by the age of five. The first 6 years in a child’s life are most crucial for brain growth and development and will determine how the next 80 years will be! So, many parents lay a lot of emphasis on how to stimulate your child’s mind, to ensure their child is always a step ahead of others & builds a strong foundation for learning. A child's brain is malleable. So be a Brainsmith. A child’s mind is very receptive. The malleable mind absorbs any information that it is exposed to. It does not, rather cannot filter any information. So, we as parents should try to ignite the young mind & inculcate the fire of learning novel things. Your child can learn things thrice as fast in the formative years. You can introduce a new language, skill, sport or an activity that involves cognitive, intellectual, sensory & physical abilities. How can you accelerate brain growth & development? These early developmental years is a golden opportunity to help you child reach his/her fullest potential. We often hear people say that children learn much faster from seeing & listening than being taught or lectured. Visual, Sensory or Auditory stimuli have tremendous energy, frequency & impact on the holistic progress of the intellect of the child. Knowledge has no boundaries. It is never too early to teach & learn. The earlier, the better. There are several interactive games & toys available that make learning & teaching interesting & exciting. To optimize & maximize the learning curve, it is important WHAT, HOW & HOW MUCH INFORMATION is your child exposed to. Age-appropriate knowledge channelized efficiently can transform your child into an encyclopedic marvel. Being a mother of an 18-month old child, I’m always looking out for interesting things that I can introduce to my daughter. That’s when I bumped into Brainsmith Quantum Cards. My daughter loves animals and birds. She has a keen learning for the sounds produced by every animal. And that’s why I chose Sea Creatures & Mammals. She knows the common domestic pets like dogs, cats, pigeons, crows, cows, horses or elephants. These were common & were easily available in any toddler’s first books. I wanted something more, something beyond the usual. You can choose from various card sets like Solar System, World Currencies, National Flags, Air Vehicles and many more. These Quantum Cards are big hand-painted illustrations against a plain background so as to focus only on the image. Behind each card is well-researched encyclopedic information that shoots simple fascinating facts that even we as adults may not know. For instance, did you know?
  • That a Giant Octopus can live upto 4 years
  • It is considered as the most intelligent invertebrate
  • Usually, males are darker than females
  • They can grow upto 5 metres in length & can weigh upto 50kgs
  • While reproduction, they lay around 20,000 - 1,00,000 eggs over several days.
My personal experience: My daughter absolutely loved them. Most things we buy for children are small & handy, as they are easy to hold. But, somethings are meant to be sizable to create the right impact. She obviously is too young to teach the information behind each card. However, it has been a week and she now knows the Giant Panda, Blue Whale, Star Fish & Kangaroo. To summarize, this is a quick review on Brainsmith Quantum Cards – Concept: 8.5 / 10. Great concept. I personally do not encourage learning from the IPad/Tv/Internet. The traditional interactive methodology of teaching with books, paper, pictures taught on a one-on-one basis has tremendous 7 long-lasting impression on the child’s mind. Assortment: 9.5 / 10. Brainsmith has a great mix of flash cards ranging from Monuments, Dinosaurs, Musical Instruments to Inventors. Unique, out-of-the-box card sets that suit children of all ages. History, Science or Nature – You have it all. Quality: 8 / 10. The images are hand-painted & digitally enhanced to remain true to the original painting. It is not hardboard. It is good quality thick laminated paper, 28cm * 28cm. So your child can fold it or twist it. Hopefully not tear it :) Cost: 7 / 10. In my opinion, it is slightly over-priced for the offering. Rs.740 for a set of 12 cards may not be pocket-friendly for all families. Although, priced at a premium, Brainsmith Quantum Cards is a sure winner with young mothers who want to inculcate the habit & yearning to learn through tangible sources. If your child can grasp & retain better by seeing, feeling & hearing then there obviously there is no holding back. Every 18-month old baby may know what a HORSE is. But most toddlers may not know what a SEA-HORSE is. If my child does, I am elated, hurrah! Money can’t bring wisdom, satisfaction & happiness. But these can.
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