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Losing Weight With Your Personal Health Coach App – Obino Review

Published on: 22 June , 2017 | Ekta


Losing Weight With Your Personal Health Coach App - Obino Review

Brace yourself! These are some outrageously shocking facts that will blow your mind!

  • Your favourite yummy-licious Chocolate milkshake contains about 1000-1200 calories.
  • The average calorie intake at buffet lunch/dinner accounts to 2200-2900 calories.
  • McDonalds sells 75 hamburgers every second every day
  • Cucumber is one of the most hydrating foods as it consists of 96% water
  • Honey contains more calories than sugar
  • Yoghurt has lesser saturated fat than ice-cream. 140 gms of yoghurt contains 8.5% saturated fat accounting to 45% of your RDA (which is maximum of 20gm a day). 2 scoops of ice-cream contain only about 2.5-3% saturated fat.
  • Coconut Water contains 1.5 times more calcium than a large Banana.
  • Cinnamon is a potent anti-oxidant and helps in weight loss, control blood sugar & prevent diabetes.

From yoghurt to Zero Coke, it's awful just how many of us are duped into believing the new-fangled myths about the pitfalls of today's vast varieties of food.

Let’s takes a closer look at how our current lifestyle has a bearing on our diet, fitness(exercise) & health.

We Indians love food – This is an undisputed fact! The pani puris, the samosas, the medhu vadas, the pizzas & the faloodas – all of us have a weakness for something sweet, spicy or tangy! Amusingly, some people admit that they “Live to Eat!” With changing lifestyle, habits & food patterns, there are more late night parties & munching & early brunches next day(naturally). In long-term, this has a massive impact on our body – Inside & Outside. Afterall, what goes inside is also shown outside. How can you possibly keep obesity at bay? Evidently, being obese is grueling. With Size-Zero models on Television, Digital, Print & all things cool & fashionable, life can be tough looking at the mirror every morning hoping to see some change in those thunder-thighs & belly fat.

They say, “Once on your lips, Always on your hips”. This is the where the real problem rests.

  • We really aren’t really driven by strict continence in food
  • We are not devoted to a regular work-out plan
  • And once it’s on our hips, we really do not know how to lose the “Flab” to look “Fab”.

So, how can we fix this?

Thankfully, we know of a panacea that isn’t uncanny like the stork who makes seldom appearances in most unexpected circumstances. Allow me to introduce you to Obino – Your Personal Health Coach App.

Obino pairs you with a personal dietician & fitness expert who understand & analyze your lifestyle & nutrition and chart out a personalized plan to channelize your efforts towards structured goals. Simply punch in your basic data like Height, Weight & Age to ascertain your ideal weight & BMI.

Obino has touched over 5,00,000 lives.

  • Around 63100 kgs have been lost by Obino users
  • Obino App is used by 3.5million users every month
  • It has been featured in the Top 10 Trending Apps on App Store
  • It has over 8000 meal suggestions with Indian & Continental foods with nutritional value in-built
  • Over 1000 exercises to suit your age, weight loss or maintenance & degree of sedentary or active lifestyle.

What we love the most:

Ownership: 9.5/10 - Remember, as a child, your mother took ownership to ensure your homework is complete & all things important are in place? The Obino team essays a similar role in ensuring atleast 6-8 times a day that you have the perfect balance of nutrition, exercise & balanced meals? This high frequency of short 1-2minute interactions fortifies the wavering mind & keeps the unwanted calories at bay.

Diligence: 10/10 - Ambition is this first step to succeed. Second is diligence & persistence. While, there are times you may give in to the “cheat days” more than once a week, Coach Tiana (personal coach assigned to me) grades your diet score everyday (I got a 3/10 once. Couldn’t get worse J) & helps you ameliorate your dedication and abide by the suggested calorie intake.

Flexibility: 9/10 – While, the diet is the easier part component, the one more laborious is “EXERCISE”. Oh, the word ‘exercise’ itself sounds heavy-duty business! Your coach is available from morning to night to suggest alternative options even while you are travelling or on a vacation.

What could have been better:

Daily Diet Log: 8/10 – One of the most amazing feature of the App is that one can & is expected (by the diet coach) to fill up the daily consumption of every meal & snack. This helps in tracking the calorie intake every day. One of the challenging tasks is to find some of the items in the menu options. Eg. I could not find the nutritional value of DryFruit Ladoo. While we can ascertain the possible calorie consumption, these are just estimates and not actuals. And there can be a high variance in these figures.

Cost: 7.5/10 – The paid version of this App (to a personalized coach) comes at ~Rs.1500 for a 6 months subscription. While this is affordable to the affluent segment, App assisted weight loss program driven by technology is still relatively naïve in the smaller towns & cities.

From tracking your daily steps to the food intake, the App helps achieve metric-based health outcomes personalized for pregnant women, working professionals and obese people. For those who are determined to shed those extra kilos, visit www.obino.in & build a body you had always dreamt of. For most women, losing weight post pregnancy is stressful & arduous. We as young mothers are always struggling to get back to pre-pregnancy body. Obino is tried & tested and besotted by many couples. Unlikely those slimming belts, harmful pills & green teas, with consistency, constant support & tailored plans, you are sure to see a marked difference in your overall health.

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