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Losing Weight With Obino, Your Personal Health Coach App | Review

Published on: 22 June , 2017 | Ekta

Now, weight loss & fitness are in your hands. Track your footsteps & calories. Get healthy. Do all this and more with your Personal Health Coach App, Obino. Losing Weight With Your Personal Health Coach App Obino, sounds fun and hassle free isn't it?

Brace yourself! These are some outrageously shocking facts that will blow your mind!

  1. Your favourite yummy-licious Chocolate milkshake contains about 1000-1200 calories.
  2. The average calorie intake at buffet lunch/dinner accounts to 2200-2900 calories.
  3. McDonalds sells 75 hamburgers every second every day
  4. Cucumber is one of the most hydrating foods as it consists of 96% water
  5. Honey contains more calories than sugar
  6. Yoghurt has lesser saturated fat than ice-cream. 140 gms of yoghurt contains 8.5% saturated fat accounting to 45% of your RDA (which is maximum of 20gm a day). 2 scoops of ice-cream contain only about 2.5-3% saturated fat.
  7. Coconut Water contains 1.5 times more calcium than a large Banana.
  8. Cinnamon is a potent anti-oxidant and helps in weight loss, control blood sugar & prevent diabetes.

From yoghurt to Zero Coke, it's awful just how many of us are duped into believing the new-fangled myths about the pitfalls of today's vast varieties of food.

Let’s takes a closer look at how our current lifestyle has a bearing on our diet, fitness(exercise) & health.

We Indians love food – This is an undisputed fact! The pani puris, the samosas, the medhu vadas, the pizzas & the faloodas – all of us have a weakness for something sweet, spicy or tangy! Amusingly, some people admit that they “Live to Eat!” With changing lifestyle, habits & food patterns, there are more late night parties & munching & early brunches next day(naturally). In long-term, this has a massive impact on our body – Inside & Outside. Afterall, what goes inside is also shown outside. How can you possibly keep obesity at bay? Evidently, being obese is grueling. With Size-Zero models on Television, Digital, Print & all things cool & fashionable, life can be tough looking at the mirror every morning hoping to see some change in those thunder-thighs & belly fat.

They say, “Once on your lips, Always on your hips”. This is the where the real problem rests.

  1. We really aren’t really driven by strict continence in food
  2. We are not devoted to a regular work-out plan
  3. And once it’s on our hips, we really do not know how to lose the “Flab” to look “Fab”.

So, how can we fix this?

Thankfully, we know of a panacea that isn’t uncanny like the stork who makes seldom appearances in most unexpected circumstances. Allow me to introduce you to the easiest way to Losing Weight With Your Personal Health Coach App, Obino.

Obino pairs you with a personal dietician & fitness expert who understand & analyze your lifestyle & nutrition and chart out a personalized plan to channelize your efforts towards structured goals. Simply punch in your basic data like Height, Weight & Age to ascertain your ideal weight & BMI.

Obino has touched over 5,00,000 lives.

  1. Around 63100 kgs have been lost by Obino users
  2. Obino App is used by 3.5million users every month
  3. It has been featured in the Top 10 Trending Apps on App Store
  4. It has over 8000 meal suggestions with Indian & Continental foods with nutritional value in-built
  5. Over 1000 exercises to suit your age, weight loss or maintenance & degree of sedentary or active lifestyle.

What we love the most

  1. Ownership: 9.5/10 - Remember, as a child, your mother took ownership to ensure your homework is complete & all things important are in place? The Obino team essays a similar role in ensuring atleast 6-8 times a day that you have the perfect balance of nutrition, exercise & balanced meals? This high frequency of short 1-2minute interactions fortifies the wavering mind & keeps the unwanted calories at bay.
  2. Diligence: 10/10 - Ambition is this first step to succeed. Second is diligence & persistence. While, there are times you may give in to the “cheat days” more than once a week, Coach Tiana (personal coach assigned to me) grades your diet score everyday (I got a 3/10 once. Couldn’t get worse J) & helps you ameliorate your dedication and abide by the suggested calorie intake.
  3. Flexibility: 9/10 – While, the diet is the easier part component, the one more laborious is “EXERCISE”. Oh, the word ‘exercise’ itself sounds heavy-duty business! Your coach is available from morning to night to suggest alternative options even while you are travelling or on a vacation.

What could have been better

  1. Daily Diet Log: 8/10 – One of the most amazing feature of the App is that one can & is expected (by the diet coach) to fill up the daily consumption of every meal & snack. This helps in tracking the calorie intake every day. One of the challenging tasks is to find some of the items in the menu options. Eg. I could not find the nutritional value of DryFruit Ladoo. While we can ascertain the possible calorie consumption, these are just estimates and not actuals. And there can be a high variance in these figures.
  2. Cost: 7.5/10 – The paid version of this App (to a personalized coach) comes at ~Rs.1500 for a 6 months subscription. While this is affordable to the affluent segment, App assisted weight loss program driven by technology is still relatively naïve in the smaller towns & cities.

From tracking your daily steps to the food intake, the App helps achieve metric-based health outcomes personalized for pregnant women, working professionals and obese people. For those who are determined to shed those extra kilos, visit www.obino.in & build a body you had always dreamt of. For most women, losing weight post pregnancy is stressful & arduous. We as young mothers are always struggling to get back to pre-pregnancy body. Obino is tried & tested and besotted by many couples. Unlike those slimming belts, harmful pills & green teas, with consistency, constant support & tailored plans, you are sure to see a marked difference in your overall health. When are you going to start your journey of Losing Weight With Obino?

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