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Perifit – The Ultimate Kegel Exerciser You Should Buy

Published on: 7 March , 2020 | Premikaa Pitcheshwar

What are Kegel Exercises? What purpose do they serve? Are these kegel exercises both for women & men? Do kegel exercises make your muscles tighter? Perifit - The Ultimate Kegel Exerciser You Should Buy, is one of its kind, designed with the guidance of the best doctors, physiotherapists and midwives in France. Read on to clear all your doubts about kegel exercises and why you should buy your Perifit today!

What Are Kegel Exercises?

Exercises that are performed by men or women to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles are called Kegel Exercises. These usually involve repetitions of sustained and rapid voluntary muscle contractions. The best part about this particular set of exercises is that they can be performed whenever and wherever. Kegel exercises are mainly performed to improve bladder and bowel control, combat lower back pain and enhance intercourse experience. You can gain the best of benefits from kegel exercises only if you perform them regularly.

What are Pelvic Floor Muscles?

Pelvic Floor is a set of muscles that support the pelvic organs like the small intestine, rectum, urinary bladder and uterus(in women). These muscles are key for urinary control, continence and sexual function. Exercises for strengthening, maintaining and improving the pelvic floor muscles are called Kegel Exercises. The pelvic floor has two layers namely the superficial pelvic floor (urogenital diaphragm) and the deep pelvic floor (levator ani).

Kegel Exercise For Men?

Yes, you heard that right. Kegel exercises are applicable for men and are extremely beneficial for them too. Pelvic floor strengthening exercises may help improve bladder control and bowel control especially after prostrate surgery, reduce the risk of rectal prolapse and in some men, treat erectile dysfunction and prevent premature ejaculation.

Perifit - The Ultimate Kegel Exerciser You Should Buy

The Perifit Kegel Exerciser is a Food and Drug Administration(FDA) approved medical device designed by world class physiotherapists to tackle pelvic disorders, incontinence and prolapse. The main motto of this French company based in Paris is to end these issues mentioned. Their Kegel Exercisier has a 93% success rate and promises to show noticeable results in just two weeks if you have trained properly and regularly for only five minutes a day.

Structure Of Perifit

This Kegel Exerciser is only 26 mm wide and is designed in a way that it fits all body types. Having medical grade silicones, it also has two pressure sensors - one for the superficial pelvic floor and the other for the deep pelvic floor. The external Bluetooth antenna present in the device is low energy.

Salient Features Of Perifit Kegel Exerciser

  1. Capable of training both the deep and superficial layers of the pelvic floor.
  2. The workout is made exciting with doctor designed video games on your smart phone that you play exercising your pelvic floor. You get to unlock new levels and achievements every day and even compete with online players.
  3. It removes the guessing if we are exercising the right muscles or not using real time biofeedback via an interactive app which shows the exact muscles you are contracting.
  4. It facilitates a virtual coach training where the coach trains, motivates and encourages you through your workout session.
  5. Using proprietary algorithms, it analyses your personal pelvic floor performance with five key metrics namely strength, endurance, frequency, release and accuracy. This five dimensional analysis enables your virtual coach to custom design exercises for faster improvement.
  6. The free Perifit app is easy to understand and interpret. It explains all the kegel exercises for initial training in simple words.
  7. The device is handy and maintenance is simple. It accurately measures your lift strength.
  8. You can track your progress through the app on your android or iOS phone.

Health Benefits of Perefit

You can render the best of benefits for your pelvic floor using Perefit- Your Ultimate Kegel Exerciser. Mentioned below are some of these.

  1. Enhances your intimate well being by strengthening your pelvic floor which plays a major role in supporting your reproduction and sex life.
  2. Reverses stress incontinence by improving bladder and bowel control, hence eliminating the need to wear pads.
  3. Hastens postnatal recovery- pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, perineal pain, etc.
  4. Helps heal prolapse without the need of a surgery among several other pelvic floor disorders.
  5. Treats an overactive bladder.
  6. Permits you to train your pelvic floor with expert guidance in the privacy of your home.

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