WholeWheat Base Pizza Recipe – Making Junk Food Healthy

We all love pizzaaa..don’t we?😉 But every time we eat with a guilt! Read on how to make WholeWheat Base Pizza Recipe – Making Junk Food Healthy!

So let’s enjoy every bit of the pizza along with the healthy veggies!

I am a big foodie and so always try something healthy so that I can eat as much as I want 🙂

Sharing wholewheat base pizza with lots of veggies. Enjoy eating as much as you want 😋 Both Mommy & Child happy!

WHole Wheat Pizza


Original Picture – Baked by Neha


For Pizza Sauce:

4 big tomatoes
1 onion
4-5 garlic cloves
Oregano – for taste
Chilli flakes – as required
Sugar if tomatoes are not sweet – 1/2 tsp
1 tbsp olive oil
2tsp tomato sauce and salt as per taste

✔ Boil and peel tomatoes – turn off after 2 whistles.

✔Let it cool and blend it well.

✔Then add garlic n onion puree to olive oil in a pan and fry, add tomato puree now along with oregano & chilli flakes let the sauce thicken. Add tomato sauce along with salt and sugar.

Sauce is now ready!

Pizza Healthy

Picture Credit – Neha Jain

For Pizza Base:

1 1/2 cups wholewheat flour
1/2 cup chiroti rava
1 cup water plus milk 50ml or use according to knead the dough
1 1/2 tsp active dry yeast
1 1/2 tbsp oil
1 tsp sugar
Salt as per taste

✔In half cup luke warm water add sugar and mix well now add yeast and mix and keep aside for 15min until frothy.

✔Take both flour and rawa in bowl. Add salt and mix well.

✔Make a hole in centre add oil and now add frothy yeast mix well with spatula combining to form dough. Add water as needed until a sticky dough is formed.

✔Transfer the sticky dough to work surface and knead well using stretch and fold method until smooth dough is formed. This will take around 15 minutes or lesser.

✔Now keep this dough in well oiled bowl and cover with cling wrap and keep aside for raising until it doubles. This should take around 60 mins.

✔Meanwhile you can prepare pizza sauce(if you haven’t) and cut veggies. You can include corn, bell pepper (red, green & yellow capsicum), onion, olive, tomatoe, pepperoni, mushrooms, spinach, jalapeno and brocolli.

✔Take out the dough and punch out the air and knead a little more. Make medium sized balls and roll out similar to making roti. For thin crust roll well(thinner).

✔Take a pizza pan and line it with parchment paper and spread rolled base. Use a  fork to put marks on base and now spread pizza sauce. Add veggies of your choice and top it with some mozzarella cheese 😉 sprinkle oregano & chilli flakes if you would like it spicy.

I added cheddar chesse and basil leaves too, keep it aside for another 30 minutes.

✔Preheat oven 180 now bake pizza for 25 min until brown. Serve hot and enjoy the delicious healthy pizza🤗🤗

This blog has been written by Neha Jain as apart of the #UltimateblogChallenge.