How Safe Is It To Smoke Around Kids?

How Safe Is It To Smoke Around Kids?

How Safe Is It To Smoke Around Kids? Absolutely not, without any second thoughts. The Government has made it mandatory for all the Tobacco and Cigarettes manufacturers to mention the caption “Smoking is injurious to Health” on the packet of every unit. Seldom do people even give a thought to it, as the momentary pleasure they derive by using them always overpowers their thinking capacity. As time passes, the habit becomes so strong that they do not even bother about people / family that surrounds them.

Smoking Around Children

For a minute just think about this, if you are so concerned about your child’s health and well being, why do we unintentionally do things to harm their health? We always see to it that we give their vaccinations on time; we also take care of what they eat! As parents we tell our kids to not eat food that has fallen on floor…then why are we careless when it comes to smoking?

Why & How Is Cigarette Smoke Harmful?

Second hand smoke is a mixture of exhaled cigarette smoke and smoke that comes from the burning end of a cigarette. This smoke is a mixture of more than 7,000 chemicals, 250 of which have been identified as poisonous and upwards of 70 are carcinogenic. Now you know How Safe Is It To Smoke Around Kids?