Chatpati Recipies For Toddlers and Kids

Chatpati Recipies For Toddlers and Kids

So mum have you been cooking up a kitchen storm lately with delicacies that appeal to the eye and the gut too, or have you been “the kitchen queen” with an uneasy head wearing a somber chef crown?

Mums take pride and mark their territory in the household activities. Some excel at planning and spending and some others radiate with pride at their culinary skills; some are excellent entertainers and some others are unbeatable shoppers!

Whatever is your area of expertise, each day a grave question haunts most mums.

“WHAT  SHOULD BE ON THE MENU TODAY”  Something like Chatpati Recipies For Toddlers and Kids

The main course may be somewhat covered but it’s the snacking (read healthy), that always presents a catch. Kids are mostly raving about a particular dish they’ve had a friend’s and are willingly ready to gobble up food at a neighbor’s, much to your dislike!

Here I bring to you some lip smacking ‘chatpati’ recipes that will leave your kids asking for more. And you dear mum can bask in your new found kitchen glory !