Modern Indian Baby Boy Names with Meanings

Modern Indian Baby Boy Names with Meanings

Modern Indian Baby Boy Names with Meanings

One of the most exciting tasks is to find the right name for your little one. A name gives your son a unique identity and stays with him forever so one that is mainstream just won’t cut it. So do your best to give your cute prince the perfect name, one that he deserves.

Looking for contemporary names for boys that best suits your precious bundle of joy? It’s easy to get confused, owing to the plethora of options out there. However, we’ve curated a list of 25 modern baby boy names with meanings. Read on to see if one of them is fit for your precious.

Names Meanings
Ahir A popular raga in Hindustani music
Ansh Portion; important note in classical music
Arnav Ocean; sea
Bryant Strong
Diganth Horizon
Divit Immortal
Kanisk Ancient king
Karv Love
Kiaan King; generations
Maulik Precious
Mayank Moon
Nish Supreme
Saad Good fortune
Samar To talk in the evening
Samarth Efficient
Saral Simple
Sathwik Pure
Shayan Deserving; worthy
Taha Pure
Tarang Wave
Urav Excitement
Utkarsh Advancement; to rise
Utsav Celebration
Viaan Lively
Yakshit Permanent; who is made forever


Trends in Indian baby names change with every passing year; therefore, it is important to select a baby name that is modern and meaningful. The aforementioned list should help you narrow down on unique names for your cute little prince!

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