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Top 8 Baby Walkers in India

Published on: 20 December , 2018 | Kanchan V

Walkers are one indispensable part of your toddler’s health and development – thus, making it a must-have equipment for every toddler. When your baby learns to take her first steps, she might require a walking assistant. The best option for you would be a The Top 8 Baby Walkers in India as it helps the baby to move around freely. A baby walker also facilitates the muscles development in your toddler, and a special mention goes to the toys tray/ dining tray which makes it all the more fun and engaging for the baby to get attracted to the walker. It may also Interest you to read :

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Types of baby walkers:

Baby walkers can be classified into three different types depending on the mode of functioning:
  • Seated Walker- In this type of walker, there is a provision for a broad seat for the baby to sit and provision of a toy tray which could also be converted to a dining tray. Is ideal for younger babies
  • Standing / Sit-to-stand Walker – It is ideal for older babies as it is designed for the baby to be able to practice standing and slowly exploring on his own. It is generally high on safety factor because it has a brakes system and being a portable one, making it a great choice.
  • Push walker – It plays two roles – baby can move around on her own and also the provision of push bar/handle allows the parent to maneuver the walker in the right direction.

Criteria for the selection of a Baby Walker

  • Wheels and braking system

When it comes to the selection of any baby product safety is our foremost criteria. A baby walker should be equipped with broad, solid and smooth-rolling castor wheels for giving a proper grip on the floor. Thr provision of brake pads at the bottom help to control the walker when nearing a potential danger like a staircase or a sliding surface.
  • Safety highlights

Some of the key safety features like buckles for safety and belts to hold the baby tight should be given weightage.
  • Height adjustment of the seat

This is very important criteria to consider as the height requirement of a younger baby would be different from that of an older baby. As he grows you would also have to heighten the walker to ensure that his feet touch the ground while moving around. So, a walker with 2-3 height adjustments provision is the requirement of the day.
  • Easy maintenance

Babies tend to soil or spoil the walker seat way too often. This makes it necessary for you to look out for a broad and well-cushioned seat , preferably with a back rest for the added comfort, which could be easily removed, washed and fixed back too.
  • Weight of the walker

If the walker is too light then it could topple over easily if your baby is left unattended. On the other hand, if it is too heavy then it becomes difficult for the baby to move around. Therefore, it is important that you choose a sturdy one which matches your baby’s weight.
  • Toys on tray/ Dining Tray

To make his walker time more interesting and enjoyable, it is imperative that toys are the only things that could keep her occupied for a considerable long time. Musical & lighting toys fitted on the toy tray of the walker keep the baby occupied as well as help develop motor skills.
  • Compact design

In today’s trend of nuclear families, the space constraint factor is always predominant; and baby equipment usually occupy most of the living space. Therefore, a walker which could be fold-able at ease would make for a great option.
  • Branded vs non-branded

The market is flooded with both in-house productions as well as imported stuff. It is always not necessary that an Indian product is lesser is quality than a high end quality brand. Therefore, you should always read the product details and find out what are the build-up materials and their adherence to the quality standards. We have carefully chosen the 8 Best Baby Walkers in India keeping in mind the safety features, entertainment features as well as the ready availability in stores as well as online. However, it is always better to gauge the available options according to the requirement of your baby. Depending on the price factor of the Walkers, we have divided them into two groups. While the low range ones perform considerably well, but are no match to the quality and comfort that a high end brand like Chicco would provide.

Premium range Walkers

Chicco Band Baby Walker -Best Baby Walker

Chicco brand has created a niche for itself in the field of Baby products, making it the undisputed King in the category of Baby walkers too. Chicco products are carefully designed keeping in mind the safety and comfort criteria, as well as the durability too as it is made of premium quality materials.


  • It is equipped with six safety brakes called stoppers which stop the structure when it nears a danger zone like steps or a sliding surface.
  • It has front swivel wheels making it easier to guide.
  • 360 degrees rotating wheels to ensure easy mobility
  • The baby walker has two different options to offer, one is the keyboard theme and the other is the dashboard theme.
  • It has a light panel with sound which keeps the baby busy.
  • The product is comparatively light weight weighing 4.5 kgs.
  • The quality of the product is top notch.
  • It can hold the baby’s weight upto 15kgs.
  • It has got provision for 3 height adjustments, making it suitable for longer use.
  • It could be used as a stand along walker too by removing the wheels.


  • This walker is high on performance as well as high on the price factor too


Quality is top notch as expected from Chicco. Size is tad big however it keeps the baby safe. A great product and superb service by Amazon. No wonder you guys are No.1. Very nice & good quality product, a must have baby walker to help their baby to guide them at their first step. This is one of the best baby walkers available in India. Ratings: 4.8/5 based on 9 customer reviews Price: Rs. 6,907/-

Chicco 123 Baby Walker -Baby Push Walker

This is a Walker cum a ride on toy. When the baby is small, you could use it as a walker and when he grows little older then you can convert it to a push along toy too. it is equipped with seven safety stoppers which automatically stop the walker when it reaches a step.


  • Two step height adjustment.
  • Made from premium quality materials.
  • The only multi functional baby walker that also turns into a ride on toy.
  • High on durability and compactness factor
  • Removable and attractive toy panel with lights, sounds and engaging activities.
  • Ergonomic seat
  • Possible to make it a personalized one by downloading the letters from the website.
  • Removable seat, so easy to maintain and clean.
  • It is suitable for kids from 6 months to 3 years.


  • The price is not in the economical range category.
  • The walker along weighs around 6 kgs.


Its very safe, Weight is more so baby has to take efforts to move around, but i have read lots of articles where doctors recommend a heavy walker for safety. Its a must have, Expensive but worth every penny. This is probably one of the best toys I've bought for my 7 month old twins. The quality and comfort of this walker is just great! I would highly recommend this to anyone and feel its definitely worth the money. I am contemplating getting another one. This is one of the best baby walkers available in India. Ratings: 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 28 customer reviews Price: Rs, 8,819/- available on amazon.in

Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Stroll Along Walker - Best Baby Walkers in India

This is a perfect stroll and play walker and is perfect to steady baby’s first steps. It is light weight but at the same time sturdy too as it has a wide wheel base to support the walker. It is recommended for babies from 9 months of age and above.


  • It has an easy to push grip handle helping the baby to strike a balance while she learns to walk.
  • It has a variety of fun-filled activities with different accessories provided.
  • It has a roller bar, a flip book and a spinner on it’s front side.
  • You can separately buy a doll and attach it to give your little one an added surprise.


  • It is relatively hard to move on uneven surfaces or carpet floors.
  • It does not have a strap to hold on the baby.


“Superb..to teach your kid...the first walk.” This is one of the best baby walkers to buy in India. Ratings: 5.0 stars out of 5 stars based on 3 customer reviews Price: Rs. 7,656/- on amazon.in

Chicco Baby Step Activity Walker - Best Walkers For Babies

This Baby Activity Walker comes with lights and fun toys attached. It plays music when the baby pushes it along, thus developing your child’s cognitive skills. It is suitable for babies from 9 months and upwards.


  • Features an engaging activity centre with many colourful concepts to play with
  • It is a manual push and move concept.


  • Height is approximately 1.5 feet so which means it has only limited usage
  • No provision for speed control


“Product is good quality, speed control of wheels, music and playing toys music is repeated, different music is not available(cons) bit over priced overall it is recommended” "This is one of the best baby walkers to buy in India" Ratings: 3.3 out of 5 stars based on 17 customer reviews Price: Rs. 2,000/- available on amazon.in

MeeMee Baby Walker cum Rocker - Best Baby Walker India

The big advantage with this Walker is that it has adjustable height setting allowing you to adjust it according to the height of your baby. It has a very comfortable seat which is cushioned for maximum comfort. It conforms to International Standards of Safety and Hygiene.


  • 360 degrees rotational wheels for easy movement of the walker.
  • It is made of good quality material making it sturdy and durable.
  • Removable electronic toys tray with cheerful music to keep your baby engaged.
  • Specially designed footrest which could be used when the walker is being pushed.
  • Long push handle that can be used by the parents to push along.
  • The toys tray could be easily converted into a feeding tray.
  • Suitable for babies from 6 months to 18 months age.


  • Absence of brake system in the wheels.
  • It is a bit on the heavier side.
  • The music does not have on and off button.


“Best product... Appropriately suitable for 1-2years child..its given 6-12 months on product which is not true i think....overall great product though.” “Product is very good and my little princess enjoys a lot, after buying this product feeding her is become very easy, but one thing is that I needed more music, and even a light setting, bt there is only 3 sounds that makes baby entertaining, but after few days baby will get bored to that music, if there is some light setting then baby could have enjoyed more” Ratings: 4.0 out of 5 stars based on 446 customer reviews Price: Rs. 2,340/-

1st Step Walker Cum Rocker with Canopy - Best Walker With A Rocker

Another entry in the list of Walker cum Rocker is this product with the basics of safety, entertainment and durability in place. It is suitable for babies from 5 months upto 28 months of age. With a push handle bar it is suitable for parents to navigate the walker. It also has a canopy for protection from sunlight and rain.


  • Three level height adjustment facility to adjust according to the baby’s height.
  • It is easily portable as it could be folded and carried along.
  • It has a foot rest for your baby’s convenience.
  • The comfort and durability of the walker is on par with the other leading brands.
  • Provision of stopper makes it safe for the baby.
  • Toys tray with attractive toys and music and light.


  • It is comparatively very light weight so could be easily toppled.


“It is a very good product…worth the price.” Ratings: 3.7 out of 5 stars based on 18 reviews Price: Rs. 3,514/- available on firstcry.com

R for Rabbit  Zig Zag Grand - Best Safety Walker for Babies

R for Rabbit brand always abides by Safety rules like none other brand. Their motor being “Safety First” have EN 71 certified walker which is most stringent certification defined by European standards. It is designed in a special U-shape to make sure walking or playing is made easier for your baby.


  • Strong brake pads to ensure your child’s safety.
  • It is easily convertible into a Push Walker.
  • It is foldable making it compact and convenient to carry.
  • 3 step height adjustable walker
  • Cushioned seat
  • 360 degree rotational wheels to provide easy movement.
  • Multi music tray to engage your baby.


  • Provision of only 4 wheels


“Really good product for baby, we can also use as a push walker so it's really unique feature of the product. It's include Anti-Fall brake pads so my baby is safe.” Ratings: 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 14 customer reviews Price: Rs. 3,699/- available on amazon.in You can Purchase The Best Baby Walkers in India From Amazon
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Kanchan V

Kanchan is a doting mom to two angels and is passionate about writing. With over 3 years of experience in the content space, she strives to push boundaries and balance her personal & professional life well.

Pranita 2020-01-24 13:28:21

I liked your 1 st type Walker. Other topics are also good.

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Nisha 2018-12-21 23:57:33

Some 4 years back I was looking for this kind of article which could compare all these popular walkers for my son. But could not find any. Thanks to you, now parents can easily compare the pros and cons of these walkers now. Great job.

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Nisha 2018-12-21 23:57:33

Thank you so much.

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Charu Chittwal 2018-12-21 20:38:27

Honestly saying I had never expected anyone to write such a beautiful and detailed blog on walkers, loved the blog and was damn helpful too, thank you for sharing this amazing bit will definitely share across

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Charu Chittwal 2018-12-21 20:38:27

Thank you so much Charu

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Snigdha Prusti 2018-12-21 19:12:22

Wow.. that's great.. Very nice compilation over walkers. I will definitely prefer the first one as it has toys and learning things attached though the price is on the higher side..

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Neha Jella 2018-12-21 18:24:17

This is such an informative post. This post very useful to all the new parents. Thank you for sharing such useful post.

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Amrita 2018-12-21 17:08:23

Chiccoo was a family favorite. Your comparison of the brands are so very helpful. It will help new parents decide the best product for family.

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Priyanka Patwari 2018-12-21 17:07:43

baby taking her first steps is definitely a big occasion to celebrate. Really helpful guideline to choose right one for litter one.Baby walker is a nice toy to entertain baby and to satisfied kids curiosity.

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best fertility hospitals in hyderabad 2018-12-21 12:04:44

Good and effective article. Clean content.

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Noor Anand Chawla 2018-12-20 23:41:58

My paediatrician advisded me not to use traditional walkers as they hamper the child’s growth. Only push walkers were allowed. However, your post is very useful for someone looking to buy either of them. Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you for the comment!