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How To Stop Diarrhea In Babies Fast

Published on: 23 February , 2018 | Ekta

How To Stop Diarrhea In Babies Fast? Diarrhea is a terrifying term for most parents and a terrifying experience for children, who are going through it. Diarrhea means bowel movements that are watery, loose, pasty and sometimes even come with a change in colour. Diarrhea is a classic sign that things are not quite right with the body’s digestive system. It is nature’s way of throwing out the viruses, bacteria and toxins present in the body. However simple it may sound, it is not to be taken too lightly, as Diarrhea can take a toll on both, the parents and the Toddler with Diarrhea no fever, who have to suffer from it.

What are the causes of Diarrhea in children?

Children may develop Diarrhea due to several reasons. It could be because of some inadvertent dietary change, drinking untreated water; it could be due to a change in place (city/country), a change in season, or an infection caused by viruses /bacteria. A child's gut consists of Good and bad microbes. Good bacteria helps in good digestion, metabolism and boost immunity. In infections the proportion of bad bacteria increases and starting harming the good bacteria resulting in diarrhea. During early stages of life such infections disturb the harmony of the baby’s body. Through enough intake of the right fluids and the right food as well as controlling the intake of certain types of solids and liquids; Diarrhea can be managed to some extent. The most critical sign to watch out for and protect your child against, when it is suffering from Diarrhea, is ‘dehydration’. Dehydration is an after-effect of Diarrhea and has to be handled with prompt action. Adequate intake of the right fluids; restraint against exertion due to physical activity is important. Immediate medical treatment becomes important when Diarrhea is accompanied by fever and vomiting. So, How To Stop Diarrhea In Babies Fast?

Best Remedies For Diarrhea In Children

Adequate fluid intake:

How to stop Diarrhea in Infants? Ensure your child drinks fluids frequently. Small quantities at a time, work well to keep your child rehydrated. Fluids can be plain water – boiled and cooled to room temperature, cow’s milk – if the child is used to it(or lactose free milk for diarrhea). Avoid fruit juice or soda; since both are high in sugar and lack enough minerals (electrolytes). This is one of the best toddler diarrhea remedies.

Easy-to-digest foods:

What kind of  Food to give toddlers with diarrhea? What to eat with diarrhea? Feed your child with easy-to-digest solid and semi solid food.some of the Foods to give  toddlers with diarrhea include rice cereal, cooked carrots, mashed potatoes, cooked beans, salty crackers, sago with cow’s milk in a semi solid form with little sugar or salt to taste and cooked apples – these are the best Indian home remedies for on how to stop diarrhea in infants.


Econorm is possibly one of the best Probiotics and childrens diarrhea medicine trusted by doctors globally. Econorm can be given with food of kids choice. It is available in sachets and is easy to carry while travelling. Every Parent must have econorm at home to avoid long lasting diarrhea and the trouble for baby’s health, especially due to teething. With the onset of summers, parents can look at Econorm as an effective treatment to Diarrhea coupled with proper  Foods to give  toddlers with diarrhea and sufficient liquids.


Oral rehydration salts are advised by the doctor when the fluid intake is lesser than optimum. ORS (in sachets) replenishes the lost electrolytes faster than plain water and helps the child gain the lost energy and pallor. Natural, fresh coconut water is also a good alternative as it is a natural ORS. Another method by which ORS can also be made at home is by mixing one litre of filtered water, 6 teaspoons of sugar and ½ teaspoon of salt.

Home remedies for Diarrhea in babies :

How To Stop Diarrhea In Babies Fast? Grandma’s remedies or home remedies for Diarrhea in babies also help in curbing Diarrhea and soothe the turbulence in the child’s stomach. Some popular home remedies for treating diarreha in 1 year old are sago in water, diluted moong daal (Indian recipe) with rice in a semi-solid paste, buttermilk, curd, a little nutmeg powder in a paste or cooked with apple, and arrowroot powder. Before giving milk and milk products to your child, check for lactose intolerance and if found, avoid giving milk or milk products.

Adequate rest:

Children are bundles of energy and even when they are sick and down, they never seem to run out of steam. Diarrhea wears children out rapidly, so they need adequate rest. Some infections that cause Diarrhea may however need expert medical care. Whether the Diarrhea is a mild attack or a severe one, never ever use OTC or other medicines on your own to treat Diarrhea in children. These medicines if used, may only worsen the episode. Also, ensure children stay out of school or play areas and do not mingle with others till the doctor has made sure that infection is not the cause.

Important tips for child-care during Diarrhea

  1. When cleaning up the child, ensure you are adequately protected with fresh hand gloves.
  2. Ensure you and the child washes hands with medicated soap every single time
  3. Never ever stop solid or semi solid food completely on your own without consulting the doctor– this may cause severe complications in the child’s health
  4. Diaper rash is a reality in most Diarrhea cases and need to be treated with the right ointments and medication.
  5. If cured quickly, a parent saves extra cost of diaper used in diarrhea. This also reduces the risk of rashes.
So you now know how to cure diarrhea in toddlers and infants naturally. Happy Parenting! :)
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