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Published on: 13 June , 2023 | Ekta

The ability of nature to stimulate learning, exploration, and creativity is still unmatched in a world where we have many distractions to keep our minds engaged. Being a part of nature and being able to deliberately observe it is a great privilege for us and our kids. Flowers, mountains, sunsets, and fierceness are just a few examples of the exquisiteness that surrounds us and serves as powerful reminders of what we are made of. These moments of self-discovery open our hearts and brains to new ways of knowing or remembering.

There are countless opportunities to study, explore, and discover because of its beauty, complexity, and diversity. The natural world provides a never-ending source of ideas for research, education, and other endeavors. We may learn new things, come up with solutions, and appreciate the wonders of our planet by observing and studying the natural environment. Nature provides limitless potential for development and inspiration. Children learn while having fun. They manage life's ups and downs, think strategically, connect with people, and solve challenges. Play helps children learn how to learn – and love learning.

In this blog, we embark on a journey to explore the various ways in which nature provides LEGO® Bricks enthusiasts with an endless amount of inspiration. As a company recognized for encouraging creativity and curiosity, LEGO® Group has discovered a special method to introduce both kids and adults to the beauties of the natural world. A meaningful learning experience can be made by combining nature and LEGO® Bricks.

Join us as we explore the fascinating world where nature and LEGO® Group collide, promoting environmental awareness, and providing hands-on learning opportunities.

Amazingly, LEGO® Bricks can make the wonders of nature come to life. Children can build amazing natural formations, such as majestic mountains, thundering waterfalls, exquisite flowers, and a variety of animals with LEGO® Sets. Building these builds helps both kids and adults get a greater grasp of the complex natural structures that exist. This method promotes imagination, analytical thinking, and awareness.

Children can use LEGO® Bricks to make interactive exhibits that draw attention to environmental problems or the beauty of nature. These exhibits can raise awareness about various issues prevailing around us.

Nature has been the master of design, honing its works through millions of years of development. LEGO® Bricks is a great tool for exploration. Children can make builds that replicate the traits and processes seen in nature by researching animals, plants, and ecosystems. This encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and a profound respect for sustainable design.

LEGO® Sets can be used to create stories and narratives that are inspired by nature. Children can build scenes from their favourite nature-themed novels or write original stories based on topics linked to animals, ecosystems, or the environment. This promotes the growth of language, imagination, and creativity. Children acquire understanding of the delicate balance needed for healthy ecosystems.

Nature's marvels and LEGO® Group narrative together open up a world of creativity and imagination. Explorations of nature offer rich ideas for stories and settings that are brought to life through LEGO® Sets. Children create tales that foster narrative development, observational skills, and an emotional connection to nature. They can recreate a wildlife safari trip or represent a peaceful beach scene. This type of imaginative play fosters communication, empathy, and a deep understanding of the power of narrative.

LEGO® Builds interaction with nature opens the door to immersive, practical learning opportunities that stimulate the mind and encourage environmental awareness. Children of all ages can develop meaningful relationships with nature by discovering the wonders of nature, comprehending ecosystems and raising environmental awareness. Through this unique combination, LEGO® Group empowers individuals to become curious explorers and lifelong learners, it becomes a powerful tool for educational experiences rooted in nature’s wonders. So, grab your LEGO® Bricks, venture into nature, and let your creativity take flight while building big dreams with small hands. 

The LEGO® Group has initiated a series of online workshops - the LEGO® DUPLO Academy that provides parents with valuable insights on the benefits of play for their toddler as well as actionable advice on how they can incorporate active and creative play into their everyday life. The second workshop, scheduled for 16th June will help parents find out easy and creative ways to get toddlers curious to learn about nature. From trees and flowers to bugs and animals, Amanda Abel, Paediatric Psychologist associated with the LEGO® Group will give tips on how toddlers can learn about the world and understand the importance of keeping the planet green.

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