Best Baby Powders In India

Best Baby Powders In India

A must have in a New born baby’s set of toiletries is – Talcum powder. The mindset behind the religious usage of this talcum powder is slowly changing over the years. New moms are becoming aware of the fact that there is also a flip side to applying this talcum powder. In fact, American Association of Pediatricians discourages the usage of talcum/baby powder as babies are bound to inhale the minute talcum powder particles which in turn lead to respiratory ailments including asthma. There is also another ugly finding that usage of talcum powder could also lead to an increased risk of cancer. So, it’s important to choose the Best Baby Powders In India 2018, considering the quality & ingredients used.

Best Baby Powders in India 2018

Benefits of using Baby powder:

  • It arrests excessive sweating in babies
  • Reduces the chances of developing rashes in sensitive areas like – thighs, armpits, neck and genitals
  • Helps absorb excess moisture after bath
  • Helps prevent nappy rashes

However, care should be taken while picking any baby powder. It is in the best interest of the baby that you check the ingredients of the powder and also directions for applying the baby talcum powder mentioned on the container. And then make the choice. The next best alternative to talcum powder is corn starch based baby powder.

Talcum powder vs Corn starch based baby powder

The biggest advantage in case of the corn starch based baby powder is that it’s particles are larger, when compared to talcum powder which contains talc as the major ingredient. So, the chances of inhalation by the babies is less when compared to talcum powder. Therefore, the risk of contracting respiratory diseases like asthma gets considerably reduced. The second advantage of opting for the corn starch based baby powder is that it has higher absorption qualities when compared to the other baby powders. Now coming to the flip side, corn starch based powder are a little large and rough in texture too, so initially might find it little weird. Added to this disadvantage is the fact that using this powder does not completely eliminate the risk of airborne diseases. And also it is said that corn starch particles aggravate diaper rash c