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Best Birthday Themes For Boys

Published on: 17 August , 2018 | Kanchan V

Boys are the easy going lot when compared to girls; cool, carefree and naughty ones too. If you have a boy of your own, then you know exactly what I am talking about. When it comes to planning a Birthday for your little boy, ideas do not come that easily; unlike for girls which have great options. Nevertheless, I have tried my best to feature in this Blog the Best Birthday Themes for Boys. Keeping in mind that generally boys do not like much flare, frills or too much detailing, the themes have been chosen on a much simpler scale. Right from their favorite cartoon characters, fancy superheroes and real life games – they love it all. There is a relevant theme for boys in every age group , be it Pre-schoolers, kids, or teens too. The choice is yours. Here is a list of the Best Birthday Themes for Boy Baby. You can also read on the Best Birthday Themes For Girls.

Superman Theme

Superman is a fictional hero which has attained the status of a Superhero. Adored by the young boys mostly, it has quite an appeal with the signature ‘S’ symbol. It is recognized worldwide by all alike. So if your little boy is a fan of this hero then why not plan his birthday centred around his hero? The color theme could be red, blue, yellow and black. Right from the backdrop, cake poppers,  goodies and a costume for the little boy too. So are you ready to take your child on a flight with his Superhero?

Batman Theme

Another fictional Superhero in the list is Batman – the half-masked Superhero. Setting a backdrop of the Gotham city using a blue cloth backdrop and some black felt pens would definitely create an impact. It’s that easy!! And then the Batman capes, cuffs, costumes and lastly, the Batman themed cake. They all set in the mood. Caped chairs for the little guests will be a brilliant idea. Batman capes will gel really well with the setting and décor. Another interesting aspect will be to follow color black for your balloons and fill a trinket inside the balloon before blowing in. Allow the kids to “diffuse” the bomb. They will be thrilled! Well, yousoccer can always adapt to other SuperHero themes like SpiderMan, Iron Man, Avengers, Hulk and more.

Cowboy Theme

Boys love to dress up as Cowboys, so give them a chance to do so. When the little guests arrive, welcome them with the traditional must-haves of a cowboy – cowboy hat, mustaches, boots, bandannas and badges. These could also be used as cup cake toppers.  They will love every single bit of it.

Dinosaur Theme

A journey into the world of Dinosaurs excites the young and old alike. So planning a birthday party around Dinosaurs will be an exciting one for your kid. Cut-outs of the different species of dinosaurs made from felt paper and placed as table mats on the dining table would make for an interesting aspect. The whole set up could be jungle – based ; and you could also organize a game such as “Dinosaur Egg Hunt”. It is sure to excite the little guests; and be assured of 100% participation too. you can also add edible dinosaur eggs, dinosaur figurines placed on the dessert table to make it look realistic. Get ready for a Dino-mite party!

Airplane Theme

This is one interesting theme that you could opt for. Boys like to fly high hoping to touch the sky. Navy, silver gray, white and sky blue are the safe colors that you could incorporate into the theme. You could make mini airplane cutouts and suspend them from the ceiling or make cake toppers of the same. It will enhance the mood, and also not to forget the backdrop of clouds and vintage planes. This makes for a party waiting to happen!

Disney Cars Theme

Boys and their love for cars! Boys just can’t stop from dreaming about cars. This theme is one of the most wanted by the little boys when it comes for Birthday Celebrations. The most prominent thing would be decorating the dessert and dinner table with a red cloth. And then making sure that whatever you place on the table is red, black or white in color. You can also add real life wheels at the legs of the table to make it resemble like a car. Party supplies matching with the theme is also a must have.

Monster Hunt

Monsters are terrifying but at the same time lure the kids too. With their weird looks and funny acts, they tend to make a mark of their own. Cut outs of Monsters set in the backdrop of a subtle color, monster topping cup cakes, banners having monster pictures.  You can also play games like Monster Hunt where you tell the kids to find out nice monsters that are hidden amongst the bad monsters. So, the child who finds the monster can adopt it too!! So this is one unique theme the kids could die for.

Chhota Bheem in Dholakpur Theme

The most popular Indian cartoon character in today’s trend is Chhota Bheem.  The dynamic, helping, smart & intelligent boy from Dholakpur has earner admiration and adulation from kids of all ages. This theme is one of the most commonly planned one in India. Every single detail right from party invitations, décor, balloon decoration, Chhota Bheem character figurines, tableware, party supplies, everything is easily available off the shelves as well as online.

Mickey Mouse Theme

Another successful and extremely adorable animated character is Mickey Mouse from the house of Disney. You can start off by planning the color theme which has to be red, black, white with polka dots. A backdrop with white color cloth and banners with the cut outs of Micky would look great. You could also place Micky Mouse doll in a prominent place. You can also organize games to keep the kids entertained.

Soccer Theme

Soccer is a craze among all young & old.  Allow them and they will play all day.  It is one of the Best Birthday Themes For Boys and you can seldom go wrong with it. You could choose blue, red and white as the prominent colors. You could prepare sugar cookies, pretzels, cake pops, lollipops, all according to the color theme. You could also place a glass jar filled with soccer balls on the dessert table to add to the look of the theme. It is worth the try!! Boys will go crazy if you also arrange for a soccer game in your compound, or a nearby playground. Nothing like it!!

Crayons Party

Doesn’t it sound fun? I am sure it does, so does for kids too. Give the child a box of colors and some plain sheets and see the wonders they can create out of it. Crayons as a theme is not ventured into by many, so planning one will definitely be interesting. Pretty simple though, keeping the whole mood colorful and vibrant should be the focus. To make it even more interesting, especially for the older kids you could add on more stuff to their stationery kit with names mentioned of each guest. And let them be their own!! Even the décor, goodies, party favors, birthday cake everything should be colorful.

Harry Potter Party

Harry Potter needs no introduction, whatsoever. He has taken the kids worldwide over with his amazingly magical skills and wizardry skills. It is every child’s wish (who loves Harry Potter) to meet him atleast once. So, let’s make you little one’s wish come true. You can welcome each little guest by giving him/her magic wands, prizes, magic money and treasures throughout the party. Arranging for a magician to perform would also make an excellent idea. Don't forget the Golden Snitch from Ferrero Rocher Chocolates.

Out in the Space Theme Party

Space has mesmerized one and all, every child loves to touch the moon and dance with the stars. A child’s imagination know no limits, and so should our’s too. That makes this theme even more fun! So choose a color palette and get going. Stars, moon, clouds, astronauts, space shuttles, and clear night sky should be the highlight of the theme. Aliens shaped cup cake toppers would sound fun too! Get ready to blast off for some fun and adventure with this magical Out in the Space Party!!

Safari Party

Every young kid loves animals – their cute looks, weird acts and sounds makes every child go gaga. Let the party of animals begin – bring in the lions, monkeys, zebras, elephants and tigers. A miniature soft toy of these animals could be used for decorating the dessert table. And let the décor be simple as the animals should be the highlight of the theme.

Incredibles Party

This is one of my favorites too, loved by boys and girls alike Mr. Incredible and his team enjoy a lot of fan following worldwide. The color theme would be red, yellow, black and white. Some home made decorations like pinwheel, banners with the Incredibles character placed with glue in the centre of the pinwheel is an excellent idea. The best thing about this animated character is that they prefer healthy food. So go ahead with the healthiest snacks that you wish to offer!! After all you have a reason – to make the little guests realize its importance.

Pokemon Party Theme

Pokemon craze is spreading all over like a raging fire- kids love this animated character. You can design your own Pikachu cups, Pokeball cake pops, Pikachu balloons, Pikachu cupcakes and whatever it takes to make the theme more attractive and colorful. The party supplies you choose should also be character based or atleast in the color theme – red, yellow and black. You can also help the little guests get into the character by designing your own headbands with Pokemon characters. Isn’t that super fun?

Avengers Party

The most popular team of Superheroes has to be Avengers – every kid’s favorite (and ours too). It is one of the Best Birthday Themes For Boys as it creates the perfect atmosphere for a fantastic power-packed party by following the color theme of blue, red, back, white and silver gray. Arrange for customized printables of the Avengers team members and their patented logos, weapons too. you can also arrange for some life size cut outs of the Avengers team members and keep them at the entrance as if they were welcoming the little guests personally.  And decide upon the décor also according to the theme. Get set to welcome your little Avengers.

Thomas Train Theme

If your boy is a train-loving boy then this theme is the best suited for him. You can let your imagination go wild and design your own rail track too. A lovely idea would be to make fruit trains – that will be such a fun way to make the kids binge into fruits without even a hitch!! You can also place a cut out of the Thomas Train for photo prop!! The guests will remember it for a long time.

DoRaeMon Theme

Do Rae Mon is so popular worldwide, it has been airing on the television for more than 30 years. It is a Japanese super cat which does all kinds of magical stuff. The color theme would be blue, red, white and yellow. The party supplies, party décor, banners, invitations could be well put together within the theme.

Ferrari Theme Party

Vroom..vroom.. who does not want to have a race? Invite your little guests over for a race to celebrate. The Ferrari logo and the color theme should be the main focus of the party decorations. You can also place racing Ferrari cars in line and assign one each of every child. Let them engage in a race for fun, of course.

Under the Sea  Adventure

A plunge deep into the sea alongside the pretty mermaids is any child’s dream. This Birthday Party idea is one of the top fancy themes when it comes to younger kids. Blue as understood could be the colour of the backdrop, cutouts of mermaids could be placed appropriately. And goodies could be decorated with toppers containing details of sea creatures. This makes for a perfect Birthday Party Theme. Isn’t it?

Balloons Theme

There is nothing else in this world which makes kids go crazy than the simple Air Balloons. Just the very sight of them makes the kids drool over totally. With the multiple options of designs and colors available in the market to choose from, this makes for one of the easiest and loveliest Birthday Themes for both Boys & Girls. Make your imagination go wild and try the craziest of the things your son could ever imagine!! You could also try the Hot Air Balloons theme.

Summer Picnic Theme

Picnics are so much of fun, and how lovely would it be to have a get-together set up in the shades of a sunny day!! Yes, Summer Picnic Theme is becoming popular with both the younger and older kids. Times to gel with friends, giggle, play around and celebrate everything that is girly. So you could just bring out anything vibrant and colorful to set the mood of picnic with picnic baskets, small goodies, some fresh fruits and the list could go on.

Circus Theme

Kids are crazy about Circus, so this makes one solid reason for us to plan one based on the Circus theme. Right from balloons, birthday caps, birthday streamers, posters, welcome board, balloon sculpting all of these could be worked upon wonderfully with ease. Do not forget to include a Circus Theme Clown Photobooth for kids to click photos and make memories to be cherished forever! These are the Best Birthday Themes for Boys. So, which one is your pick?
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Anurag Mhalotra 2020-02-06 11:30:11

This is such a nice post. Parents of little boys are always confused how to impress their kids with the right birthday party themes. The images you have shared have many distinctive ideas for birthday boy themes. Keep sharing such posts and inspire parents to make the right arrangements for the child’s party.

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Personalized birthday book by Bookyboo : An apt birthday gift for kids - Criesnlaughter 2018-10-31 16:14:18

If you are planning your child's birthday, you can also read up on the Best Birthday Themes For Boys.

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Thank you for the comment!