Top 15 Children’s Magazines & Newspapers In India 2019

Top 15 Children’s Magazines & Newspapers In India 2019

We bring to you the “Top 15 Children’s Magazines & Newspapers In India 2019”. With a view to cultivate or rather revive the habit of reading, this blog has been dedicated to all those parents who have spent their childhood, especially the vacations, reading their favourite magazines & comic strips. Ask a 10-year old kid what he wants for his birthday – there is a fat chance he will want a Wii, X-Box, playstation or some gaming gadget that he has recently seen at his friends place. It is amazing to see today’s kids playing complicated games so effortlessly.

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It is unlikely for a child today to yearn for a book or a magazine. The diminishing interest in reading is alarming as the technology advances. As parents, we always look for ways to ensure our child is not a couch-potato. Reading interesting stories & facts, indulging in challenging but fun-filled activities that develop logical & cognitive abilities, enriching vocabulary are some unmatched benefits of getting your kids to read magazines. We bring to you the best children’s magazines in India. These are in no particular order.


top childrens magazine


Ideal Age – 5 years+

Type – Monthly

Cost – Rs.50

This one is my personal favourite – definitely a blast from the past. Can’t imagine spending my childhood without reading Tinkle! From Supandi to Tantri the Mantri, this magazine is a delight to all young & old. Grab one & get glued till you possibly want to read it all over again.They also host interesting quiz and art contest,the readers can take part in it and win exiting prizes.  Click here to subscribe to Tinkle.



Ideal Age – 4 years+

Type – Fortnightly

Cost – Rs.30

Champak has the perfect concoction to keep the young readers glued. From parables to puzzles, crafts to comic strips, it is power packed with everything your child would love to read. Inculcating the right values & providing interesting trivia makes it one of the best sellers for generations. Champak also invites young talent to showcase their creativity in terms of drawings, colouring & poetry, which will be published in their editions.  Click here to subscribe to Champak.


MagicPot and MagicRead & Colour

Ideal Age – 3-7 years

Type – Weekly

Cost – Rs.15 / Rs. 20

It is never too early to introduce the habit of reading. When your baby is 3 years old, he or she can associate morals with stories, thereby promoting reasoning. Numbers & alphabets which are newly introduced at play school can help in relating to the content of the magazine. Puzzles & mazes make the reading interesting at every turn. Freebies like toys & stickers are a good way to kids hooked to subscribing to the magazine. You can also request for a free sample. Click to subscribe to MagicPot


Tell Me Why

Ideal Age – 7 years +

Type – Monthly

Cost – Rs.30

This magazine is like an encyclopedia, which details one topic completely every month. Dedicated experts answer questions pertaining to that particular field. With interesting illustrations, cartoons & facts, this magazine from Manorama Publications quenches the thirst of a curious mind. Click here to subscribe to ‘Tell Me Why’


Chacha Chaudhary

Ideal Age – 7 years +

Type – Monthly

Cost – Rs.20

The rib-cracking comic series of Chacha Chaudhary is an easy grab for any child who loves to read humorous stories uncovering crimes & cases. It is one of the Top children’s magazines in India as it is simple & easy to read. This magazine for children has been there for ages. It is available in 10 regional languages. Arousing curiosity & building intellect, it is a true winner among kids. Click here to subscribe to “Chacha Chaudhary”


Children’s Magazine

Ideal Age – 4-9 years

Type – Monthly

Cost – Rs.40

Children don’t want to read long & boring stories. Short, simple & interesting content articulated well with attractive illustrations are always an instant hit. Meaningful activities help build logical thinking too. Children’s Magazine has got the right equation to get your grab your child’s attention & inculcate the habit of reading. Click here to subscribe for The Children’s Magazine


Highlights Genies & Highlights Champs

Ideal Age – 2-6 Years (Genies)

Ideal Age – 6-12 (Champs)

Type – Monthly

Cost – Rs.40

This is a US based magazine that was welcomed in India 4 years back. The remarkable content grips the attention of children & enlightens their mind. After all, reading stories with morals helps understand the nuances & take better decisions in life. With a high quality paper & print, this magazine gives a premium finish. Every edition of the magazine announces a small cash prize for the winner of the painting  competition. Well, can you ask for more? Click here to subscribe to Highlights Champs


Junior Chandamama & Chandamama

Ideal Age – 4-7 years – Junior Chandamama

Ideal Age – 7-12 years – Chandamama

Type – Monthly

Cost – Rs.20 / Rs.30

This is our own desi magazine which has evolved over decades, to keep up with changing times. It is one of the few magazines that lays emphasis on the importance of mythology & inculcating good values in children. Thereby, keeping our heritage & culture live. The vikram-betal stories are always thought-provoking. Since it available in many regional languages, it is popular choice among all, old & young. Click here to subscribe to Junior Chandamama


Toot & Hoot

Ideal Age – 3-6 years (Toot). Ideal Age – 6-12 years (Hoot)

Type – Monthly

Cost – Rs.99

The learning during the formative years of your child help in building a strong foundation. Although you may pay a premium for this magazine, you can be sure that your child will get  an exceptional exposure & a cutting edge. You can subscribe to it online since it may not be very easily available at the stores. Click here to subscribe for TOOT. Click here to Subscribe to HOOT.


BBC Knowledge

Ideal Age – 7 years+

Type – Bi-monthly

Cost – Rs.125

An absolute enthralling read for kids was introduced when BBC joined hands with Times Of India. From science, technology, history & know-how of things, this magazine for kids is a must buy. Priced at a premium than most other magazines, these are well researched topics that are sure to uplift the IQ of your kids. Click here to subscribe to BBC Knowledge


Kids Explore

Ideal Age – 6-12 years

Type – Fortnightly

Cost – Rs.15

Do you want your tween to foray into the world of amazing books? Kids explore is one of those few magazines which offers you a free sample if you wish to before subscribing annually. Let your child indulge in exciting activities, science experiments & crafts. Now, let the creative juices flow. Engaging content for kids is also complemented with a note for parents too. Hence, it promotes parent-child interaction. Click here to subscribe to Kids Explore.


RobinAge & Jr. RobinAge

Ideal Age – 6-15 years

Type – Weekly

Cost – Rs.2o

If you are looking to engage your child with the abundance of knowledge from diversified fields like sports, science, technology, current affairs, RobinAge it is. Everything important and interesting that you wish your child should know, this magazine has it. If you want to build your child’s IQ, you have stumbled upon the right magazine. Around 25% of the content is contributed by kids to stir their creativity. Can you ask for more? A yearly investment of Rs.825 as the subscription fees is definitely several notches better than buying your child a box of Ferrero Rocher. Click here to subscribe to RobinAge 



Ideal Age – 7 years +

Type – Monthly

Cost – Rs.15

Another magazine that has ruled the hearts since ages is Gokulam. With a good mix of puzzles, stories, art & experiments, this child’s magazine makes it an interesting read. It is available in Tamil & Hindi. Click here to subscribe to “Gokulam”



Ideal Age – 3 years +

Type – Fortnightly

Cost – Free subscription

Mocomi is a digital magazine for the new age kid. Instead of watching the soaps during prime time, you will love to INVEST your time in getting your tech-savvy child to equip himself with the interactive games & activities that will set his mind  free. Subscription to this magazine is free. Care to need more? Click here to subscribe to Mocomi.

best magazines for children

Best Magazines Related to Nature & Wildlife

National Geographic Kids

Ideal Age – 7 years+

Type – Monthly

Cost – Rs.50

Earlier this quarter, Malaya Manorama Group partnered with National Geographic to launch the Indian version of National Geographic kids version called National Geographic Kids in April 2016. Printed on premium quality A-4 sheet with high definition images, this magazine is a true winner in the new entrant category. Enticing   kids with it’s content on wildlife & nature, it keeps the passion for reading alive. Click here to subscribe to National Geographic Kids


Sanctuary Cubs

Ideal Age – 5 Years +

Type – Monthly

Cost – Rs.100

If you love nature, animals & wildlife, you will fall in love with this magazine. With high definition images contributed by the best wildlife photographers, this is an absolute delight for kids. Now introduce your child to all the species & interesting trivia that will delight them. Click here to subscribe to Sanctuary Cubs

As a parent it is your responsibility to inculcate the habit of reading & influence your opinion. However, your child will gauge the quality of the content & choose what he enjoys the best. So, let your children cherish their childhood & build their intellect that lays a strong foundation that will last beyond just education.


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    • by Ekta Posted January 19, 2017 4:36 pm

      Thank you Dear SuseelaMohan. We are happy that you found it useful.

  • by Adarsh Shiragannavar Posted April 19, 2017 1:57 pm

    You guys forgot to mention Winspire Magazine. It’s a very good magazine.

    • by Ekta Posted April 19, 2017 2:40 pm

      Hi Adarsh, Thanks alot. will have a look into it!

  • by Shuchi Mahajan Posted May 30, 2017 7:48 pm

    It’s hard to pick one without actually trying the sample. Which one of the above mentioned magazines would you recommend for a five year old? Price not a concern.

    • by Ekta Posted June 1, 2017 1:01 pm

      Hi Shuchi, absolutely true! It’s tough to pick one without reading them all. Also depends on what genre, interest and age are you looking at – activities / information / general knowledge / science. My child likes Highlights Genies, Mocomi, Tinkle & Children’s Magazine.

  • by rajiva Posted June 6, 2017 5:03 pm

    If interested in old hindi magazines – is the place to have look.

    • by Ekta Posted June 7, 2017 8:20 pm

      Hi Rajiva, thanks for your suggestion. Will definitely check it out! 🙂

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