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Top 10 Best Massage Baby Oils In India 2022

Published on: 15 November , 2022 | Rupal Mohta

There’s something that’s oh- so- perfect about babies; soft cuddly skin, tiny little fingers and toes, the alluring baby fragrance and gorgeous baby hair. Babies love massages. Massages not just keep baby skin supple and healthy but also help babies grow stronger by building their bones and inducing sleep. Here are the Top 10 Best Massage Baby Oils In India 2022.

We have seen a paradigm shift in the way children are nurtured these days, the babycare brands we use and with the advent of technology, ease or complicate our parenting journey. One thing that has remained unchanged is the basics of motherhood - regular massaging of your baby everyday. We all have heard that massaging a baby is the best way to strengthen your baby’s bones and muscles & your emotional connect with your child.

Does baby need a massage?

Baby massage is a way of gently stroking your baby’s body with rhythmic movements and strokes. Almost all babies enjoy a good relaxing massage (some really look forward to one).

Massages help you to forge a strong bond with baby and aid in baby’s mental and physical growth, digestion, blood circulation and sleep. It helps in working towards strong baby limbs and maintaining the baby skin.

Babies are generally given a massage before bath with either vegetable/mineral oils. In fact, it works well to build a massage into your baby’s sleep time routine and reduce the crankiness that comes with sleep.

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Benefits Of Massaging The Baby With Oil

  • Apart from building a stronger emotional connection between mother & child, massaging the baby also helps in -
  • Enables him/her to use his gross & fine motor skills properly.
  • It promotes better sleep pattern & helps sets a routine
  • Develop stronger bones & strengthens muscles
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Helps in healthy weight gain
  • Detoxifies skin & body
  • Improves metabolism and relief from colic pain

How To Choose the Best Massage Oil For Babies?

Every baby’s skin differs from its own parent or sibling. Some may have normal skin, some have dry, sensitive or oily skin. Depending on the skin type, you can choose a light or dense massaging oil. Dry skin will require extra moisturizer or dense oil. Normal skin may require a light oil that can penetrate the skin easily & nourish the skin well.

How To Massage Your Baby

Dab your fingers & palms with some baby oil & start from the thighs downwards towards the feet. Massage slowly, rhythmically and gently.

Massage the tummy area in a circular motion to aid digestion.

Place your baby on his/her tummy and massage the back in a way to soothe and relax your baby.

A good head massage promotes good hair growth.

Please note: Don’t massage after feeding your baby or when the baby is very cranky or feeling sleepy.

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Tips to keep in mind while massaging baby

  • Try choosing a fragrance-free, chemical, paraben-free & sulfate-free product for your child.
  • Choose the right time to massage baby and stick to the same time each day(whenever possible) to make a routine
  • Massage with firm yet gentle strokes and watch out for baby’s displeasure
  • Talk and play with baby as you massage
  • Keep all massage and bath essentials handy even before you can begin

Top 10 Best Massage Baby Oils In India 2022

Dabur Lal Tail – Best Baby Massage Oil In India in 2022

Price- 500 ml at Rupees 350

Dabur Lal Tail is one of the oldest and most trusted ayurvedic baby massage oil in India that contains sesame oil, ratanjyot, shankupushpam, champor and urad. Sesame oil gets easily absorbed by baby’s skin and works at keeping baby warm during winters. It is clinically proven to help in a baby’s growth at an accelerated pace. Lal Tail is also proven to induce better sleep in babies and infants. Its heating properties and all natural ingredients are a complete winner and hence making it suitable oil for babies.

Con: Its smell can turn out to be harsh to some babies.

Hamdard Roghan Sweet Almond Oil – Best Almond Oil For Baby Massage

Price- 100 ml at Rupees 378

Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin is sweet almond oil that is suitable for both internal and external applications as almond oil is rich in oleic and linoleic acids making it one of the best suited oils for application during the winter months. The oil is an exceptional moisturizer and it doesn’t clog the skin’s pores. It is especially suitable to reduce dryness and skin inflammation.

Con: the bottle’s wide mouth may lead to spillages.

Mother Sparsh Baby Massage Oils

Mother Sparsh Massage Baby Oils

100% Ayurvedic, it contains the goodness of 18 Ayurvedic oils including Almond oil, Sesame oil, Coconut oil, Avocado oil, wheatgerm oil, Shankhpushapi, Ashwagandha, tamalpatra.

Mother Sparsh Baby Massage Oil Goodness of ancient Ayurvedic herbs infused in sesame oil to provide bone strength to babies. Traditional herbs used in this oil helps to fight skin infection & provides lustrous complexion.

Your child’s skin is much delicate & it requires extra & pure care. Baby massage ensures to give faster physical growth in babies & induces the good sleeping patterns. Regular massage also strengthens the baby bones & muscles.

Price: Rs.399 for 100 ml.

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R For Rabbit Pure & Beyond Baby Massage Oil - Best Oil For Massaging New Born Babies

R For Rabbit Baby Massage Oil

In India usage of Oils is a tradition and plays a vital role in our day-to-day life starting right from the birth of a baby. R for Rabbit brings to you Pure & Beyond Oil with two varieties for the baby, one is with Sesame, Almond, and Oatmeal and the other is with a combination of Coconut, Almond, and Oatmeal to be used for both massage and used for hair. Oils are used to nourish a baby’s scalp and are even used for a baby’s body massage. It is not only to moisturize the baby’s skin but also to nourish it in the correct way. Pure & Beyond Baby Oil is a blend of Sesame which is a rich source of calcium for baby’s skin, Oatmeal deeply nourishes baby’s body and Almond which is a rich source of Vitamin E. It is chemical-free and absorbs quickly without leaving any sticky residue on baby’s skin or hair as it is pediatrician tested, dermatologically tested, tear-free, suitable for newborn babies, & 5.5pH balanced.

Pure & Beyond Baby Oil (Sesame, Almond, and Oatmeal)

100 ML – Rs. 310

200 ML – Rs. 488

Pure & Beyond Baby Oil (Coconut, Almond, and Oatmeal)

100 ML – Rs. 281

200 ML – Rs. 406

Coconut Oil (Nariyal) – Best Massage Oil For Summers

Light on the skin, cold-pressed unprocessed coconut oil without added fragrance gels with all skin types, coconut oil is proven very safe for infant use as it has no side-effects. It has a cooling effect & hence ideal for summers or humid climate. Coconut oil is best to treat skin related ailments like eczema, rashes and dermatitis since it contains lauric & caprylic acid.

100% original coconut oil, Parachute is a household name as it suits all skin types. It gets easily absorbed and trusted since decades.

Price: Rs. 83 for 250ml.

Other recommended Coconut Oils For Baby Massage

Nature’s Paradise Organic Coconut Baby Oil

It is free from parabens, chemicals and is biodegradable. The calming fragrance of coconut & sunflower oil relaxes the baby & nourishes the baby’s skin. Another major component is Organic Argan oil, rich in vitamin E and antioxidants that offer healthy skin and thus among the Top 10 Best Massage Baby Oils In India 2021.

Con – Very expensive and not affordable by many Indian households

Price: Rs.2500 for 177 ml.

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Max Care Virgin Coconut Oil – Best Virgin Coconut Oil In India

It is extracted from fresh coconut milk, 100% natural, cold pressed and unrefined. It can be used for cooking, as a dietary supplement a for skin, hair and baby care. Promotes healthy metabolism and improves immunity. 

Price: 500 ml for Rupees 375

Cetaphil is highly recommended by pediatricians as it is paraben free, colourant free, sulfate free, hypoallergenic without any mineral oil.  It can be used right from birth. It gently moisturizes and protects your baby’s delicate skin making it soft & supple. Formulated with calming organic calendula, sweet almond oil, soyabean oil, shea butter and sunflower oil to soften and smooth it keeps the skin moisturized for atleast 8 hours.

Price- 200 ml at Rupees 495

Khadi Castor Oil (Arandi) – Best Baby Oil For Massage

This is used for babies with extremely dry skin. Castor oil is very dense & deeply nourishes the epidermis. Some recommended brands easily available in the market are –

Khadi, Chekko, Soulflower, Mesmara & Aroma Magic.

Mustard Oil (Sarson) – Best Massage Oil For Winters

You can heat the mustard oil helps in skin lightening and hence also used by adults to de-tan & reduce pigmentation. Mix mustard oil with 1 tsp besan(gram flour), 1 tsp curd and 3 drops of lemon.Apply twice a week to see your child’s skin glow over few weeks.

Sebamed Soothing Baby Massage Oil

Price- 150 ml at Rupees 348

Sebamed is almost a pediatrician favourite especially if your child has any skin issues as it maintains the skin’s pH balance and is among the Top 10 Best Massage Baby Oils In India 2021. Sebamed’s Oil is made up with 95% soya oil and 5 % wheat germ oil and is the ideal  oil to provide gentle care and protection to baby’s delicate skin and stimulate blood circulation. The oil is light textured, non-greasy, free from preservatives and colourants and has a pleasant botanical fragrance. Sebamed’s oil is rich in Vitamin F and it acts as emollient, calming and relaxing baby’s tender skin and scalp.

Con: It is high priced when compared to others in the same segment.

Biotique Bio Almond Oil- Best Chemical Free Baby Massage Oil

Price- 200 ml at Rupees 150

This Oil’s not just almond based but has other ingredients such as neem oil, sesame oil, soya oil and more. The oil’s striking feature is that it’s non-sticky, light weight and quick absorbing and leaves baby skin soft and supple. It also has a sweet faint almond fragrance that stays on long after application. In addition to other benefits it also works at relieving diaper rash.

Life & Pursuits Mother’s Touch and Love – Best Organic Baby Massage Oil

Price-100 ml at Rupees 400

This Oil is chiefly an Ayurveda oil (certified by both USDA and India Organic) and it works at enhancing baby’s immune system, promote healthy skin and improve overall body strength. The oil is a unique blend of extra-virgin, cold pressed, pure and natural certified organic oils infused with authentic Ayurveda herbs. The Company’s flagship titled ‘Campaign Safe Childhood’ works towards spreading awareness about toxins in common use products and promote an organic lifestyle.

Himalaya Baby Massage Oil – Best Herbal Baby Oil In India

Price-500 ml at Rupees 326

Himalaya’s baby massage oil is infused with olive oil and winter cherry extracts and is enriched with Vitamin E. The oil helps in strengthening baby’s nails and softening cuticles and protects baby’s skin from chafing. It works at promoting baby’s general growth and development. The oil is clinically tested to be mild and it is plant based oil with the power of herbs. The makers claim that Ashvagandha found in the oil works at improving baby’s skin tone.

Con: The opaque packaging may be a hassle to some, who would prefer a see through bottle.

Mothercare all we know baby oil – Best Natural Baby Oil In India

Price-300 ml at Rupees 349

Mothercare’s baby oil is made up of natural ingredients such as olive oil and chamomile oil. The oil is dermatologically tested and also tested by an independent panel of midwives for quality. It is hypoallergenic and ideal for baby massages since it has a light aroma and does not irritate tender baby skin. It moisturizes baby skin well and the natural extracts keep baby skin soft and supple.

Con: The bottle cap causes spills and unnecessary oil wastage.

Mamaearth Soothing Massage Oil For Babies

Price- 100 ml at Rupees 299

Mamearth’s massage oil contains a natural blend of pure sesame, almond, coconut, avocado and jojoba oils. It is also a natural treatment for cradle cap and protects the scalp from infections. The oil also works at reducing dryness, improving complexion and especially works at reducing eczema. Mamaearth massage oil is 100% natural and is the only MadeSafe certified brand in Asia too. It can be used both before and after you bathe baby, since it’s non –staining and light. The oil is also free of lipids, parabens, sulphates, phthalates, petroleum, synthetic fragrances, dyes and mineral oils.

Con: It is high priced when compared to others in the same segment.

Bio Bloom Baby Massage Oil

Price- 100 ml for Rupees 499

The oil is a blend of cold pressed almond oil, olive oil and organic vegetable oil and is rich in Vitamin E.  It works at improving the overall skin, scalp and hair health keeping it nourished and smooth. It is a 100 % natural oil and is free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals and LLP. It can be used on children who are 3 months and older.

Con: some users have found the smell of the oil to be a bit unpleasant

Massages are great for baby. But make sure you use oil that contains natural ingredients and works keeping baby’s specific requirements in mind. Do patch tests before you proceed with using a particular product for baby and discontinue its use immediately in case of any reaction/allergy. Make sure to use products that are specifically manufactured for babies and are from known sources/brands.

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Rupal Mohta

Rupal is a Company Secretary by profession. She’s mum to little angels and is passionate about writing. She’s keen on learning new skills; be it gardening or photography and you may catch her clicking silly selfies with her kids on a free day!

phani 2021-09-13 05:30:50

Very informative, thanks for posting.I just wanted to search for this type of blog, So, that I can choose the best one best natural baby shampoo in india

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maatecare 2020-01-10 10:08:10

Maaté's baby oil has powerful properties that increase your baby’s bone density and strength. It enhances bone mineralization by increasing the calcium content in the bones. It also contains potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients that helps strengthen blood vessels and improve circulation, thus enabling the flow of essential nutrients to your baby’s body cells Sunflower Oil, Sesame Oil and Morinda Citrifolia Leaf Extract, with their high content of Calcium, Magnesium and other beneficial minerals, aid in the healthy skeletal growth of your baby.

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Annu 2019-02-11 17:19:31

Sebamed is the best baby care product ever for babies especially if your child has any skin issues as it maintains the skin’s pH balance.

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Gaurav wadhwa 2018-12-18 14:10:26

Hii Thanks Rupal ,this really really helps…There are many benefits to using it i suggest Everybody to Try Sebamed Products. Thanks Again!!!

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Hi Rupal Thanks for the Information with us, i suggest Everybody to Try Pigeon Products Online There are many benefits to using it. Thanks Again!!!

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Nikhila 2018-12-12 16:26:20

There is a product which you could add to the list and that is the new Johnsons range oil. It comes with Aloe vera & Vit E .

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Nikhila 2018-12-12 16:26:20

I prefe Fondle baby massage oil to everyone because I felt it from my experience. I used to use Fondle oil after my pregnancy and it was perfect for my baby.

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Thank you for the comment!