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Best Birthday Themes For Girls

Published on: 16 August , 2018 | Kanchan V

The most anticipated, eagerly awaited day of the year is nearing and you want to make it special. Your Princess is growing one year older – and you do not want to miss this big a chance to make it a memorable one for her. There are oodles of birthday party theme ideas for girls to choose from.  But choosing the best one which perfectly fits into your daughter’s dream should be your goal. It is every girl’s dream to have her birthday party wrapped up in shades of pink, blue or purple, add some ruffles, a dash of shine and sparkle and the most important being the mouth-watering desserts. Having said that, I would like to share with you the Best Birthday Themes For Girls; and there is something girly for every girl in it. Being a mother to the two most adorable daughters, I know what it is like to wrap every single thing girly. It may also interest you to read - Best Baby Photographers in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai & Pune.

Daisy And Donuts - Best Birthday Themes For Girls

[caption id="attachment_3909" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Image courtesy - 3 BP Blogspot[/caption] Daisies and Donuts – both have something in common and that is vibrant colours and sweet fragrance. So this theme is surely one of the top favorites in my list as there is so much you can do to make it look more and more attractive. You can serve a series of goodies which could include cup cakes, muffins, popsicles, definitely donuts and small milk bottles with straws. On top of the cup cakes you could add toppers carrying your girl’s name or her year of birthday. For the décor you could incorporate Accordion flags, streamers and Tissue Fan Backdrop. A Birthday Milestone Board and for give always Gumball tube favors would make an excellent choice.

Alice In Wonderland - Birthday Girl Theme For 1 Year Old

Alice in Wonderland is one of the most loved story tales for kids till date. The adventurous and mystical journey of Alice when she falls through the Rabbit Hole is the whole idea of the story. So our Birthday Theme could incorporate an elaborate evening supper setting with lovely kettles and fancy cutlery spread with some fancy colorful fans and cut outs. A fancy chess board with jumbo sized pieces also adds excitement to the game. And not to forget the Rabbit Hole placard too!! Thus creating an aura of magic and adventure.

Sofia The First Party Theme - 1st Birthday Themes For Girls

Sofia the Princess is one of the most popular creations from the house of Disney. There is always something magical and mystical about Sofia. And this is what appeals the kids the most. So, if your little girl is a keen viewer of Sofia episodes aired on Disney Junior channel then here I am to help you plan one of the most enchanted Birthday Party for your girl. The evident colour of the décor and all the goodies should obviously be shades of purple, lavender and white. The little crown on her head will complete the look!! You could add any of the signature symbols of Sofia the First to all the goodies that you serve. This surely will turn out to be one of the most glamorous parties in town.

Under the Sea Adventure - Birthday Ideas For 1 year Old Girls

A plunge deep into the sea alongside the pretty mermaids is any child’s dream. This Birthday Party idea is one of the top fancy themes when it comes to younger kids. Blue as understood could be the colour of the backdrop, cutouts of mermaids could be placed appropriately. And goodies could be decorated with toppers containing details of sea creatures. This makes for a perfect Birthday Party Theme. Isn’t it?

Pink & Purple Birthday Theme - Girls birthday party ideas age 7

[caption id="attachment_3914" align="aligncenter" width="1600"] Image Courtesy - Sand&Books[/caption] If there is anything in this world which would show girly signs then it is the colors pink and purple. Younger kids literally crave for anything in their favorite colour. This calls for designing a Birthday Theme only centred around the colors Pink and Purple – the streamers, invitation cards, the tableware, cutouts, cupcakes. You could also mention a dress code for all the birthday guests (girls) to be in accord with the color theme. It would be such a beautiful sight to behold!!

Balloons Theme - Best Party Ideas For Girls India

[caption id="attachment_3915" align="aligncenter" width="1813"] Image Courtesy - ThatBalloons[/caption] There is nothing else in this world which makes kids go crazy than the simple Air Balloons. Just the very sight of them makes the kids drool over totally. With the multiple options of designs and colors available in the market to choose from, this makes for one of the easiest and loveliest Birthday Themes for Girls. Make your imagination go wild and try the craziest of the things your daughter could ever imagine!!

Summer Picnic Theme - Best Birthday Themes For Girls

[caption id="attachment_3916" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Image Courtesy - KarasPartyIdeas[/caption] Picnics are so much of fun, and how lovely would it be to have a get-together set up in the shades of a sunny day!! Yes, Summer Picnic Theme is becoming popular with both the younger and older kids. Times to gel with friends, giggle, play around and celebrate everything that is girly. So you could just bring out anything vibrant and colorful to set the mood of picnic with picnic baskets, small goodies, some fresh fruits and the list could go on. This Birthday Party theme could never go wrong for any of the reasons whatsoever. As we ourselves would have attended scores of parties with this Theme. It is such a huge favorite among the kids which makes it among the top favorites in the list.

Minnie Mouse Theme - Best Party Themes

[caption id="attachment_3918" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Image Courtesy - EasyBreezyCreations[/caption] One of the cutest creations from the house of Disney, Minnie Mouse Theme is one of the most sought after by the kids and mommies alike. Fairly simple to plan and definitely an enjoyable task for us to plan out for – party invitations, decorations, tableware, balloons, activities, streamers, give aways and the list could include anything which fascinates your kid. You could even design a cute Minnie Mouse tutu dress with a hair band to compliment for your little angel. This sure makes for a lovely setting.

Ice Cream Party

Ice creams please? Who doesn’t love them? Yes, you could design a Birthday Party for your girl based on Ice Cream itself.  Putting in all the vibrant colors possible and bringing in scented cake poppers and streamers could make for an excellent idea. Your spread could mainly focus on varieties of Ice Cream cones, waffles, flavors of ice creams and topping too!! This is one yummilacious party that the kids would never forget for a long time.

Circus Theme - Unique Themed Party Ideas

[caption id="attachment_3920" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Image - CatchMyParty[/caption] Kids are crazy about Circus, so this makes one solid reason for us to plan one based on the Circus theme. Right from balloons, birthday caps, birthday streamers, posters, welcome board, balloon sculpting all of these could be worked upon wonderfully with ease. Do not forget to include a Circus Theme Clown Photobooth for kids to click photos and make memories to be cherished forever!

Polka Dots Party - Unique Party Ideas For Adults & Kids

Polka dots has been making a style statement since times immemorial. When the kids embrace it, it looks super cute and the adults find it really vintage and stylish too!! So this Polka Dots are sure to create the magic in the hearts of all the guests. This popular theme is easy to organize as well because the tableware, party supplies and other requirements are easily available at stores as well as online. This is one safe bet which could never go wrong!! Yes, go for it!!

Flowers & Butterfly Party - Party Ideas For Teenagers

Flowers & Butterflies are synonymous with beauty; and kids fit perfectly well into this beautiful world of flora. Their smile makes your day and what best way to denote beauty than a simple lovely flower? Flowers theme is wonderful to work upon as the market is filled with bounties of options. It is best to stick to four to five colors and make the most of it.

Barbie Party Theme

When asked from a child that who is her favorite? There is every possibility of her reply to be Barbie. Not being a fairy, but more modern and realistic this character has everything to it – style, class, fashion and cuteness too. When you start planning, remember to make the particular colors prominent. Some bright props of aqua and black color with traditional pink and black color and adding the stylish bows will give a feeling of pure girlish fun. Lovely, stylish beads accessories could be a good option for give favors to the guests.

Hansel & Gretel Theme - Birthday Party Ideas For Girls Age 5

Hansel & Gretel are the best examples to portray sisterly – brotherly love. The whole setting could be based on forest theme. Whatever is found in a forest – tall grass, pebbles, small wooden houses could be brought in to give the effect of the fairy tale. The story mentions about a couple of food items like popcorn, hot chocolate drink with marshmallows, chocolate fountain being the main focus.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Birthday Theme

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star How I wonder what you are..? It is the starry moonlit night which has been fascinating kids and grown ups alike. When you wish to create the feel you need to choose a specific color scheme, and the whole set up should be predominantly starry and glittery. Finding unique star themed tableware, party supplies and star cut outs to fill the party space hold the key in setting the magic. We also have many star balloon décor available in the market. You are ready to create a mesmerizing magical effect now.

Fairy Princess Theme - Favourite Party Themes For Girls

This theme is so much of fun and cute – which child does not adore fairies? So it’s time you give her an opportunity to get the feel of being in a Fairyland. Make her feel the Princess of Fairy Land and let her guests be treated like fairies too. You could play with shades of pink, white and some glittery gold and silver too. And you can be rest assured that Fairy Princess is sure to set her magic on the kids.

Peppa Pig Theme Party - Unique DIY Party Themes For Girls

Peppa Pig is one of the most loved cartoon characters, and if your child is a big fan of her then there are no second thoughts at all. Peppa Pig party supplies, decorations, blue backdrop with the cut outs or posters of Peppa pig and George Pig is sure to set in the mood. Peppa Pig is a sure hit among the younger  as well as older kids alike.

Shopkins Theme Party - Girl Birthday Party Themes

Shopkins are the latest craze among the kids. They are a collection of mini figures, each with their own shape and personality. They are basically inanimate objects which are brought to life – it could be anything under the sun. Like a box of chocolates, lipstick, eraser, popcorn, fancy cups, strawberries, crispy donuts, cupcakes, mugs and the list is never ending. Shopking is slowly catching up as a popular Birthday Theme for girls.

My Little Pony - Baby Girl 1st Birthday Theme

Little girls are crazy about Ponies. This makes it a unique theme to surprise your little angel and the guests too. The pony could be pink or blue in colour and keeping the backdrop light and subtle works out great. As we are going to bring in a rainbow of colour streamers and balloons to pop out from the backdrop. The kids are sure to jump around in excitement just as a pony does!!

Rainbow Theme Birthday Theme - Birthday Party Ideas For Tweens

Birthdays are occasions filled with fun, color and excitement. So a Rainbow theme works out well when you know that your kid loves playing with colors. So go ahead and make every single detail reflect an overdoze of fun, frolic and brightness. You just have to remember that anything colorful goes with the theme. So do not hesitate and just go ahead where your imagination takes you.

Glamorous Diva Party - Party Ideas For 13 Year Olds

This theme is well suited for the Glamorous Diva present in every girl. The older kids or grown-ups would love to have this as their Birthday theme. You can bring in the glam in every aspect of the party. The traditional streamers could be replaced by patterned decors, tableware, cutlery and party favors too. Keeping it simple yet elegant is also one aspect of being glamorous.

Welcome to the Candyland Theme Party - 8 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas Girl

Does not a candy make a child go crazy? Yes sure, it does. So what stops you from making it the centre theme of your girl’s birthday party? Candies are an excellent choice as there are many options to choose from. The different shapes, colors and flavors add liveliness to the atmosphere. So are you ready for an overdoze of sugar?

Buttons Theme - Unique Birthday Party Ideas For Adults

Buttons as a theme is not very common, so all the more reason for you to try out new things and ideas. This is the best chance to showcase your originality by buying many sizes and colors of fancy buttons; use them in your décor, fancy bracelets, jars filled with buttons to be placed on the table. Tableware decorated with buttons is also a good idea.

Frozen Party - Birthday Party Ideas For Girls Age 10

The last one on the list but nevertheless the most favorite of all the kids is the Anna & Elsa theme party. This duo has created a magic like no other character could. The snowflake shaped cookies, moose topping cupcakes, frozen jelly ice cubes, Olaf cupcakes, and of course the sandwiches and carrot sticks make the food spread complete. Is there anything missing yet? Yes, we cannot forget the Frozen Castle backdrop too. A perfect giveaways would be glass jars filled with blue and white colored Mentos with a jar label picturing Frozen characters. Now that is something which every child would love to take away with her/him.

These were the 25 Best Birthday Party Themes for Girls.

Which of these is your favourite? It May Also Interest You To Read Best Novel Gifts for A Baby shower Ceremony
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Neelam Gupta 2018-10-22 18:38:03

Nice Stuff!!! Thankyou for suggesting a good birthday theme for my Daughter....👌❤❤

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Reena 2018-10-18 13:38:58

wow...This is an exciting article! There is always a big confusion around the best birthday theme for my child's birthday! I now have abundant ideas.

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