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Advitya Designs Review – Premium Personalized Products For Kids!

Published on: 11 May , 2018 | Ekta

Do you ever remember your child’s 1st Cake Smash? Or your angel’s first Princess dress? Well, it’s much more special when you can share your little one’s firsts. Every child has a distinct personality & everything in their room should reflect just that. From Circus to Space & Princess to Pirates, everything your child can imagine & beyond is the vogue that’s picking up pace today. Woven with special care (vibrant colours & soft texture), décor and personalized products for children is not uncommon these days. Read more about Advitya Designs Review. While, we are constantly looking for unique gifting ideas, or return gifts that make for beautiful keepsakes for over a decade, we bring to you “Advitya” – One of the Best Personalized (Themed) décor and baby goods that you can buy for your child while he/she is soon going back to school. Children love to flaunt their new fancy stationary, bags, accessories & all things cute. That’s what childhood is about isn’t it? :) It’s funnily weird if your child thinks that the “Lion” should be green in colour or the “Dinosaur” should be pink in colour. Well, Meet Mrs. Sivakami, the Founder of Advitya Designs (which means “Unique” or "Without A Second") that opens doors to infinite imagination. Customize your child’s bed linen with shades of your choice by choosing safe 100% cotton material that’s delicate on the soft skin to give wings to your young turk’s creativity. Thrilled with the opportunity to offer Personalized products at affordable prices, Mrs. Sivakami recently launched her first offline store at ECR Chennai. I was delighted to be a part of the launch. Mesmerizing designs that are vibrant but soothing, fascinating themes tailor made to your child’s needs.

Advitya Designs Review

Some of the themes I loved the most are – Princess, Animal Farm, Sports Champ, Jungle Baby, Ocean Friends, Chirping Birds, Little Farm, Transport & Construction, Cupcake & Lollipop, Super Hero & Crazy Cars. All the above themes can be customized for the following array of products – Quilted School Bags, Lunch Bags, Napkins, Pencil Pouch, Folders, Passport Holder, Baby Quilt, Bibs, Crib Sets, Gadda Sets, Curtains, Bath Towels, Hand Towels, Toy Basket, Aprons, Wallets and many more. While my daughter is starting school this June, I decided to pick a quilted personalized school bag for her. And what better than a “Cupcakes & Castles”? :) She absolutely loved it! She begged to go to school right from the moment she saw it! It is a fun place for parents to visit with their kids, as they have an activity nook for the creative toddlers with a dress up corner so that they can choose any motif of their choice and customoze their bags, pouches or quilts! Isn't that splendid? I also picked a school bag for my nephew who just turned 3. I chose a super cool “Space / Flying Jet” themed bag & got it customized. Looks fabulous right? These come in 3 different sizes. So, you can choose them according to the age of your child. Amalgamating your plan with your child’s fantasies, Advitya also offers innovative services for your room interiors. From Drapes to Wall-Papers and Chairs to Bedding Sets all are custom made to suit your needs. If you are enchanted with their collection, you can straight head to their design store or shop directly online on www.advityadesigns.com.
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