At the age of 36 ….!

At the age of 36 ….!

“Vaishali ..!   are you sleeping again? Wake up … You have to go to school. Its getting late. .” Booma  waked  her 14-year-old daughter.

“Um .. Amma I  am little sleepy …”

“No..get  up fast.” .

Phone bell rang.

“Booma?  I am Shobha here. Will you be at home this afternoon? I would like to  talk to you in person .”

“Yes. Very much available.  Please do come ”.

“Okay I will come at around 2.30.”

Shobha and Booma are school friends.

At 2.30 the calling bell rang and it was Shobha at the door steps.

“Wow! Come come.  Long time we have met dear.”

Booma offered hot coffee to Shobha.

” Shobha  tell me what’s the matter?”

“My Sister – in law  is 36 years old. She got married 12 years back but she has no issues.  To our surprise, now it’s been 40 days since  her periods stopped . We believe that she has conceived.  But, she is very scared. She is 36 years old now and when she gives birth will be 37. She wonders if her  baby will be healthy. Will the baby have any abnormalities etc. etc.   There are so many questions in her mind. Your mother was a famous  maternity doctor. You too have some good practical experience, is it not ? That’s why I came to talk about it. “

“It’s a good thing to be pregnant at the age of 36. Women should  not think that her life is all over at the age of  27 itself.”

“First, tell her to see a  good doctor.”

At 36 she is not too old. She need not worry of getting pregnant at this age.

Look here … My mother is not alive now but, she has written a lot about pregnancy care, late pregnancy  and tips for mother to be. Take this book and give to your sister –  in law and ask her to read it . I shall read the main pages for you now so that your mind will be relaxed first.