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At the age of 36 ….!

Published on: 23 February , 2018 | Mythili Ramjee

"Vaishali ..!   are you sleeping again? Wake up ... You have to go to school. Its getting late. ." Booma  waked  her 14-year-old daughter. "Um .. Amma I  am little sleepy ..." "No..get  up fast." . Phone bell rang. "Booma?  I am Shobha here. Will you be at home this afternoon? I would like to  talk to you in person ." "Yes. Very much available.  Please do come ”. "Okay I will come at around 2.30." Shobha and Booma are school friends. At 2.30 the calling bell rang and it was Shobha at the door steps. "Wow! Come come.  Long time we have met dear." Booma offered hot coffee to Shobha. " Shobha  tell me what's the matter?" "My Sister – in law  is 36 years old. She got married 12 years back but she has no issues.  To our surprise, now it's been 40 days since  her periods stopped . We believe that she has conceived.  But, she is very scared. She is 36 years old now and when she gives birth will be 37. She wonders if her  baby will be healthy. Will the baby have any abnormalities etc. etc.   There are so many questions in her mind. Your mother was a famous  maternity doctor. You too have some good practical experience, is it not ? That's why I came to talk about it. " "It's a good thing to be pregnant at the age of 36. Women should  not think that her life is all over at the age of  27 itself." "First, tell her to see a  good doctor.” At 36 she is not too old. She need not worry of getting pregnant at this age. Look here ... My mother is not alive now but, she has written a lot about pregnancy care, late pregnancy  and tips for mother to be. Take this book and give to your sister -  in law and ask her to read it . I shall read the main pages for you now so that your mind will be relaxed first.
A woman is very suitable for pregnancy from the age of 21 to 30. Production of eggs start diminishing after this . Also its strength is reduced after the age of 30. So it's a bit harder to get pregnant after that age. But there are lot of chances to get pregnant over the age of 30. I would only say that the production of eggs starts diminishing . I feel very happy to say  that many women have given birth to healthy children from the age of 35 to 45 years in my experience. God's creation is such that young woman is suitable for ovulation and is under less risk during pregnancy and child birth. That is why women were married at their young age those days. There have been many complications too.  When a woman gets pregnant during 13 to 18 years of age,  though she is physically fit,  I can not deny that she was rid of complications.  During those days, she could not open her mouth and talk to the elders nor she was able to refuse for early marriage.  She did not have the courage to do so. With all these in mind only the government introduced  the right age for marriage of a girl to be 21. At the present time, woman started studying well and also started going for work. As a result,  marriages got  delayed. As a result, the pregnancy is delayed too!! The main reason for this is tension, stress, pressure, night shifts etc. If you take these into account, I do not think that a woman getting  a child over 35 years of age is amazing or something unbelievable. However, do not forget that pregnancy after 35 years  need some close attention and greater care. Woman is quiet stronger and can take up any challenge with  courage. So, getting pregnant at later age should not be any problem. Pregnancy time is a golden era in a woman's life ... but the researchers say that  only few women really enjoys it. .. According to me,  woman should learn to enjoy life from the moment  she comes to know that she is pregnant !
  1. Share your feelings, happiness with your friends or sister, close relatives. ...
  2. Mother's warmth is very much needed. .. Those who have this privilege should not miss it .... what will my mother-in-law say? How is it possible ? Do not worry about anything. Leave everything aside. . ..
  3. Learn to live in a happy situation. ...
  4. Let anybody argue, quarrel or do anything you only take care of your health.
  5. Keep your mind light and stress free. .
  6. Be positive and confident.
  7. Listen to good music.
  8. Do not put in your head if there are conflicts at home. There are others to fight for it. .
  9. Do not interfere with talks of mother-in-law and sister-in-law ... Do note poke your nose on their arguments . You keep your mouth shut on those matters.
  10. You need good sound sleep.
  11. Eat well at regular intervals. Do not worry even if you vomit. ...
  12. Drink lots of water. ..
  13. Imagine your child's image, its development, the good relationship it is going to give you. .
  14. Avoid negative thoughts and ideas. .
  15. It is good to avoid speaking out loud. .
  16. Talk with your husband and express your inner feelings. .
  17. Have fun with your friends and ask them to share their happy experience.
  18. Stay away from unnecessary fear. ..
  19. Do not keep your stomach empty ..

The above are common tips to all pregnant women. But women who are over the age of 35 have few other points to consider.

  1. Do away with tension and pressure.
  2. Try to attend antenatal classes. . She will be in close contact with her doctor. It will help to spot even small problem that might rise and to solve it  right away.
  3. Do not try to do any new exercises during pregnancy . The simplest of simple exercise you had done before you got conceived will do good and also do it as per doctor's advice.
  4. Yoga with some meditation for few minutes every day is very good for peace of mind.
  5. Abortion risk is higher if you are over 35 years old. So it is good to be under the supervision of the doctor during the first trimester.
  6. 1 child out of 300 is likely to be born with a Down’s Syndrome. Therefore, a test in 10 to 12 weeks of pregnancy should be taken to detect  and treated accordingly. Down’s Syndrome is a condition where the physical and mental development delays and with disabilities.  I am mentioning this not to make you tense but I want you to take extra care .
  7. Walking is very important since sugar and bp levels are likely to shoot up during this period.
  8. Always need to live in a well ventilated area. Outdoor air is also very important.
  9. Positive thinking is very important .
  10. The loving care and support of the husband will enable her to have a healthy baby.
  11. Nutritious food and good music gives peace of mind.

Some important scans to be taken during pregnancy.

 6 - 9 weeks - T V S (Transvaginal scan) 11 - 13 weeks - N.T (Screen for down's syndrome) and  also blood test. 18 - 20 weeks - Anomaly scan (ultrasound level 11) 28 - 32 weeks - Scan to  know the development of the baby and to ascertain the position in the uterus. Some doctors advise to take Doppler scan. This will reveal the blood flow between  you and your baby. Do not worry about anything. By birth itself you have lot of strength both physical and mental ... You are going to be a mother of a healthy and beautiful baby soon..! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Booma, how sweet you are thank you so much and loved the writings of your mother. I have gained  lot of using info and tips.  I shall take my sister -  in law to  a doctor today itself.  I am taking leave. Shall meet you later. "Do not forget to handover the book to your sister - in law." "Sure." When Shoba left, Booma  started to grind for  dosa.
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