Why & How is Augmented Reality The Future? – PlayShifu Review

Why & How is Augmented Reality The Future? – PlayShifu Review

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The “Pokémon Go” craze took people by storm & swept people off their feet across the world. While people thought that Augmented Reality was a futuristic concept all these decades, the “Pokémon Go Mania”, allowing users to catch all the virtual Pokémon who are hidden throughout the real world, opened up new doors to Augmented Reality Games.


What is Augmented Reality (AR)?
Augmented Reality (AR) enhances the real world with digital data and media, such as 3D replicas and videos, laminating in real-time the camera view of your tablet, phone, laptop or connected glasses. Harmonious and Flawless with every year, AR Technology provides a stunning means of superimposing computer-generated images onto your view of reality, thus creating a composite view grounded in both real and virtual worlds. They have been used in various industries like fighter jet planes and head-up displays in cars.

If this was technical information overload, and some of it went right over your head in lightening speed :), we are bringing some awesome fun stuff right away!

What is PlayShifu?
PlayShifu is designed for kids between 2-10 years which aims at encouraging early learning by arousing curiosity to explore more about various themed cards like Space, Jobs & Safari & Travel and teaching them the spelling, their function or surrounding by concentrating on honing cognitive & imaginary skills. They will also sharpen their Memory, Recognition, Reasoning, Imagination, Creative, Vocabulary, General Knowledge, Self-Learning, Problem Solving & Fine Motor Skills.

We, as parents, always have high, sometimes unrealistic expectations from kids like topping the charts during examination, winning the chess tournament or excelling in paper quilling – all of which we never knew or exposed to when we were young. Sometimes, we live our dreams through our children & want them to learn, to achieve & to excel in every walk of life to ensure they have a bright future. Yes, the world is becoming increasingly competitive. And we got to keep up with the pace. PlayShifu is one such game that equips your child with all the skills that you would want to imbibe early in your child.

Why & How is Augmented Reality The Future? – PlayShifu Review

Shifu Wildlife Jeep Safari
Foray into the world of animal kingdom where your child learns about the Food (Like the Parrot feeding on corn), Habitat (Elephant in the jungle), Sounds (Like the quack of the duck), Action, Pronunciation & Spelling (like the floating balloons bursting to spell T-I-G-E-R), Learn (Like Peacock is India’s National bird) about the various exciting & unique animals.
What we love about interactive toys is that the child drives the toy/game and not the other way round. The human brain is designed & has evolved to relate & recall animation much better than text & images. This 4D interactive experience widens attention span, satiates curiosity to learn & discover & strengthens the memory.

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Shifu Cosmos
Innovatively combining physical play & electronic gadgets, Shifu will now help your 3-year old child learn what you probably learnt at 8-years of age. Exploring Planets, Solar System, Satellites, Stars & Constellations has never been more exciting. See them rotate & revolve and flaunt about the Solar Eclipse & the infinite elements that form it to your family & friends at school. Introduce your young turk to the history and know-how of the landmark discoveries, inventions, mysteries & man’s advancement in the perennially enticing space.

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The other 2 themes also available are Travel & Jobs.
The Shifu Jobs Cards will teach your child the dynamics of different professions. Step into Surgeon’s shoes to see what’s his job role while performing an operation or a (so called mad) Scientist who is always curious to figure out the how things work or to perform experiments who’s ground-breaking discovery will take humanity beyond the horizon. Watch people performing their everyday jobs & the instruments, tools or object required to do the same.

The Shifu Travel Cards: Transport your child to the SriLankan Waters Kayaking with the rows & boat, listen to the aeroplane take off & zoom. Your child will learn where to use what & the purpose of each vehicle used for domestic or industrial purpose. Well, they have the cool “Hoverboard” also covered. Well, who doesn’t love to travel? BTW, if you haven’t planned your next vacation yet, it’s time now! 🙂

PlayShifu Review

What We Love The Most:
Concept- 10/10: My daughter & nieces could not contain their excitement to see the Panda eating Bamboo and the planets revolving around the sun! It is interactive & possibly one of the coolest things in the market. SWAG!
Price – 9.5/10: Unlike most fancy, interactive and educational toys & games, PlayShifu is fairly priced. The set of 20 cards is offered at a 25% discount amounting to Rs.299 only. Very affordable & qualifies for great gifting options for birthdays. Now b’days are definitely going to get happier!
One-Time Installation – 9.5/10: The internet/WiFi is requires only one-time installation. Once it is setup, you would not need internet connection or Bluetooth for later usage. Works on iOS & Android.
ChildSafe – 10/10: No batteries, no wires or chords, no harmful plastic. Therefore, no adult supervision is required.
Website – 10/10: Well, while this has no bearing on the features & quality of the game, they have a fabulous website! They have nailed it right! 🙂

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What Could Have Been Better:
Assortment – 7.5/10: Currently, they have limited themes (only 4 -Safari, Travel, Jobs & Space). The team is working on introducing a wider array of products. Obviously we’d love to see more. 🙂 They are soon coming up with ShifuAlphabeto & ShifuNomsters (learning numbers). Bring it on!
Age Appropriateness – 7.5/10: PlayShifu is designed for a broad range of audience (2-10 years). The thought process & ability to grasp information differs from a 2 year old and a 10 year old. What a 9-year old enjoys seeing or learning is possibly too ‘Hi-funda’ for a 3 year old. Possibly they can categorize theme boxes according to ages9. (eg. 2-4years, 5-7years, 8-10years).
Screen time – 8.5/10: Since this game uses physical cards along with tablet or phone, your kids will love to spend more with Shifu. While, it is educational, & that’s a blessing in disguise, we parents are always looking for stuff to keep them away from screen time!

So what are you waiting for, the coolest Augmented Reality Game is in town, you should already be on Amazon, FirstCry, Hamleys or PlayShifu surfing through your favourite themes & grabbing one for your little one this summer. Afterall, with long holidays and no school friends to play with, your child has to constantly battle the ogre called “Boredom”. PlayShifu also has a Hamleys exclusive 4-in-1 80 cards game priced at Rs.1000 that is featured in their “Hamleys Recommended” section. This is really cool stuff, huh? 🙂


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