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Auto Swing & Sing Cradle by R for Rabbit, First Time in India

Published on: 29 August , 2017 | Ekta

Sleep plays a pivotal role in fostering your baby’s brain & holistic development. A well-rested baby is more alert & able to pick up cognitive and social cues, it helps to keep baby’s development on track. R for Rabbit’s Lullabies - The Singing Cradle has launched an Auto Swing & Sing Cradle by R for Rabbit, First Time in India. It is a gentle balanced swing with 18 tunes & 6 nature’s music which are soothing & pleasing. It has everything to make your baby more comfortable & ensures that the parent & baby get a much deserved & desired sleep. Many mothers rock their baby everytime they put them to sleep in their lap or carry them around and gently swinging them. These multiple sessions of rocking only ending up in varicose veins, knee pain & lower back pain. Shoveling your child on your knee or the crook of your arm is a huge part of your job role as if carrying & breast-feeing was not a tedious challenge. Hoisting a baby from the cradle, nappy change and hunching over for feeding the baby causes chronic pain which can be avoided from magnifying by using modern technology coupled with traditional ideology. What we love the most about the Auto-Swing Cradle:
  • EN Certified – European standards for babies. A 3-point safety harness.
  • Automatic & manual swing options upto 60 minutes.
  • You can recharge via battery or adapter.
  • High quality mosquito net with an attractive canopy.
  • Sturdy & strong frame designed to hold a baby upto 15kgs and 1.5years of age.
This Automatic swing/rocker is priced at Rs.8990 is an investment in restoring health by healing sore or strained muscles. Get your child on a routine before the onset of sleeping difficulties for your & your baby. The truth is that many people don’t understand the value of money & health. Frankly, we are getting smarter than our past. Do not sabotage yourself. Instead of being guided by the invisible hand of stupidity, use your money strategically by realizing what an investment & is what is an expenditure. Buy products that last longer, look better & are more comfortable for your baby. And more importantly those which can conserve your energy, time & health.   R For Rabbit has also recently launched a Featherlite Stroller which is made of soft 100% Linen –perfect for the humid Indian Tropical climate making it one of the Top 5 brands for Prams & Strollers in India. With a strong Aluminium Frame, Lightweight & easily foldable ‘n’ reclining, travelling with your little one has never been easier. Priced at Rs.8300 the Giggle Wiggle Stroller is an obvious choice for those parents who want portability & durability.   What We Love The Most About the Giggle Wiggle Featherlite Stroller:
  1. Multi-position recline – Provides maximum comfort of travelling with baby. One-hand fold is another added advantage.
  2. Wheel Suspension – Lockable front wheels to ensure safety while not in movement.
  3. Storage Basket – From feeding bottles to diapers and rattles to sanitizers, we know all that goes into a baby bag. Giggle Wiggle give you ample space for all the essentials you need to carry while shopping, walking or travelling.
You should try to maximize the utility of things. Be frugal & spend wisely on the right things. Making that shift in the mindset maybe difficult, but rewarding. Invest in longevity, reviews you can trust, efficiency & low maintenance. And while there are brands offering these products at lower prices, R For Rabbit stands for durability & quality.
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