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Best Cloth Diapers in India

Published on: 11 December , 2018 | Kanchan V

Choosing a diaper is not an easy task – as there are two options before you – one is the "cloth diaper" and the other is the "disposable diaper". Each diaper has it’s own pros and cons – so while making a choice it is very important to gauge the various criteria before you make one. However, if your choice is cloth diapers then you are in the right place. Read about the Best Cloth Diapers in India 2018.

What is a Cloth Diaper?

As we all know a cloth diaper is a reusable diaper made of fabric that you can wrap around your baby’s bottom and secure it with a Velcro or a snap button. Once soiled, you could wash it and reuse it just like you do with the other clothes. Whereas, in case of disposable diapers that is not possible. Newer materials are used to make cloth diapers and inserts which makes it easy to wash and clean, just like we do with our other clothes. This is why they are also more safer option for the babies as well as an eco-friendly option too. When compared to the disposable ones which contain chemicals to make them absorbent and leak-proof. Different types of Cloth diapers are: They have been in use since ages making it the most easily available and convenient option for a Cloth Diaper. It could be folded and pinned in many ways.
  • Prefolds

As the name suggests they are pre-folded, so you need not worry about the folding part. It is made of cotton or muslin cloth, making it extremely anti-allergic and baby-friendly, in addition to being cheap too.  And they are extremely durable and long-lasting, requiring you to fasten them with strings, buttons or Velcro.
  • Diaper Covers

They are one of the most handiest options available as you just have to fit them over the cloth diapers with a Velcro closure. This prevents leakage from the diaper and makes your cloth diaper more enduring and long-lasting.
  • Pocket – types

They are a combination of prefolds and diaper covers rolled into one. As the name suggests, in this type of diaper there is a pocket with a ‘stay dry’ polyester lining inside which acts as absorbents and are placed inside the main diaper. The lining could also be micro-fiber, cotton or hemp too. The outer shell which acts as a cover is waterproof and prevents any leakages.
  • Hybrids

A Hybrid diaper is similar to pocket diaper except for the fact that in addition to the absorbent clothing layer you could also add on a disposable diaper in the pockets provided. So, you could use it dual way, that is why it is also known as All In Two (AI2) diapers giving you the flexibility to choose between the absorbent clothing or the disposable diaper.
  • All In One Diapers

All-In-One styles or AIO styles are the upgraded versions of the pocket-styled diapers; as the absorbent padding is sewed inside the diaper, whereas the outside of the diaper is made of water proof material. So to ensure hassle-free diaper change this is the best option. You can find Best Cloth Diapers in India from First Cry

Best Cloth Diaper Brands In India

Superbottoms Reusable Cloth Diaper -Best Cloth Diapers in India

UNO from SuperBottoms are made of 100% organic cotton and have the trimmest fit. Double leak guards and tummy strips for side sleeping and tummy sleeping babies respectively. Their Dry Feel Pads are lined with SuperDryFeel(TM) technology to keep the baby dry and last upto the whole night for most babies. Their UNO comes in 2 sizes: the Newborn size fits for babies from 2.5kg to 7 kg (upto 6 months) and the Freesize fits for babies from 5kh to 17 kg (3months - 3 years). Price: Rs. 890/

Bumpadum Duet Stay Dry Diapers - Best Cloth Diapers For Day 

Bumpadum range of diapers are made of micro suede and organic cotton which come under the category of AIO Diapers and come only in one size which usually fits babies from 3 months age upto 3 years. It claims to be the best in this category for the fact that it has provision for 2 inserts, where one is good enough for the day time which lasts for upto 5 hours. And two inserts work really well for night time for upto 10 times protection from pee leakage. It is designed to provide high absorbency capacity and no leakage issues. Price: Rs. 899/

Alvababy - Best Cloth Diapers For Night

It is a one size diaper which fits babies from 4 – 15 kgs. The outer layer is made up of waterproof and breathable TPU material and the inner lining is made of micro seude. The middle layer consists of 4 layer charcoal bamboo sewn in, which typically lasts for 8 -9 hours making it an ideal choice for night use. Price: Rs. 699/-

Bumberry Pocket Diaper - Best Cloth Diapers in India

Pocket type is an excellent option as it is very high on absorption capacity, which is very crucial during night time. It is ideal for babies of 6 months age and above upto 36 months of age apart from a specific size for New borns. They have two varieties of inserts – one made from micro fiber (with comparatively lesser absorption capacity) and the other one from natural bamboo (highly recommended for night time use). The diaper as such is quite thick and ideal for winter time use too, however, during summer time the baby might feel little uncomfortable during day time while wearing this on due to its thickness. So we recommend that you change the diaper every 5 – 6 hours to ensure safety and cleanliness. It is also low on the maintenance factor as it is easy to clean. Price: Rs. 780/

Easy Feel - Best Eco Friendly Cloth Diapers in India

The outer layer is made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane Laminated (TPUL) fabric making it extremely durable, water-resistant and breathable. The inner lining comes in two varieties – micro suede and bamboo charcoal fleece. While the former variety is ideal for day time use upto 4-5 hours, the latter variety is meant for night time use. Bamboo Charcoal is an eco-friendly option too along with being extremely soft on baby’s bums as it possesses microbial, antibacterial, antifungal and natural deodorizing properties. They also sell inserts made of hemp (55% hemp and 45% cotton) ideal for night time use only. Pocket diapers allows adjustable snap settings, so you can adjust it to Small, Medium or Large size depending upon the requirements of the baby. Price: Rs. 399/ It may also interest you to read Best Diaper Rash Creams in India 2018 Best baby wash baby soaps in india 2018 Best body lotions in india 2018        
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Kanchan V

Kanchan is a doting mom to two angels and is passionate about writing. With over 3 years of experience in the content space, she strives to push boundaries and balance her personal & professional life well.

Priyanka 2018-12-14 22:30:01

This is the best post for new mommies.. Choosing right diaper always confusion.. thanks for such a nice post

Reply >>

Deepa 2018-12-14 20:26:14

Cloth diapers are any time better than disposable ones. I loved the designs of cloth diapers you shared. Informative post.

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Nisha 2018-12-14 19:35:54

Cloth diapers are the best. They provide ultimate comfort to the baby. Glad that there are so many types of cloth diapers available so that parents can choose according to their baby's need.

Reply >>

Sandy N Vyjay 2018-12-14 18:30:02

This is a very informative post and especially so for new mothers and mothers to be. As you mention both types of diapers have their pros and cons and it is a matter of choice and convenience.

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Jhilmil Bhansali 2018-12-14 18:08:19

Thanks for this info. I'm sure it'll be of great help to new mums. I too used cloth diapers for my son though:)

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Amrita 2018-12-14 17:27:04

Cloth diapers are ecofriendly.This post will help many moms choose the right type for their little ones. I am sharing with my mommy friends.

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I am very happy to receive these instructions and tips from your site. Thank you for sharing the best information with us. You did a great job and we helped.

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best fertility hospitals in hyderabad 2018-12-11 15:11:09

Mothers save babies by using baby diapers. Diapers are of different types. Here are some best cloth diapers in India. Very helpful content.

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Thank you for the comment!