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Best Designer Birthday Cake Bakers in Hyderabad

Published on: 4 July , 2018 | Ekta

Cakes and sweets make the world go round. Cakes are the ultimate to go solution for all sweet teeth’s out there when it comes to escaping into an alternate reality. Ability, devotion, and love are the things that baking is all about. That brisk tasting of the smooth batter on the stick, that velvetiness of your most loved flavor and the balmy whiff of baking in the stove, makes a happy home and a happy stomach. Go ahead & read about the Best Designer Birthday Cake Bakers in Hyderabad. Suppose you have an event and need an immaculate cake or a stack of cupcakes and muffins. The shops appear to give you simply comparative looking cakes constantly and you need something more in the cake, something that will create magic in the event and also bring tears to everyone’s eye. In this scenario, where would you go? There is a perfect solution for this contemplation, home makers. All you need is talented bakers who would take the initiative to go that extra mile for you. So, here we are with the Best Designer Birthday Cake Bakers in Hyderabad.


Ruthie's kitchen is continually clamoring with baked goods and delicious food. Her adage is "constantly prepared for cooking", which is by one means or another calculable, figuring how a few ladies don't generally like it that much. But then they are great at requesting and this lady wonders in the kitchen and gives you some extraordinary choices to browse. A portion of the things that you should attempt is her croissants, Chocolate crepes, vanilla-caramel cupcakes, lemon tarts, chocolate chip treats, and cakes of course. Indeed, we are unquestionably dribbling over her preparations. Do order the cupcakes; they taste as delicious as beautiful they look and undoubtedly among the Best Designer Birthday Cake Bakers in Hyderabad. Call: 91-9849-253558 & 91-99494-53558

Zoey’s Bakehouse

Mother of little Zoey and the boss of the house, runs a business from home, at which, she is excellent. Thus, the relationship began with awesome flavors. Their love for baking can be gauged from the fact that they inculcate little details of the events into their creations and create it into a masterpiece.  She will make the best cake with awesome details and will also consider your requests. Along with the creativity part, she makes sure that it is delivered on time with perfection. She believes in perfection and happy faces. She is a very busy lady, so you initially need to order your sweet surprise months before the special day. Call: 8978555664

Dolce Vita Cakery

The owner of this cute bakery ultimately realized her passion for baking while baking her son’s birthday cake and since then, there has been no looking back. Aishwarya’s specialty is her cute clay model look alike features on the cake and the detailing that she puts in every of her creation. She puts her best foot forward in every bake of her. She is constantly buzzing with work and her kitchen looks like a rainbow spilled over. You can never go wrong by choosing her for your special occasion. Call: 099 59 896565

Crumb Town

The bake experts of Crumb Town leaves no loop holes for her customers to complain about and her cakes touch the perfect notch. Pushpami and Anupama are talents behind this cute cake town bakery. They share their recipes on their website, so that you could actually try them at home and share with them how you fared well in it. You can order from a plethora of cupcakes and cakes and presenting the customers with variety is never an issue for them. Although they never repeat a design, you can still order from what you like from the existing designs. Call: 8008940444

Pink Cupcakes

Pink Cupcakes is a famous bday cake shop in Hyderabad as they offer amazing homemade fondant cupcakes and themed cakes for each event. You would need to arrange somewhat preceding your date in light of the fact that in spite of the fact that they bake excellent cakes, they are not conjurers and would require a little time. The lady behind this creation is Reema who began off in a corporate, managing International Trade yet before long couldn't be far from what she adored most-baking and cooking. Her mom is her motivation and with all the diligent work, she has been highlighted in magazines like India Today and WOW. Call: 91 9963003904, 91 9177508548

Pastel Baking Co.

One of the Best Bakeries in Hyderabad, Pastel Baking Co owned by a youthful baker, Rasvin Sawhney has cakes for each event. In spite of the fact that the introduction of her cakes is on point, she realizes that taste is the no. 1 factor why clients can't get enough of them. Her hits are chocolate cupcakes, Ferrero Rocher cake, red velvet chocolate cake, and vanilla based cakes. However, Pastel Baking Co likewise does some fun cake patterns we have spotted on Instagram like the entire flower topic. Rasvin does new blossom cakes with buttercream like this. She is additionally known to make insane cakes like this burger cake. Her Chocolate Abundance Cake is the talk of the town. Call: 9581285500

Naina’s Soulful Bake

Naina Soulful Bake's USP is the wellbeing conscious measures she takes while she is baking. She will likely convey sound bakes to kids on a regular premise. She strictly says no to the use of fondants, additive, or stabilizers and uses whipped cream instead in her baked treats. She has practical experience in making cookies, and cherishes making bread based items. In spite of the fact that Naina is professional chef, her heart lies in the wellbeing associated with baking. So, if you are looking at theme based cake studios in Hyderabad, you’ve stumbled at the right place.

Avi’s Cakes

The sweet goodies from Avi’s cakes will make any occasion extraordinary  from just special. At the studio of Avi’s cakes, you can choose from a huge variety of cake designs and flavors. She makes sure that she adds a personal and fine touch to every cake she bakes. Barbie, superhero, cartoons; you name it and she will make it. Do not forget to her strawberry cake and chocolate truffle cake – customised birthday cakes in Hyderabad(Begumpet & Ameerpet).


Neha Sisodia, who is a new mom, still considers Falvoroso as her first child. She specializes in everything from eggless cupcakes, cakes to the ones made using egg. You wouldn’t want to miss her cupcakes for anything in the world. The crazy things she bakes are the ice cream themed cakes. Don’t forget to try her pistachio cupcakes. They are a must. Call: 7207787902

La Petite Meringue

The master baker of this bakery, Radha Dhaka has an experience of almost 25 years. Her sculpting skills are depicted clearly in her bakes and she is always striving for freshness. She is skilled at making not only cakes, but also brownies, macaroons, madeleines, and cookies. She also conducts workshops and classes for the curious home bakers and is among the popular Best Designer Birthday Cake Bakers in Hyderabad. Call: 9810812464 Do you still possess the memories of the days when mom used to spend hours around the gas stove, making round delightful sweets for some celebration or any other event? All things considered, baking is somewhat sweet and the method may sound overwhelming at first. However, it is completely something you could attempt at home and not be daunted at all. But, truth be told, not everyone is an excellent baker and can understand the measurements required in it. It May Also Interest You To Read Top PreSchools In Hyderabad Best Gynecologists In Hyderabad
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