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Best Online Coding Classes For Kids In India 2021

Published on: 29 March , 2021 | Ekta

Yes Mommies….Coding it is! As we are moving towards a digital world and coding facilitates sound technological knowledge that equips your child for 21st century hands-on skills that give them the edge over the other peers - in academics, project presentations, communication, logical thinking, problem solving, gaming & developing their own apps! Who said coding is meant only for Engineers and Techies. Coding is adapted and applied in every walk of life. We bring to you the Best Online Coding Classes For Kids In India 2021.

Best Online Coding Classes For Kids In India 2021

Benefits Of Learning For Kids:

Kids become excellent problem-solvers

Coding helps the kids to understand the problem and go about it in as many possible ways as possible. So that even if they fail in one way, their creativity urges them to look at it from the other possible way. They take failure not as a setback, but as an opportunity to bounce back with double the zeal and enthusiasm until they achieve. Kids take complex problems and break them down into smaller parts using logical & computational thinking. This logical thinking is a powerful tool at school, work, and in life.

Children become great thinkers

To be able to code means your child has already developed the ability to approach the problem in multiple ways, if one does not work then they try the other one. Thus, their thinking and creativity abilities are put to test.

Helps develop logical thinking skills

To be able to learn coding necessitates horning the logical thinking skills of the young minds. This is achieved by enabling the kids to break and problem into smaller pieces and approach them part by part. This is called decomposition and is an essential feature of computational thinking.

Encourages the kids to be creative

Creativity is the in-built factor of coding, an essential part of the process. Young kids are creative. Children love to experiment – as it gives them the thrill and excitement to try out new things. And when it comes to results – they are the most awaited. And when the kids see the outcome of their effort, it encourages them to try something new every time & build up confidence.

Helps improve the Math skills & Academic Performance skills

Every alphabet in the English language has a special formula of 0’s & 1’s attached to it. Learning this language helps the kids to learn technology around them.

So now the question arises that when to introduce Coding?

Studies have revealed that the best age to introduce languages is childhood as early as 7 years, the kids mind is receptive to learn new languages.

Best Online Coding Classes For Kids In India 2021

CampK12 - Best Coding Course For Kids

Best Online Coding Classes For Kids In India 2021

Tthe pioneers of coding classes in India - CampK12 was established in 2010 by Anshul Bhagi, an MIT computer science grad. He held India's first coding bootcamp for K-12 students. Since then about half a million students have been inspired to be young innovators.

Anshul has worked at tech firms like Microsoft, Apple, Google, McKinsey & Company, completed an MBA from Harvard University, but ultimately returned to the intersection of his two loves. At Camp K12, Anshul is building a school of the future — bringing 21st century skills to K-12 students located anywhere in the world via Live / interactive / gamified online sessions that are 10x better than status quo.The courses offered at Camp K12 depend on the age criteria.

Grades: 1-4

  • Animation & Story Telling with Code
  • Coding for Arts & Music
  • Logical Programming for Kids

Grades: 5-12

  • Augmented Reality (AR) Development
  • Android Development : Publish a Mobile App
  • 3D Coding & VR Game Development
  • AI Machine learning & Code intelligent Bots
  • Web Development with HTML, CSS, JS

With the testimonials of thousands of parents and students alike, Camp K12 is sure to making Coding super fun for your kids. Sign up for a free demo here.

Vedantu - Best Online Coding Class For Beginners

Online Coding Courses For Beginners

Founded by a group of 4 IITians – it is an Indian Online Interactive Tutorial Platform for Coding. One of the leading coding platforms which gives an easy start for your Kids – Vedantu Learning App helps your kid develop games, apps and websites.

The kids are taught to analyze problem and solve it – even if it requires multiple attempts. So imagining a virtual scenario and deriving on a digital equivalent is what they strive to inculcate in the young minds.

Courses offered:

Their different programs are effective in achieving this – AI (Artificial Intelligence), Python Programming, Web Designing, IoT (Internet of Things). IoT describes the Network of physical objects that are embedded with sensors and software and other related technology which helps in exchanging of data with other devices and systems. They also offer Phonics based Reading classes for kids in the age group of 4-6 years.

Vedantu offers different packages for different age groups.

Basic Coding Course

  • Introduction to Game Designing
  • Introduction to web Designing and Multimedia Creations
  • Master Games and Devices with Blocks.

MindBox D2H - Best Graphic Designing & Animation Courses For Kids

MindBox D2H Online Coding, Graphic & Animation Courses For Kids

MindBox D2H Online Coding, Graphic Designing & Animation Courses For Kids

The earlier you start developing the skills in children the better it is. MindBox is one of the leading online platform that focuses not just on Coding but also Graphic Designing, 3D Design & Animation Courses for kids.

Speaking about creative education and skill based learning, MindBox D2H offers fantastic Courses For Kids aged between 6 to 16 years, which are Interactive Live Fun Sessions, Project Based learning curriculum which pushes kids towards thinking creatively by enhancing their imaginative and design thinking and executing the same with professional trainers in their personalized 1:1 Live interactive sessions with the faculty.

Courses That Your Child can choose:

Game Design with Coding - 6 to 16yrs 

•Graphic Design - 6 to 16yrs                                                            

•3D Design with Animation - 11 to 16yrs                                     

•App Design with Coding - 11 to 16yrs   

•Web Design with Coding - 11 to 16yrs                     

•Coding for junior champs - 6 to 10yrs                                           

•Coding with JavaScript - 11 to 13yrs                                             

•Coding with Python - 14 to 16yrs

The content for App design classes for kids & projects are different from others which makes them unique and more DIY (Do it Yourself) and capstone projects which allows students to create their own ideas to projects.

Design Championship- National level competitions are held to support students to compete & excel. Some of which include Game Development and Coding for Children, Computer animation for kids, Graphic Designing & more. Internships are offered to top performing students along with certificate and cash reward and 3D printout of projects are available for 3D courses. 

Teach your kid coding & to register for a free demo, sign up here or call 88000 90482.

Whitehat Jr. - Best Live Online Coding Course For Kids

WhiteHat Jr. Online Coding Classes For Beginners

For kids as young as 7 or 8 years old, it is difficult to ascertain their love/passion for coding. This is why Whitehat Jr. offers courses which aim to build fascination in the kids towards technology and coding. It makes coding accessible to kids and teenagers by teaching them the fundamentals of coding – logic, structure, sequence and algorithmic thinking. All classes are taught live 1:1 by a team of experts.

Having understood the immediate benefits of coding – problem-solving skills development, stimulate creativity, and academic excellence; let us not forget the most important benefit which extends into the future – bright job opportunities.

Courses offered are:

  • Introduction to Coding
  • Course content: Sequence, algorithms, variables, functions, events.
  • App Developer Course
  • Course content: Animations, Game design, Advanced App structures.
  • Advanced Coding with Space-tech

Course content: Full commercial ready utility Apps, Advanced Space Simulations.

HackerKid: Practise. Compete. Learn Coding.

Best Ways for Kids to Learn Coding Online: HackerKid

Best Way to Learn Coding through Games

The founders of an IIT-Madras incubated company - GUVI - have pioneered HackerKid. It steals the limelight since HackerKid is recognized by the Ministry of Education & It is India’s first extensive gamified coding platform for kids to explore an exciting way to learn coding. Children love to play games and what can be a better choice than gaming and learning to code simultaneously? 

HackerKid team emphasizes “Kids to Explore Coding” with a motto: Practise. Compete. Learn Coding rather than regular coding classes. Kids of age above 7 years are introduced to block-based coding with interesting game levels. These Fun game levels are based on key programming concepts that boost up logic, creative thinking skills to solve problems, & enhances math-geometry skills.

List of Coding Games aligning with Programming exposure:

The Turtle - Block coding/Visual Programming for beginners with Python. 

Zombieland - Text-code blocks of intermediate skills with Python.

Coding Pirate - Interactive Text-based coding in Advanced level.

& many more on the way…

Thousands of Kids with their parents have upvoted HackedKid as an amazingly fun coding platform with learning segments like - Challenges & Leaderboard leading to best cognitive & coding skills. Sign up to Explore Coding -It’s All Free.

Toppr - Online Courses For Children

Toppr Codr

Toppr is a leading app with 360* learning approach to complete learning. It works on the Mantra.

  • Learn: Concepts & stories through live sessions & video classes.
  • Practice: Adaptive practice for exam preparation by self-evaluation
  • Ask: Clear all your doubts and queries with your tutor.
  • What gives Toppr a niche as compared to the other Platforms?

Toppr covers all major competitive exams like JEE, NEET, CA Foundation, Olympiads and Scholarship Exams like IMO, NTSE, KVPY, etc. Toppr assists the students in overcoming all it’s shortcomings in the field of academics.

Courses offered:

Classes 1-4

Sequence, algorithm, Debugging, Code Art, Animations

Classes 5-8

Events, Characters, Interactive Utility Apps, and games.

Classes 9-12

Multiscreen native Utility Apps, AI chatbots, complex Game Development

There is also a specially designed curriculum for young minds- namely Video games, 3D animations, AI, AR/VR Applications.

EduCode Academy - Learn coding online

Educode Academy

Design a maze, complete with monsters and locked passages. Use variables, loops, and strings to help your hero navigate the world you've created.

Educode help students learn through story rich video tutorials. It is different from the others because they deliver the concepts with the help of video micro-lessons, which break down complex computer science concepts into fun and engaging exercises. They provide a 14-day free trial for your child to explore their courses in depth.

Courses Offered: All courses offered are beginners, intermediate & advanced.

  • Programming
  • Game development
  • Web Development
  • Data Science

Codingal - Best App Development Class For Kids

Codingal - Best App Development Class For Kids

Codingal is an online coding learning platform for kids. The company's mission is to make children fall in love with coding. They offer a variety of benefits when a parent or a child becomes a part of their community. They give access to free resources like access to exclusive Codingal events - like FunDay and Paathshala (where your kid could give coding lessons to peers), participate in coding competitions co-hosted by prestigious institutions like IIT-Roorkee, IIT-Bombay, BITS Pilani, and more, and offer scholarships to a few lucky winners worth Rs. 6400/- for free (the cost of their 8-class Rising Coding Star course).

Let your child try out learning coding with Codingal for FREE! Book a trial class worth Rs. 799/- absolutely free.

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